Her Hands

(Written by Slave B., March 2016)


When it comes to terms of worshipping my most divine Mistress Alya, then it is actually very simple. I simply love it!!!

But, what else can you do when you look upon her breathtaking beauty?! Already only her beauty forces me to my knees to totally submit myself to her!

However, you also do not have any other option anymore when you have been caught by her captivating natural dominance!

Her complete body is like a temple, to be worshipped forever, to show the ultimate devotion to the Goddess of Fetish and Dominance.

I love every inch of my Mistress Alya’s body! I would love to kiss and lick it over and over again till I am totally exhausted.

But I also love to worship her divine body parts separately! I would simply love to run my tongue and lips all over her feet, legs, ass and so on…

However this is not the end of my article, as there is one body part that can sometimes strike me like no other with my most divine Mistress Alya!

It is a fantastic body part to worship indeed, but it is also fantastic to receive from this body part…I am talking about the divine hands of my Mistress Alya!

They look so slender and delicate, but yet, do not be fooled by the looks of them!

I love to kiss and lick her divine hands and suck on each and every finger too. They always have such a sweet scent and taste, even when ordered I simply cannot stop worshipping them!

My Mistress Alya loves to receive worship and also to her hands, but with her hands she can also return the favor in giving something back to her slave…

And here comes the part that you should not be fooled by the slender and delicate looks of my Mistress Alya’s hands! They can and shall be used for very cruel treatments!

Of course she can be very kind and rewarding with her hands by gently touching you or caressing you! But yet, they can be very cruel as well! My Mistress Alya masters the art of torture and punishment and with her hands she is skilled enough to handle many torture and punishment tools!

One of those tools are permanently attached to her fingers… Her nails! I will not go into too much detail here, but what Mistress Alya can do to you with her nails will result in a long lasting experience of pain, even weeks after the treatment you will still feel it and see it! In that case I will not get into detail at this moment about what she can do to you with all her toys!

Although I love the bare hands of my Mistress Alya beyond belief, there is yet another thing which drives me wild with her!  Her gloved hands!!!

I love it so much when my Mistress Alya wears gloves! She has gloves in all kinds of fabrics.  Satin, lace, nylon, PVC, latex and leather.

In turn it is once again a fantastic experience to worship her hands when she is wearing gloves.  Again I would love to lick and kiss her hands – and suck on her gloved fingers!

Of course it will be no surprise that my Mistress Alya can inflict the most painful and pleasurable sensations to your slave body with her gloved hands!

When she is done with you after such a treatment, you will only beg for more, regardless how painful the experience has been!

That leaves me to share a short anecdote to conclude this article:

My Mistress Alya tied me up on her bed, then gagged and blindfolded me. I was about to experience an agonizing, but yet sensational leather glove session.

Soon my whole body was touched and caressed by these divine leather gloved hands and it felt so good that I got totally rock hard by it. But here came the catch, because my Mistress did it so slowly that I started to desire to cum on the spot – and she was not even touching my cock at all…

Her touches and caresses were so sensational that it started to become an agony that she did not start to work her gloved hands on my rock hard cock…

My Mistress Alya kept on playing with me like this for a very long time, until at last the moment was there that she started to caress and stroke my cock with her leather gloved hands…

Very, very slowly she worked on a forced orgasm. She kept me on the edge time and time again – and although everything felt so sensational, I was in a world of agony…

Not being taken to an orgasm for a very long time, while I felt the intense sensation of leather touches drove me wild, until the moment was there and my Mistress gave the last push.

She gently stroked my cock to orgasm with her leather gloved hands and I had one of my longest lasting and most intense orgasms ever!!!

Then when I was coming back to earth after this sensational experience I realised it all. It was a journey of intense cruelty, agony and pleasure at the same time!!!

So next time when you think or look at the hands of my most divine Mistress Alya… Know that she can master the art of total domination with them and that you will be begging her for doing it time and time again!...

Slave B.

Property of The Russian Fetish Queen Alya.


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