(Written by Slave B., November 2015)



I am Her boy

I ache to please Her

I beg to serve Her

I yearn to worship Her

I am Her slave

Her toy, Her property, Her love

My body burns for Her

My heart beats for Her

My soul longs for Her possession

I am Hers



I see your beauty, when I am so eagered to serve

I see your strength, when I go through something hard for you

I see your trust, always knowing what we have

I see your faith, knowing that you always will do your very best to take care of me

I feel your love... For you will always know… Submission is my eternal gift for you...


Slave B.

Property of The Russian Fetish Queen Alya.

(Written by Slave B., October 2015)


I am kissing the nylon covered leg of my Mistress Alya. Very gently and slowly I am working my way up, just as she has ordered me to do…

For as far as I know, it has been about one hour ago, that my Mistress Alya walked into the basement to take me out of my cage. She looked beyond the meaning of divine and as always she had chosen her outfit with the most dedicated perfection to seduce her next victim.

Looking at my Mistress Alya I could only gaze upon her fabulous looking outfit consisting of black patent shoes finished with a steel stiletto heel. Her perfect legs were wrapped in the softest sheer black seamless stockings. To conceal the top of the stockings my Mistress Alya had chosen to wear a leather pencil skirt and to finish this breathtaking outfit she had picked a sheer nylon blouse with a black bra underneath it.

It was all clear to me from the moment my Mistress Alya appeared in front of me. I was her next victim and she had already seduced me from the first moment I saw her.

My Mistress Alya guided me to one of her private rooms in the castle and while I followed her I had a perfect view of her leather clad ass. The reciprocating movement of her perfect buttocks hypnotized me and it did not take long to get aroused of this sight…

I am kissing the leg of my Mistress Alya, just as she ordered me to. She has taken me here to worship her perfect nylon legs and when I have been a good boy doing that, a reward might wait at the end of the session…

Gently and slowly I am kissing my way up… I already had the privilege to worship the black patent shoes my Mistress Alya is wearing. I had to make them shine as never before by using my slave tongue.  Then, it did not take long before my Mistress Alya ordered me to kiss and worship her divine feet. That was a great honor, but now I have to focus myself on her perfect leg…

Gently and slowly I am kissing my way up… Just as my Mistress Alya ordered me to do…

(Written by Slave B., September 2015)


Readers note: This story is based on personal email conversations with my Mistress Alya and member area videos 196 and 197.

My Mistress Alya has the power to dig deep into my mind and forces me to share my deepest and darkest desires, fantasies and dreams with her. That is why I have no secrets for her what so ever. She absolutely knows everything about me from my greatest desires to my greatest weaknesses.  However, I never could have thought that she would use that power as in the following session which took place not long ago…

I find myself in the royal bedroom of my Mistress Alya. I am sitting in front of her, naked and on my knees, awaiting a new session to begin. Sessions in the royal bedroom are very rare and have to be considered as a huge honour! Therefore I know that the coming session will be asking the very best of me… But before all will start I cannot help it to gaze upon the more than divine beauty of my Mistress Alya in her breathtaking outfit!


Miss Alya Ivanova


(Written by Slave B., September 2015)


A look at the calendar tells me that it is already September 2015… And with already, I do not mean it is already September in the year 2015… No, with already I mean that it is already the year 2015!

What I mean to say is that I still remember the moment that I met Alya for the first time as if it was yesterday. I met Alya in October 2011… And from the very first moment I laid my eyes upon her, in combination with my first email to this breathtaking woman, I never could have expected that five years later I could call myself Slave B., Property of The Russian Fetish Queen.

Every time I visited The Russian Fetish Queen’s member area I was struck and excited by her pictures and videos, but what struck me even more was the woman behind these pictures and videos, because right from the beginning we started to have a few email conversations.  Let me tell you one thing about Alya, she loves to read emails from her fans and members and when possible she even takes all the time to answer them!

(Written by Slave B., July 2015)


It is cold and dark… That is not so strange when my senses make me realise where I am.  My mind is one big blur at the moment, but sometimes I return to the cold and hard truth where I find myself in.  Cold and dark, that is what it is in the dungeon of my Mistress Alya and the hard truth is, that my Mistress Alya locked me up in here after a most cruel punishment session.  I have no idea how long it is has been since my Mistress Alya left me here, but my back and ass still burn as hell from all the whipping and my genitals are still aching from all the cruel torture.  I am completely broken and would love to sleep. That, however, is impossible… Time and time again, my senses also make me realise how my Mistress Alya left me here. My arms are spread and chained to the dungeon ceiling. My legs are spread too and chained to the floor. If that is not worse enough, my Mistress Alya chained my arms a bit higher to the ceiling, which has an even more cruel result, as my feet are now dangling about an inch above the floor.


I cannot sleep, but I try to forget the position in which I find myself… I think about the divine beauty of my Mistress Alya and about the outfit she was wearing during the punishment session last night.  I can easily dream away when I think about my Mistress Alya. Her long blond hair, enchanting hazel eyes and lucious lips. Her pert and beautiful breasts, with a well trained stomach and midriff underneath it.  A gorgeous ass, the most beautiful long legs and sexy feet.  All that divine beauty was wrapped in a tight leather corset, a leather miniskirt and a pair of leather boots. The slender arms of my Mistress Alya were covered by a pair of very long wetlook gloves…  Then my mind drifts away again and I forget the place where I really am…


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