(Written by Slave B., July 2016)

My most divine Mistress Alya,

Music and songs can say more than a thousand words and thanks to the song of Alice Cooper –

Poison, I can express myself to you with a song once more!

My Mistress, my Queen, my Goddess… You are my poison and I don’t want to break these chains! 

Your cruel device

Your blood, like ice

One look, could kill

My pain, your thrill

I wanna love you but I better not touch (don't touch)

I wanna hold you, but my senses tell me to stop

I wanna kiss you but I want it too much (too much)

I wanna taste you but your lips are venomous poison

You're poison, running through my veins

You're poison

I don't want to break these chains

Your mouth, so hot

Your web, I'm caught

Your skin, so wet

Black lace, on sweat

I hear you calling and it's needles and pins (and pins)

I wanna hurt you just to hear you screaming my name

Don't want to touch you but you're under my skin (deep in)

I wanna kiss you but your lips are venomous poison

You're poison, running through my veins

You're poison

I don't want to break these chains


One look, could kill

My pain, your thrill

I wanna love you but I better not touch (don't touch)

I wanna to hold you, but my senses tell me to stop

I wanna to kiss you but I want it too much (too much)

I wanna taste you but your lips are venomous poison

You're poison, running through my veins

You're poison

I don't want to break these chains

Poison (poison)

I wanna love you but I better not touch (don't touch)

I wanna hold you, but my senses tell me to stop

I wanna kiss you but I want it too much (too much)

I wanna taste you but your lips are venomous poison

Yeah, well I don't want to break these chains

Poison (poison)

Runnin' deep inside my veins

Burnin' deep inside my brain (poison)

Poisoning (poison)

I don't want to break these chains (poison)


(Poison) I don't want to break these chains (poison)

Slave B.

Property of The Russian Fetish Queen Alya


(Written by Slave B., April 2016)


My most divine Mistress Alya,

I know you for five years now and what a sensational five years has it been!

Right from the start I was enchanted by your breathtaking beauty and your fabulous outfits.


But it all really started with our first email conversations. In those first conversations you truly took me into your Fetish Queendom and because of your fantastic guidance I discovered a missing link in my life. Thanks to you I discovered my true submissive nature and from that moment on I became your slave.


From that moment on you guided and trained me as a true Dominatrix. Your were strict, demanding and cruel, yet also caring, guiding and rewarding.


However being your slave was not the end station, as a real Dominatrix you truly showed me the world of BDSM. In your emails to me, your regular updates and private videos you took me deeper and deeper into your Queendom of true Fetish and Dominance.


Then came the day filled with the greatest honor I could ever receive from you. In a sensational two part private video and supporting emails you granted me the highest honor to achieve in your Queendom! You allowed me to become your property.


From that day my fate was sealed and I became yours to be taken even deeper into your Queendom as I ever could imagine. It was from that day that you really showed yourself as the perfect Dominatrix.

Your strictness and cruelty became indescribable, but also the guidance and rewards became too sensational for words.


You kept on guiding me to push my own limits as your property until the day came that you would really make me your official property.

Again you guided and trained me towards a sensational moment of pure domination, to be officially collared by you in an indescribable private video!


Still it does not end with this! Now that I am your official collared property you show me how real and far your dominating power goes.

The last five years have been truly sensational, but what you are showing me now exceeds my most boldest dreams I ever can have!


That is the reason why I write you this letter, my most divine Mistress Alya.

I hereby want to declare my total devotion to you:


My most divine Mistress Alya,

I hereby officially declare my total devotion to you, my real Dominatrix and the one and only Fetish Queen. I officially declare to be yours and only yours forever and ever.


Most devotedly yours and with most devoted kisses,

Your property, your Slave B.

Property of The Russian Fetish Queen Alya



(Written by Slave B., March 2016)


I am driving in my car, following the National Highway towards Amsterdam.  My blood is rushing of pure excitement and I cannot control my mind of about what is going to happen in the coming hours...

It was a week ago that my most divine Mistress Alya wrote me an email.  The email was short with clear instructions...  She was going on a European tour and would visit my Nation’s capital.  Meeting me in the process was on her agenda too.  I was to report myself at the reception desk of the hotel next Saturday at 15:00 sharp.  Those were my only instructions.  There was a warning that I better not be late!  Also, there was a short “P.S.” written at the end of the email:  “Do not dare to cum until next Saturday Slave B.!!!”

So here I am, driving in my car.  I left home early enough to be on time.  Although it is a Saturday, I do not want to find myself caught up in a traffic jam and be late for this life time opportunity!  All kinds of thoughts rush through my mind, but I try to keep calm as I need to focus myself on the traffic.  The highway is getting a bit busier with traffic as I reach the outskirts of Amsterdam.

Soon I reach the exit which will lead to the city center, where the hotel is located.  When I take the exit I know I am getting closer and my heart is pounding like an overcharged turbo now.  Somehow I still cannot believe that I am going to meet my most divine Mistress Alya...

After a few traffic lights, right and left turns I reach the carpark of the hotel.  There is space enough, so I do not need to worry about that.  I am quite early when I arrive and so I still have plenty of time.  I am nervous as hell and my heart is skipping beats of it and so, because I have enough time, I decide to buy something to drink in the lunchroom across the street.

I order a cup of tea, coffee will not help me at the moment and a shot of alcohol will not do the trick either.  While drinking my tea, I check out the newspaper to focus my mind on something else for a moment.  Reading the latest football news will help me to cool down my nerves for a bit, still I keep close watch on the time.

When the waitress notices that my cup is empty she asks if I would like to have something else, but when looking at the time it is better for me to go towards the hotel.  I thank her and pay her before leaving.  Stepping outside in the fresh air, I still have a short moment to enjoy that fresh air to work in on me.  It is the last moment to control my nerves and then I walk towards the entrance of the hotel.

As instructed by my Mistress Alya, I walk up towards the reception desk. The kind lady behind the desk says "Hello!" to me and I tell her that I am here to see Miss Alya Ivanova.  The lady nods and hands over an envelope.  I thank her and while walking away from the desk, I open the envelope.  There is a little card in it, together with a key card.  The little card reads: “Go to room 1201, open the door with the key card and go in!!!”  I take the elevator to the 12th floor and when the elevator doors open I notice that I am on the top floor of the hotel.  There is only a small and short hallway that leads to one door.  The door to room 1201.  I open the door with the key card and walk into the room, only to notice that there is nobody else there but me...

When I look at the desk, I see that there is another envelope with my name on it.  I open the envelope, only to see that there is another card in it with instructions:  “Get naked and kneel on the floor with your face towards the door!!!  Then...Just wait!!!...”

I take off my clothes and then I kneel with my face towards the door.  While doing this a sudden thought of reality rushes my mind.  What am I doing?  I am the only one here and I just got myself naked, kneeled towards the door?  Where is Mistress Alya?  And what if somebody else opens the door and sees me here like this?...I am on time, am I not?...  Troubled by these thoughts I still keep on sitting naked towards the door...  Then, suddenly, I hear a sound on the other end of the door and then the door opens...

Then I see right away!  It is my Mistress Alya who enters the room and she immediately takes my breath away!  Although her amazing body is covered by a long leather coat, I still can admire her beautiful long blond hair and pretty face.  Straight away she looks at me with her enchanting hazel eyes, penetrating my soul with the first look.  I can see she is wearing leather gloves which disappear under the sleeves of her coat.  When I take a glimpse down I can see she is wearing her black and red high heels.  Her feet are covered with nylon, but I cannot see if it is stockings or pantyhose as her divine legs disappear under the coat as well.  I look up at her right away again, right in those soul penetrating eyes.  My Mistress Alya stops right in front of me and she shows me her strictness without hesitation...

“Are we not forgetting something slave!!!  Assume the position to welcome your Mistress.  Get low and kiss my shoes!!!  I grant you a real life encounter with me and you already forget the basics, how pathetic!!!”

I indeed was stunned by all what just happened, but without any complaint or hesitation I get down to her shoes and start to kiss them right away...

“That is much better Slave B.  Good to see that you know your place!!!  Now are you ready for your verdict and fate?  I do not have endless time and I am so fucking ready myself to dominate the hell out of you that I want to start right away!!!”

While still kissing her shoes, I confirm with a loud:  “Yes, my most divine Mistress Alya!!!”

“Good” my Mistress says...  “Now, crawl to the door, close it and come back into position to hear what I am about to say!”

I do as ordered and after closing the door, I get back into position at Mistress Alya’s feet to hear her verdict...

“So you better be ready for what I am going to do to you in this real life session Slave B.  You better consider it to be a huge honor that I want to meet you!!!”

I answer with a "Yes Mistress!", but she kicks me in the face...

“I did not say you could speak slave and I certainly did not asked you to answer me!!!  Keep your mouth shut and listen to what I have to say!!!  I have big plans for you Slave B. – and I first want you to hear them!!!  Is that clear???!!!”

Now I answer, with a firm:  “Yes, my most divine Mistress Alya!!!”  Then she continues...

“Good!  You are well known with our many intimate email conversations in which you share so many fantasies with me.  You write me about all that worshipping and devotion.  You write me about all the pain and punishment you can take for me.  Hell, you even want to suck my strap on and be fucked in your ass like a little bitch!!!”

The words of my Mistress Alya are striking me like never before.  Her voice is so strict and clear.  Still kissing her shoes, I cannot help it that my cock is starting to get hard from this...

“But both you and I know that you have one ultimate desire, now is it Slave B.?  I exactly know what you really want to experience with your Mistress now is it slave?  As my property there is still one thing that I did not allow you to have happen, now is it Slave B.?”

Once more I confirm to my Mistress, knowing that she is speaking about the one thing I desire the most...

“Well take a look around Slave B.  Do you see any torture tools here?  Look at me too – and do I look like I want to be worshipped right now?  Think twice Slave B.!  Because I am fucking horny and I want you to do something about it!!!”

In one movement Mistress Alya kicks me against the back of the bed and takes off her leather coat.  Now I can see all that she was hiding under the coat.  She is wearing her tight black leather body with the red trim, laces and three way zipper, which runs from her stomach to her lower back.  Her gloves are the studded ones, which reach to her elbow.  And to complete the outfit with the red and black shoes, she has chosen to wear a pair of super soft nylon seamless stockings, which are caressing her divine legs all the way up to her hot thighs...

“Like what you see Slave B.?  You must like it, as I can see that cock of yours is getting harder and harder, only to spasm and bulge for your Mistress!!!”

My Mistress Alya reaches for a pocket in her coat and then takes out some ropes...

“So Slave B.!  These are the only toys I have with me.  The only thing I need to do is to tie you to the bed and then the session will start with you being my sex slave!!!  Is that not what you always wanted to happen, of course I know that that is your most desired dream and now it will come true!!!”

With these words my nerves strike me again!  Even a sudden amount of fear strikes me!  Being the sex slave of my Mistress Alya is my biggest dream, but I know what it takes, as my Mistress has told me that many times before!  Also, she did not allow me to cum in the whole last week.  My balls are full of cum and I am already rock hard and precum oozing.  What if I just cum on the spot and I fail my Mistress?  Then all will be over and she will forever banish me from her Queendom for sure!

“Hahahaha, you did not expect this to happen, now did you?  And you have your balls full of cum and your cock is already so hard and precum oozing!!!  Hahaha, you will have to endure what I am going to do with you Slave B.!!!  And you better do not cum without permission, if I would ever give you permission.  Now let me tie you up to the bed!!!”

Before I knew it my Mistress has kicked me up on the bed, restraining me with my arms and legs wide, unable to move...  My cock keeps on spasming and bulging, but my Mistress Alya has the perfect way to keep my cock in check.

“Let me tie your cock and balls up as well. Just as in my Ultimate Test videos!  Am I not kind?  This cock bondage will prevent it from cumming without my permission.  Too bad such a bondage hurt like hell, but hey...  Are you not happy that you do not have to focus on not cumming?  Because I really want you to focus on what is coming next!!!”

And I better focus myself without any delay, as my Mistress Alya joins me on the bed.  She squats right above my face, giving me a full view of her upper body.  She presses her leather covered midsection against my face, making the zipper scratch my skin – and then:


NOTE:  The rest of the story is for members only due to the graphic sexual content.

Readers ending note:  This story was written by direct order of my most divine Mistress Alya.  Eventually it is also based on one of my biggest fantasies about her.  This story has an open ending to leave room for possible sequels.  Thanks a lot for reading.

Slave B.

Property of The Russian Fetish Queen Alya.


(Written by Slave B., March 2016)


When it comes to terms of worshipping my most divine Mistress Alya, then it is actually very simple. I simply love it!!!

But, what else can you do when you look upon her breathtaking beauty?! Already only her beauty forces me to my knees to totally submit myself to her!

However, you also do not have any other option anymore when you have been caught by her captivating natural dominance!

Her complete body is like a temple, to be worshipped forever, to show the ultimate devotion to the Goddess of Fetish and Dominance.

I love every inch of my Mistress Alya’s body! I would love to kiss and lick it over and over again till I am totally exhausted.

But I also love to worship her divine body parts separately! I would simply love to run my tongue and lips all over her feet, legs, ass and so on…

However this is not the end of my article, as there is one body part that can sometimes strike me like no other with my most divine Mistress Alya!

It is a fantastic body part to worship indeed, but it is also fantastic to receive from this body part…I am talking about the divine hands of my Mistress Alya!

They look so slender and delicate, but yet, do not be fooled by the looks of them!

I love to kiss and lick her divine hands and suck on each and every finger too. They always have such a sweet scent and taste, even when ordered I simply cannot stop worshipping them!

My Mistress Alya loves to receive worship and also to her hands, but with her hands she can also return the favor in giving something back to her slave…

And here comes the part that you should not be fooled by the slender and delicate looks of my Mistress Alya’s hands! They can and shall be used for very cruel treatments!

Of course she can be very kind and rewarding with her hands by gently touching you or caressing you! But yet, they can be very cruel as well! My Mistress Alya masters the art of torture and punishment and with her hands she is skilled enough to handle many torture and punishment tools!

One of those tools are permanently attached to her fingers… Her nails! I will not go into too much detail here, but what Mistress Alya can do to you with her nails will result in a long lasting experience of pain, even weeks after the treatment you will still feel it and see it! In that case I will not get into detail at this moment about what she can do to you with all her toys!

Although I love the bare hands of my Mistress Alya beyond belief, there is yet another thing which drives me wild with her!  Her gloved hands!!!

I love it so much when my Mistress Alya wears gloves! She has gloves in all kinds of fabrics.  Satin, lace, nylon, PVC, latex and leather.

In turn it is once again a fantastic experience to worship her hands when she is wearing gloves.  Again I would love to lick and kiss her hands – and suck on her gloved fingers!

Of course it will be no surprise that my Mistress Alya can inflict the most painful and pleasurable sensations to your slave body with her gloved hands!

When she is done with you after such a treatment, you will only beg for more, regardless how painful the experience has been!

That leaves me to share a short anecdote to conclude this article:

My Mistress Alya tied me up on her bed, then gagged and blindfolded me. I was about to experience an agonizing, but yet sensational leather glove session.

Soon my whole body was touched and caressed by these divine leather gloved hands and it felt so good that I got totally rock hard by it. But here came the catch, because my Mistress did it so slowly that I started to desire to cum on the spot – and she was not even touching my cock at all…

Her touches and caresses were so sensational that it started to become an agony that she did not start to work her gloved hands on my rock hard cock…

My Mistress Alya kept on playing with me like this for a very long time, until at last the moment was there that she started to caress and stroke my cock with her leather gloved hands…

Very, very slowly she worked on a forced orgasm. She kept me on the edge time and time again – and although everything felt so sensational, I was in a world of agony…

Not being taken to an orgasm for a very long time, while I felt the intense sensation of leather touches drove me wild, until the moment was there and my Mistress gave the last push.

She gently stroked my cock to orgasm with her leather gloved hands and I had one of my longest lasting and most intense orgasms ever!!!

Then when I was coming back to earth after this sensational experience I realised it all. It was a journey of intense cruelty, agony and pleasure at the same time!!!

So next time when you think or look at the hands of my most divine Mistress Alya… Know that she can master the art of total domination with them and that you will be begging her for doing it time and time again!...

Slave B.

Property of The Russian Fetish Queen Alya.


(Written by Slave B., March 2016)


Am I totally addicted to my most divine Mistress and Queen Alya?

Well, could be… But is being addicted a bad thing in this case? Or should I say that I am totally

devoted to her? Is that the same, or still something completely different?...

You see, my Mistress Alya has become a big part of my life since the first time I met her! I cannot

imagine a life without her!

Sounds strange for some people? Could be…

However in the years I know her now, I really feel something special has evolved. Can I call it an

intimate friendship or a sensational D/s relationship? I am sure that I can call it a perfect mix of the

both of that!

I live my own fetish lifestyle for and with my Mistress Alya. I am her Slave B. and property – and I am

that 24/7 for her. That is how far my love and devotion for my Mistress Alya goes.

In fact, my love and devotion for my Mistress Alya also has influence on my normal daily life.

I think of her each moment of the day! Can that be called a sort of addiction? I think so, but my work

and normal social life does not suffer from it!

Actually, having my Mistress Alya on my mind all the time is a great feeling, as it fills me with all the

energy I need. My Mistress Alya simply can be on my mind during any moment of the day.

Of course she is on my mind when I am worshipping her and when in session, following her


She is on my mind when I create wallpapers for her, or when I am writing for my blog. She is on my

mind when I am writing my emails, fantasies and desires for her!

She is on my mind when I dream all those hot dreams about her. Dreams that are filled with

eroticism and domination!

However that all happens “behind closed doors”… As said my Mistress Alya is on my mind

everywhere I go!

She is on my mind at work. Looking at that female colleague, I think it is my Mistress Alya who is

wearing those boots or skirt!

She is on my mind when I walk on the street and I see women wear leather clothing, then I imagine it

is my Mistress Alya who is wearing such clothing!

When I go out or to a party, I think of my Mistress Alya. I imagine that I will bump into her and have

the most amazing evening and night ever!

She is on my mind when I go shopping. Then I imagine it is my Mistress Alya, who is the woman in the

shop helping me!

I can keep on writing about these simple common daily situations where I think about my Mistress

Alya! As said, she is on my mind all the time!!!

For some people it all may sound strange, but for me it is very simple!

Alya is the most wonderful and amazing woman I have ever met. She is my Mistress and I am her


I love her with all my heart and I am totally devoted to her. I cannot imagine a life without my

Mistress Alya.

The fact that she also has such a great influence on my normal daily life fills me with a huge positive

energy and I simply love to be her property 24/7. To live a fetish lifestyle and passion as her totally

devoted slave!

And if this is called “being addicted”… Well then…

Hell, I love to have this addiction!!!

Slave B.

Property of The Russian Fetish Queen Alya.


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