(Written by Slave B., February)


Music can say more than a thousand words and because I am always looking how to describe my feelings for my most divine Mistress Alya, I came across this song from Golden Earring.  Sometimes there is a little twist in songs, but no matter how it is interpreted there is one thing more sure then ever: I cannot resist my most divine Mistress Alya at all!  I slightly altered the text with Mistress Alya’s name in it. The original song is linked at the bottom of the article.


When Alya smiles, you know it drives me wild

Her lips are warm and resourceful

When her fingertips, go drawing circles in the night

Then the mood is soft and sensual, hu-u

And I love it, yeah I love it

It's the answer to all my dreams

Every time it feels like the earth is shakin'

It doesn't matter, a glass is fallin',

I hear it shatter, maybe it's raining,

faster and faster, shadow dancin',

together oh I, I'm a bettin' on the game of love

oh oh oh I, I'm bettin' that love is gonna come out

When the walls no longer shout, back at me

and I'm feelin' proud

When Alya smiles, she holds me in her hand

As a matter of fact, she could always let me down

But when Alya smiles, I can't resist her call

As a matter of fact, I don't resist at all

‘cos I'm walking on clouds and she is leadin' the way

My friends tell me, she's the beast inside your paradise

I guess you've heard it all before

A fallen angel, that has got you hypnotized

and that always needs some more, hu-u

and I love it, yeah I love it

She's done nothin' to mislead me

‘cos every time we meet, the earth is shakin'

It doesn't matter, a glass is fallin'

I hear it shatter , maybe it's rainin'

faster and faster, shadow dancin'

together oh I, I'm bettin' on the game of love

Oh oh oh I, I'm bettin' that love is gonna come out

When the walls no longer shout, back at me

and I'm feeling proud

When Alya smiles, she holds me in her hand

As a matter of fact, she could always let me down

But when Alya smiles, I can't resist her call

As a matter of fact, I don't resist at all

‘cos we're walkin' on clouds and she is leadin' the way


Slave B.

Property of The Russian Fetish Queen Alya


(Written by Slave B., January 2016)


Readers note: This article is based on RFQ Video 216 - available to members only.

I find myself in one of the private rooms of my Mistress Alya’s huge castle, waiting for her return.


Those were my Mistress Alya’s words after she dragged me out of my cage this morning and locked me up in this room.  She ordered me to kneel down on the wooden floor and wait for her return.  I totally have no idea how long I have already been waiting for my Mistress to return, but there is certainly not much to see here and after all, I had to kneel down and wait - that also means not to move a muscle while doing that!  Besides of the wooden floor there is not much to see in this room.  When I look around I only see a wooden closet, a black leather studded chair and some plants…


But then… Yes then, I suddenly hear the clicking of high heels through the hallways of my Mistress Alya’s castle and the clicking of the heels is definitely coming closer.  It cannot be anyone else than my Mistress Alya.


The door of the room opens and then she walks in and right away a huge excitement strikes my body.  My God!  When my Mistress Alya walks up in front of me, I can gaze upon her more than divine leather outfit.  My slave being is like an automatic pilot which starts at the bottom of her outfit going all the way up.  The more I look at her breathtaking beauty, the harder I get.


My Mistress Alya is wearing a fabulous pair of thigh high boots with buckles at the back, revealing the fantastic shape of her calves.  In combination with the boots, she decided to wear a skin tight pair of leather leggings hugging her thighs and perfect ass firmly.


When I look further up, I can see that her body is tightly wrapped by a shining leather waist cincher and on top of that my Mistress is wearing a laced leather bustier.  The outfit is completed with a gorgeous leather bolero and a pair of short leather gloves, just reaching her wrists.  In her hands my Mistress Alya is holding her longest crop and that means I better be ready for what is coming next!


Mistress Alya Ivanova


My Mistress Alya usually wastes no time with her verdict to start a session, but this time she first wants to know how happy I am to see her all dressed up in hot leather…


(Written by Slave B., January 2016)


It is New Year’s Eve and I find myself locked up in the smallest cage available to my most divine Mistress Alya.  This cage is located in the huge dungeon of my Mistress Alya and it stands in the corner only a few feet away of her throne.  I try to look around, but to make my imprisonment even worse my Mistress Alya covered the cage with a black sheet.  The sheet has a touch of sheerness but I cannot look further than the throne, for the rest of it my world is one big blur.


How I got myself in this situation? Well, let me tell you…


It was Christmas and my Mistress took me out of my “normal” cage in the basements of her castle.  She looked more than divine, as always!  She was wearing beautiful black shoes with metal stiletto heels.  Her legs were covered with the softest nylon stockings she could find and they were scented with her divine perfume.  This time my Mistress Alya had chosen to wear some PVC and so, her ass and upper legs were touched by a fabulous PVC pencil skirt. She finished the outfit with a white  silk blouse, but she did not close the upper buttons, revealing her cleavage.


Without words she took me out of my cage.  She leashed me and I had to follow her and still no words were spoken.  Instead of going up, we took another stairs down and there was only one place she could take me to now…  To her dungeon!


I was thinking what my Mistress Alya was up to…  It is Christmas and she is taking me to her dungeon?  She has never done something like that!  Still without any words spoken we reach the door to the dungeon.  My Mistress Alya opens the door and guides me in, only to follow her towards her throne and to kneel in front of her.  Still this all passed by without any word spoken, but then my Mistress Alya started her verdict.  I still remember her verdict word for word!


(Written by Slave B., December 2015)


Readers note: This article is based on my life when I was still an international European truck driver, two songs of one of my favourite bands “The Golden Earring” and about my most divine Mistress Alya – she can captivate me in every dream and every scenery!

It is Friday afternoon and it could all have been so promising, well that is what I thought when I left on Sunday morning… A last kiss and a look at your pretty face, leaving you and driving towards the horizon. While driving away, I already think about being with you again…

Now I am still sitting here, shifting gear and far from being with you again… The sound of my 580 horse power v8 engine is roaring through a straight exhaust, finding a way back home… And the only thing that keeps me motivated are forgotten songs on an old cd coming out of the speakers. “Another 45 miles to go” is playing and I think by myself that the 450 miles which I still have to go do not really match the song.

You certainly will be asleep when I come home and so I decide to stare at the sun going down, which is actually the only thing I can do in this god forsaken and deserted place. Then your pretty face appears in the sun, your beautiful lips and sparkling eyes… Your lovely smile is warming my face… Only to discover it is actually the last warmth of the sun and so the dream fades away…

It is getting dark now and I keep listening to all those forgotten songs. The cd player hits song after song, until it passes by “Radar Love” and I turn the volume up a bit more. Together with the sound of the v8 engine, the atmosphere becomes quite nostalgic.

Again my thoughts drift away and I start to dream again. Now your face appears on my windscreen and soon my vision zooms out until I can see you completely in front of me. Just as in the song, I do not need a telephone to have a connection with you. In my mind I walk slowly towards you and then I hold you in my arms… It is if I can feel your warmth again and luckily there is no sun to fool me anymore…

My mind is drifting away even further now, or are you playing with me from a distance?... Once more you appear in front of me. Now wearing a very sexy nylon lingerie outfit. You start to tease me with your sheer nylon attire and kinky black heels… I want to reach out for you, but somehow I cannot.

(Written by Slave B., December 2015)


 Shoes on a Tray


I love to lie at the feet of my most divine Mistress Alya! – And this time I do not mean the kneeling down at her feet at the start of a session. Although I love to kneel down in front of my Mistress before a session starts, it is much more simple than that this time…

I simply mean that I love to lie at the feet of my Mistress Alya – nothing less and nothing more than that!

Why? Well let me try to explain…

I love it when my Mistress Alya is actually not in the mood for a session sometimes, but that she just want to relax in her private room. When my Mistress Alya wants to do that she sometimes grants a slave the honour to be with her while she is relaxing…

I cherish the moments when she walks towards my cage to pick me for such a moment of relaxing! Then I can follow her to the private room and look at her while she is taking something to drink, only to follow her moves a bit longer to see my Mistress Alya sitting down on the couch to start reading a magazine or a book…

Then I crawl behind her and lie myself down in front of the couch just a few inches away from her feet – and actually then the real fun part starts for me.

While my Mistress Alya is enjoying her drink and reading her magazine or book, I can enjoy myself to the fullest by admiring my most divine Mistress Alya.

Simply lying at the feet of my Mistress Alya and then admiring her may not sound exciting for some people, but for me it is one of the most exciting things that can happen to me!

It is because my Mistress Alya is so addictive and because I serve her for many years now. I love my Mistress Alya with all my heart and I would love to be with her all the time!

What makes my Mistress Alya so addictive is a hard question to answer…

The simple part of the answer is her divine beauty. My Mistress Alya is simply perfect from head to toe – and she can wear simply anything! No matter what, she always looks divine, fabulous and super sexy in anything she wears…

But there is so much more that makes my Mistress Alya so addictive and that I cannot answer… It is something that you have to experience yourself. You have to experience yourself how Queen Alya can captivate and enchant you. How she does that is unique and different for every single person.

My Mistress Alya has certainly captivated and enchanted me! I love her more than anything else and I am addicted to her without a doubt. I would love to lie at her feet for hours without end, for days and nights… I would lie at her feet forever!

And when doing that, I am close to her, so I could smell her sweet scent. So I could admire what she is wearing at that very moment… Leather? Latex? Lace? Satin? Nylon?... Everything is possible…

I could admire her perfect body for hours – and yes my cock would get hard only because of admiring my most divine Mistress Alya…

I love my Mistress Alya with all my heart… I love to lie at her feet… I love being addicted to her…

I am forever hers, property of my most divine Mistress Alya!!!

Slave B.

Property of The Russian Fetish Queen Alya.

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