Official Declaration of Devotion

(Written by Slave B., April 2016)


My most divine Mistress Alya,

I know you for five years now and what a sensational five years has it been!

Right from the start I was enchanted by your breathtaking beauty and your fabulous outfits.


But it all really started with our first email conversations. In those first conversations you truly took me into your Fetish Queendom and because of your fantastic guidance I discovered a missing link in my life. Thanks to you I discovered my true submissive nature and from that moment on I became your slave.


From that moment on you guided and trained me as a true Dominatrix. Your were strict, demanding and cruel, yet also caring, guiding and rewarding.


However being your slave was not the end station, as a real Dominatrix you truly showed me the world of BDSM. In your emails to me, your regular updates and private videos you took me deeper and deeper into your Queendom of true Fetish and Dominance.


Then came the day filled with the greatest honor I could ever receive from you. In a sensational two part private video and supporting emails you granted me the highest honor to achieve in your Queendom! You allowed me to become your property.


From that day my fate was sealed and I became yours to be taken even deeper into your Queendom as I ever could imagine. It was from that day that you really showed yourself as the perfect Dominatrix.

Your strictness and cruelty became indescribable, but also the guidance and rewards became too sensational for words.


You kept on guiding me to push my own limits as your property until the day came that you would really make me your official property.

Again you guided and trained me towards a sensational moment of pure domination, to be officially collared by you in an indescribable private video!


Still it does not end with this! Now that I am your official collared property you show me how real and far your dominating power goes.

The last five years have been truly sensational, but what you are showing me now exceeds my most boldest dreams I ever can have!


That is the reason why I write you this letter, my most divine Mistress Alya.

I hereby want to declare my total devotion to you:


My most divine Mistress Alya,

I hereby officially declare my total devotion to you, my real Dominatrix and the one and only Fetish Queen. I officially declare to be yours and only yours forever and ever.


Most devotedly yours and with most devoted kisses,

Your property, your Slave B.

Property of The Russian Fetish Queen Alya



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