An Unexpected Encounter

(Written by Slave B., November 2016)


I am walking through the endless hallways of The Queen’s Castle, enjoying my free day.

Now I hear you all think… Enjoying your free day?

Yes indeed I am enjoying a free day which is granted very rarely by my most divine Mistress Alya.  The reason why or when The Mistress grants a free day to a slave is only know to her and to her only!  On a free day it is allowed to do anything of your liking within the limits of the castle. There is only the following rule:  Locked doors remain locked!  Never ever enter the The Queen’s Royal Bedroom without permission, even if the door is wide open!  Masturbation and cumming is forbidden!

So here I am walking through the endless hallways of The Queen’s castle.  I am wearing my sport shorts as I just have been in the gym to keep myself in shape and fit. I am on my way to one of the luxurious bathrooms to get myself a nice hot shower. That will be much better than the daily cold ones in the basement of the castle.

The first bathroom I pass is not occupied and that is nice, because this bathroom is close to the entertainment room where I plan to watch a movie after my shower.  When in the bathroom I undress myself. I take a towel out of the cupboard under the mirror and it is inevitable to see myself in this huge mirror. Suddenly a blur of doubts rushes my mind when seeing myself full size in this mirror… Is The Mistress satisfied with my 1.94m tall, slender build body? I get rid of thought right away by thinking that in that case she would not have made me her property.

Before taking the shower I decide to trim and shave my slave body by using some nice warm water, such a delight compared to cold water.  After that it is time for a nice hot shower and I am going to enjoy this to the fullest by taking it for a long time! Soaping my freshly shaved body excites me and I get hard when washing my private parts.  Just for a brief moment I massage my cock to full erectness but then stop immediately as there is no permission to stroke!  I decide I had enough pleasure of this hot shower and dry myself off thoroughly before making my way to the entertainment room.

I still need to pass a few hallways to get there and suddenly the sound of clicking heels are coming closer out of one of the other hallways. In fact the sounds are very close and just out of nothing Mistress Alya appears around the corner.  I immediately drop to my knees with my face down and of course Mistress Alya notices me right away.

“Well, well… You drop to the floor quite quick Slave B.!”

I answer with a confirming “Yes Mistress Alya”.

The Mistress replies right away with another question: “So what brings you up in my hallways Slave B.?”

I answer my Mistress Alya that I am enjoying the free day she has granted me, but she answers that she cannot remember granting such a thing.  Luckily she waves that thought away, because she very well knows I would not be stupid enough to get out of my cage without permission.  For a moment a quick thought rushes my mind, that The Mistress is playing with me.

“So what have you been up to this morning my Slave B.?” My Mistress Alya asks.

I report to her that I have been in the gym and after that went to a bathroom for a good trim, shave and hot shower.

“Aha, so you are all nicely soft and smooth on your skin after this self treatment, are you not my slave?”

Once more I answer confirming to my Queen.

“Well, follow me now. I want to closer inspect you!”  And so I follow my Mistress now and soon enough we enter one of the private rooms. After we both enter the room she locks the door and that tells me that Mistress Alya has more on her mind than a quick inspection.

The Mistress sits down on a couch and orders me to undress myself and get close to her.

“Well, well, well Slave B.! You certainly did not waste your free time now is it?... You look very smooth indeed!”...And while saying that my Mistress Alya starts to slowly caress my body from up my chest down to my stomach.  While doing that she slightly curves her fingers so I can feel her razor sharp nails gently scratch my skin.  I cannot prevent to react to this treatment in a very exciting way. Feeling the soft caresses of my Mistress on my freshly shaved skin is getting me hard and of course this does not go unnoticed by the Queen herself.

“Hmmm, what is happening there Slave B.? It seems you are liking the caresses a bit too much… I bet you want me to continue is it not?”

I answer with maybe a bit too loud “Yes, my Mistress Alya”! Revealing to her that I crave this caressing treatment a bit too much.

“Ok” she says… “If you want me to caress you some more, you first have to do something for me!  Now lick my boots! Right now slave!!!”  Suddenly Queen Alya turns into the super strict dominatrix she is and while dropping to her feet right away, I start to get the feeling this free day is turning into something totally different as expected by myself.  Without hesitation I start to lick the bottom of her boots, but my Mistress has no time for that as she penetrates my mouth with one of her heels right away!

“Be a good bitch Slave B. and fuck your mouth with my heel! And you better fuck and suck this heel properly or I will do something much more unpleasant with this heel, understood???!!!”

With the heel deep into my mouth, I answer with a gargling “Yes Mistress”!

Suddenly my Mistress Alya scratches her other heel deep into the skin of my back, loudly hissing that I better do a proper job on the heel sucking as it looks pathetic right now!

With all the devotion I can master, I now suck on the heel the best way I can… Amusing my Mistress!

“That is a good sucking bitch, maybe I should slam my biggest strap-on into your mouth one day.  But for now, stop sucking the heel and lick the entire shaft of both boots totally clean!”  While I am still working on one boot, my Queen Alya starts to kick my cock and balls with the other boot. She wants to bring it down as it is growing far to fast. I first have to focus on the task at hand and then she will decide if my cock is granted some pleasure or not.

My Mistress Alya is turning this unexpected encounter with her into a session of very intense proportions! While I had the idea the have a free day, I now find myself licking the boots of my Queen in one of her private rooms and I better do not falter in any way… If I do then this could turn bad for me at any time!

After pouring all my devotion in licking the boots of my Mistress, she orders me to stop, however she is not done yet.

My next order is to stroke my slave cock right in front of her and I better do it quick!  For the first time when I bumped into my Mistress in the hallways, I can adore her body and fetish attire more closely. She is wearing a fabulous pair of leather boots, which I just licked as devoted as I could.  When my eyes move further over her divine body, I can see she is wearing a super glossy pantyhose which appear out of her boots and disappear again in a super hot leather hotpants, which is covering her perfect ass.  When I move a bit further up I can see my Mistress is wearing a leather studded corset which is barely covering her pert breasts, which are nicely pressed together in the corset.

The sight of my Mistress gets me even harder and precum oozing, but suddenly, she orders me to stop stroking.

“I have a much better idea Slave B.! Let me put you to the test!!! Hahahaha…!!! Oh yes, I am going to test you!!! My Queen Alya walks away for a moment, still laughing a very cruel and evil laugh, that will most likely seal my fate for today.

She comes back with a vibrator and it is already turned on, as I can hear the buzzing.  Without hesitation my Mistress Alya starts to rub my rock hard cock with this buzzing vibrator.  A huge feeling of excitement strikes my body, but the hardest part is still to come.  Soon enough my Mistress stops the rubbing and only keeps the head of the vibrator on the head of my cock. I soon enough start to beg my Mistress to stop, because I am already about to cum and if she does not stop I will cum without permission.

My Queen Alya ignores these beggings and keeps the vibrator buzzing on the most sensitive part of my cock. I am desperately trying to hold back my orgasm back and at the same time I beg her more and more to stop this treatment.  Yet again she ignores my beggings, to make it even worse she starts to caress the back of my balls with her other hand. She gives me a intense feeling of pleasure, making me to try even harder to hold back.  But in reality only taking me closer and closer to a forced orgasm!

A last few minutes of this treatment continue and even my deepest and most devoted beggings do not convince my Queen to stop.  And then the moment is there,  I cannot hold back any longer and I shoot a huge load of slave filth all over her leather boots.  Right at the moment of the first spurt of my cum, my Mistress takes the vibrator off of my cock, making it spasm and spurt in a touchless orgasm.  The pleasure of my orgasm is totally ruined, but still every single drop of my slave filth lands on her leather boots.

My Mistress then slaps me hard in the face and is raging of anger: “You pathetic piece of property!  Look what you have done you filthy cum shooting bastard! You made my boots dirty with your slave  filth! You now have exactly 20 seconds to lick them completely clean! Do it! Do it right now you filth shooting cum slut!!!”

I do not hesitate one single moment as 20 seconds for such an amount of cum all over the Queen’s boots is nothing. I lick if my life depends of it and luckily for me I barely make it.

But my verdict is not done, as my Mistress Alya keeps on raging in anger “You are so pathetic today Slave B.! I better can say you have an off day instead of your free day! In fact I hereby revoke your free day and how dare you to cum without my permission! You know you are never allowed to cum without my permission and still you shoot a load all over my boots! How dare you!!!”

Rarely I have seen my Mistress Alya in such an anger, but I do very well know she has done this on purpose to get me in this situation, to ruin my free day and to take immediate control over her property back!  And while I am thinking that, the raging continues for a bit longer.

“I am going to punish you for this huge insolence and disobedience slave! When and where I will execute this punishment?… Well, that is only for me to know and for you to undergo when I am ready!!!  And know this slave...This punishment will push your hardest limits in taking pain for your Mistress and Owner!!! Now get out of my sight and get to your cage within one minute from now or I will execute a second punishment!!!”

With a quick “Yes my Mistress Alya”, I get out of the room and make my way to my cage as quick as I have never done before.

Later, at night, I suddenly startle awake right away thinking back at my so called “free day”.  I never could have thought that this would happen.  One thing is certain though.  My fate is sealed!

Slave B.

Property of The Russian Fetish Queen Alya.


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