(Written by Slave B., November 2016)


Readers note: This story is the sequel to “An Unexpected Encounter”.

Suddenly and without warning.  Loud noises around my cage and caught totally by surprise.  The cage door is already open and I am being leashed and dragged out of it!  The surprise is so big that I even cannot get my surroundings back, while still being dragged behind a female figure.  I stumble and continuously fall over my own arms and legs, while I am doing all I can to even get on my all fours.

Then the dragging and yanking stops, as we are in front of a door and slowly my surroundings are coming back. This is the door which gives access to the dungeon of my Mistress Alya. A quick look up indeed confirms that it has been my Mistress Alya who has been dragging me out of my cage with the most sudden surprise, but there is no time to admire her looks. She quickly opens the door and kicks me in without any mercy and all of this still without any word said.

When in the dungeon she kicks me a few times more, making me fall towards the torture bench and leaving red marks on my body of the sharp heels.  Then my Queen pulls me up and pushes me hard towards the torture bench and with a loud hiss the first words are spoken:

“Get your pathetic slave body on the bench you worthless slave! Lay yourself down on it on your back, face up!”

I do this without hesitation and before I know it I am also totally restrained on the bench, unable to move a muscle. My Mistress Alya then walks away for a moment. I slightly can lift my head up a bit, so I can admire her divine beauty and the tight fetish attire which is hugging it!  She is wearing a pair of perfect crotch high leather boots with metal heels, her legs are perfectly sculpted by these tight boots! When I roll my eyes further over her breathtaking body I can see she is wearing one of her tightest black leather catsuits, in combination with a perfect spider web like cincher and elbow length leather gloves.  She suddenly turns around and I cannot help but to have a glimpse on her leather covered camel toe.

Feeling caught I turn my eyes towards the eyes of my Mistress and she indeed has seen I have been checking her out. My Queen walks towards me in a quick pace and immediately grabs for my rock hard cock, which has uncontrollably turned hard by this divine sight.

“So…” My Mistress Alya hisses… “You cannot keep your eyes of me now is it Slave B.? And also getting hard by doing it! Have you really no idea that it is your uncontrollable cock that brings you into trouble every time again”…

I want to answer on those questions, but before I can my cock is being slapped hard!

“Shut the fuck up Slave B.! I do not want to hear one single word from you until I tell you so! Today your mouth shall only be busy with screaming of the intense pain I will inflict on you! Yes you worthless piece of cum shooting slave.  It is time for your punishment for the insolence and disobedience of cumming without permission during my vibrator treatment on you!”

These words now all make it clear as bell to me! The long weeks without seeing my Mistress were already the start of this punishment and now she has full control and access to my cum filled cock and balls!

“I will make sure that I will push your limits in taking pain for me my slave! Because I no longer will take this shit that you cannot control your orgasms! Right now and right here I will put you the test once more! Succeed this test and I might grant you one of the highest honors… Who knows”  With a more than evil smile she continues her verdict.  “However, if you fail, I will lock you in chastity forever and you will not be able to get hard for the rest of your life!!!”

A huge fear strikes me now, because usually my Mistress indeeds uses threats to motivate me. Now I doubt the intention of these words, as I can see a huge fury and anger in her eyes… A fury and anger which I have never seen before.

Then my Queen walks away for a moment, only to return with a small case and a rope. She looks at my rock hard cock and cannot resist it herself to give it a few leather strokes. I moan of it.

“Still I must admit Slave B.! Your cock always looks so delicious when it is up and ready for the Mistress!”

She then ties up my cock and balls as tight as possible, already making them purple and shiny.  The little case is opened and she takes out a rubber ring, which she attaches around the base of my cock and around the back of my balls. Another smaller ring is taken out of the case and this one is attached to my already throbbing and spasming cock.  I have no idea what is going to happen.

“Are you ready to get your world turned upside down Slave B.? I am sure your are not ready for this!”

Then my Mistress takes some wires out of the cage and attaches them to both rings. At the end of the wire there is a little plug and then it is all clear to me.  My Queen takes the last piece out of the case. It is a device and the wire which is attached to the rings is being plugged into the device.

“Now Slave B., you will endure the most intense pain ever endured for your Mistress!”

My Mistress turns on the device and straight away I scream of the pain that is running like wildfire through my cock and balls. My Queen is controlling an electric stimulation device and electric currents are now running through my cock to stimulate it and make me feel a limit pushing pain.

My Mistress loves the sight of me squirming and screaming of pain, she turns on the buttons of the device to alter the intensity and pulse, so that my cock and balls are sure to feel a continuous rate of stimulation and pain.  My Mistress enjoys total pleasure in using this device on me. Just with even the most slightest twist on the buttons she turns my world into one of the most intense pain. My fate is sealed totally now, as she will certainly go on until my cock an balls will be aching and until they are super sensitive of this treatment. Time and time again she turns on the buttons and so I feel all kinds of different intensities of pain.

It feels as if my Mistress is making this treatment last forever, but then suddenly she twists the buttons back to a lower rate of pulsation and intensity. She bends over towards me, letting her breasts rest on my chest and putting her face right next to that of mine and then she starts to whisper.

“How does this feel my Slave B.! Be totally honest with me about this slave, because right from the start of this treatment your cock has only grown bigger! So now be really honest to me about how this treatment feels!”

Another fear strikes myself… My Mistress Alya is right! My cock has only grown bigger and bigger right from the start and now with her breasts resting on my chest, with the device still stimulating my cock and balls on a low rate, making my whole body shake and spasm, I confess to my Mistress that I love this treatment to the fullest! And with that confession, I think by myself, what the hell is happening here? But the new whispers of my Mistress are more than confirming my thoughts and comfort me like never before.

“Good my Slave B.! That is one part of the test! You know yourself how much your Mistress values slaves that turn pain into pleasure for her!”

With that said she turns off the device and removes the rings off of my cock and balls… But it is back to reality straight away, as my Queen slams the door completely on the sweet whispers I just heard!

“Now do not be fooled slave, as this was only one part of the test! I have another toy which will even drive you further into an abyss of pain than this e-stim device!"

My Mistress Alya walks away to put the case back where it belongs, only to return with the other toy.  She shows the toy to me right away and it is a small cock and ball ring which also can function as a chastity device. Only this toy has one great addition for her! It is covered with vicious spikes on the inside that will pinch deep into the skin of my cock and balls when attached.  And this is exactly my fate!  My Mistress attaches the cock and ball ring and within the very first moments I am again in a continuous state of pain. Then she bends over to me and says while she sees my face being in a world of hurt.

“Like this my slave? Hahahaha… Yes, now you will experience what real limit pushing pain is! And you know what, I will not take it off until I have made you cum!”

My Mistress sees the expression on my face, perfectly reading it.

“What is that Slave B.? Do you think you will not be able to cum while locked in this device? Oooh, you are so wrong, because I have my leather gloved hands here and I will milk you dry and make you cum on my command while you are in this intense world of pain and pleasure! Your senses will not be able to recognize what to feel! Hahahaha… Such a sweet delight for me! My intense pleasure in seeing you suffer!!!”

Then my Queen starts to caress and stroke my cock with her soft leather gloved hands. Right away her touches are too much to bear, as she masters that so perfectly and at the same time I am in a world of the most intense pain, but soon enough she knows to get me to the edge of cumming.  The Mistress reads my cock perfectly and stops her treatment right on that very edge, only to continue with it when it this feeling has faded slightly.

My Mistress keeps me in a state of pain and on the edge of cumming at the same time. She keeps on doing it time and time again. Out of the blue, I start to beg her to stop, while I perfectly know this will be futile! She even reacts on my begging:

“What did I say about you speaking?! Keep your mouth shut or only use it to scream.. Or moan.. If you so desire!”

And then my Queen starts to make her strokes more and more intense, taking me faster to the edge over and over again.

She sees the struggle in every of my expressions and my cock is bulging out of the device, oozing pre cum like a fountain.  Then she sees it in my whole body, as I start to squirm and moan as never before. Now my Mistress Alya knows and sees it.  I am moaning form the most intense pleasure I am feeling now and this is the moment she has been waiting for all session long.

Then, at last, the words of magic are spoken.

“Now cum for me Slave B.! Cum for me and give me all of your slave filth! Cum now!!!”

The most intense feelings now capture my body and on the rhythm of the leather gloved touches of my Mistress, I shoot a huge load of cum in the most intense orgasm I ever experienced for her!  Big streams of cum land on my chest and stomach until there is literally no drop left in my balls.

My Mistress Alya removes the cock and ball ring and now a huge relieving feeling strikes my body. A sensational post orgasm trance captures me and my Mistress notices it. Then she bends over me to relieve me from my bonds, but she keeps me lying on the bench just taking care of me.

“You have pleased your Mistress my Slave B.! You have passed the test! To be honest I did not expect anything else from you! It sometimes takes a while before you learn a lesson, but when it really matters you show your true self to me!”

The kind words of my Mistress Alya fill me with a warmth which I have never felt before.

“Now it is time for you to go back to your cage Slave B.! There you shall wait for me, as I have a something very special for you in mind! Now go, you are dismissed!”

Still a little bit shaky on my feet I return to my cage.

Being in my cage now for already some days, I still feel what my Mistress Alya did to me during the session, both physically as mentally.  It made the biggest impression on me in all those years of service.

Now I shall wait, without question, as she will return to me!

Slave B.

Property of The Russian Fetish Queen Alya.


(Written by Slave B., November 2016)


I am walking through the endless hallways of The Queen’s Castle, enjoying my free day.

Now I hear you all think… Enjoying your free day?

Yes indeed I am enjoying a free day which is granted very rarely by my most divine Mistress Alya.  The reason why or when The Mistress grants a free day to a slave is only know to her and to her only!  On a free day it is allowed to do anything of your liking within the limits of the castle. There is only the following rule:  Locked doors remain locked!  Never ever enter the The Queen’s Royal Bedroom without permission, even if the door is wide open!  Masturbation and cumming is forbidden!

So here I am walking through the endless hallways of The Queen’s castle.  I am wearing my sport shorts as I just have been in the gym to keep myself in shape and fit. I am on my way to one of the luxurious bathrooms to get myself a nice hot shower. That will be much better than the daily cold ones in the basement of the castle.

The first bathroom I pass is not occupied and that is nice, because this bathroom is close to the entertainment room where I plan to watch a movie after my shower.  When in the bathroom I undress myself. I take a towel out of the cupboard under the mirror and it is inevitable to see myself in this huge mirror. Suddenly a blur of doubts rushes my mind when seeing myself full size in this mirror… Is The Mistress satisfied with my 1.94m tall, slender build body? I get rid of thought right away by thinking that in that case she would not have made me her property.

Before taking the shower I decide to trim and shave my slave body by using some nice warm water, such a delight compared to cold water.  After that it is time for a nice hot shower and I am going to enjoy this to the fullest by taking it for a long time! Soaping my freshly shaved body excites me and I get hard when washing my private parts.  Just for a brief moment I massage my cock to full erectness but then stop immediately as there is no permission to stroke!  I decide I had enough pleasure of this hot shower and dry myself off thoroughly before making my way to the entertainment room.

I still need to pass a few hallways to get there and suddenly the sound of clicking heels are coming closer out of one of the other hallways. In fact the sounds are very close and just out of nothing Mistress Alya appears around the corner.  I immediately drop to my knees with my face down and of course Mistress Alya notices me right away.

(Written by Slave B., November 2016)


In the category music says more than a thousand words, I would like to dedicate another one of my blog updates to a fantastic dance track of Cosmic Gate featuring Emma Hewitt. The lyrics and emotion make me think about my Mistress Alya right away, expressing my feelings for her perfectly!  Therefore I also dedicate this blog update to her! To show my Mistress and Queen how much she means to me!

Meet me tonight here

I know we’re gonna run away

Leaving the old fear

Looking for a new place

I can feel a storm near

The dream won’t go away

So meet me tonight dear

And we’ll run into a new day

And through it all

I’m on your side now

I’m on your side now

We’ll build our fortress

To keep them out

And in a world gone silent

I’ll be your sound

And if they try to hurt you

I’ll tear them down

I’m always with you now


Slave B.

Property of The Russian Fetish Queen Alya.


(Written by Slave B., September 2016)


Alya, you really got me going.

You got me so I don't know what I'm doing.

Alya, you really got me now.

You got me so I can't sleep at night.

My Mistress Alya, you really got me!

Alya, don't ever set me free.

I always wanna be by your side.

Alya, you really got me now.

You got me so I can't sleep at night.

Alya, you really got me now.

You got me so I don't know what I'm doing.

Alya, you really got me now.

You got me so I can't sleep at night.

My Mistress Alya, you really got me!

I beg you my Mistress Alya, don't ever set me free.

I always wanna be by your side.

My Mistress Alya, you really got me now.

You got me so I can't sleep at night.

My most divine Mistress Alya, you really got me!

(Readers note: This poem is based on the song “You really got me” by The Kinks,


Slave B.

Property of The Russian Fetish Queen Alya.


(Written by Slave B., August 2016)


It is a Thursday evening and I am in my cage in the basement of the Mistress' Castle.

Nothing really special or exciting has happened in a while. There were a few very short visits of my Mistress to check me out, but for the rest, it was only the sound of her heels that wondered around in the basement.

I decide to go to sleep with the hope a really hot dream about my Mistress will catch me tonight. Suddenly my dream is being disturbed by a loud bang on my cage and before I know it, I am out of my cage, being leashed and dragged.

Still sleep drunk I am able to notice that it is my most divine Mistress Alya who is dragging me to somewhere, but everything is going so quick that I even cannot get my surroundings back.  Before I notice it, I am locked in the small cage located in the dungeon and my Mistress is already gone, not one word has been said.

I try to think about why this has happened, but I cannot think about any reason why my Mistress would so suddenly lock me up in her dark dungeon. I decide to go back to sleep, because after all, the Mistress does not need any reason at all to things with her slaves. Keep on thinking about it will only trouble my mind…

Then, most likely after a couple of hours, I am being taken out of the cage. Again I am being leashed and dragged. Of course it is my Mistress Alya and this time I can see her more clearly. She is dragging me towards her throne and then she sits down. She is wearing a perfect leather outfit consisting of a leather skirt, a pair of leather kneehigh boots and even a leather blouse. She is putting on a short pair of leather gloves and while I am watching her do that, my cock grows rock hard…

Of course she notices that and she tells me that is perfect for what she had in mind for me. She tells me that she is going to milk my slave cock and I better have to give her a big load of slave cum.  Before I know it her leather ass is on my face, keeping her legs locked around my arms and upper body, making sure I will not be able to go anywhere. Without hesitation my Mistress Alya starts to caress my balls, then moving on to stroking my cock.

I could have known that there was a catch to this milking session, because my Mistress edges me time and time again. Very refined she will make sure that I will mumble my beggings from under her leather covered ass before I will get my release.

After many more beggings I am allowed to have my release and I cum very intense, but I do not have a long time to enjoy my orgasm. Before I know it I am back in the cage and with the words that this was only the start my Mistress Alya leaves me alone again…

There is no clock in the dungeon, so I do not have a clear notice of time, but all what just happened took place sometime during the day on Friday… Well, at least that is what I think…I learned to know my Mistress well enough during my years of service and I better take all the rest I can, especially because she told me it was only the start…

And so it is, because it does not take that long before my Mistress returns and again I am being taken leashed out of the cage. Only this time she drags me towards the torture bench. I am being fixed on it and right in front of my eyes my Mistress Alya puts on a new pair of leather gloves. She is still wearing the same skirt and boots, but she has changed her blouse. This time it is a black silk one and she left some buttons open to show her cleavage…

Of course it does not need much to get me rock hard when my Mistress is dressed like that. Without hesitation she start to massage my cock and balls with her leather gloved hands and she tells me it is time for round two!

My Mistress drives the edging of my cock towards a whole new level and to keep me calm I have to be gagged and blindfolded. The edging must at least have lasted for an hour and without any count down or permission my Mistress takes me to a second orgasm, making sure every drop of slave cum is milked from my balls.

Then it is time to go back to the small cage and before my Mistress Alya leaves me alone for the night, she tells me I better work on producing new slave cum, as she will be back tomorrow…

The next morning my Mistress Alya indeed returns and also this time the starting ritual is the same as the day before. I am being leashed and taken out of the cage. She looks amazingly strict today, wearing a tight leather catsuit, thigh high leather boots, a black leather cincher and long leather gloves.

This time she takes me to the St. Andrews Cross and restrains me to it. I am not able to move and then my cock and balls are at here attention again. My Mistress puts cloth pins on my balls to really pull out the skin and then she ties up my balls and cock as tight as possible. Then she tells me I better be ready because she will return soon for three, yes three, milking sessions in a row while I am in this position…

Being restrained like this to the St. Andrews Cross with my cock and balls in this painful state, it seems to take an endless time before my Mistress Alya returns. Of course she returns at the exact moment I thought that. My Mistress perfectly knows what is on my mind as well.

Without hesitation she starts to jerk my cock hard, making this treatment painful and still somehow very cock hardening. It does not matter at all to her, she will only stop this treatment after I have had three cums in a row! It will not matter to her how long it takes, but she will not stop and I better do not fail her!

It is does not take long before I cum for the first time, but my Mistress does not even give me a pause after my orgasm. She just keeps on jerking hard making the treatment more and more painful. My over sensitive cock is being jerked hard by my Mistress until this pain turns into pleasure and within the half hour she takes me to the second orgasm. I can see her doing it and it amazes me how much slave cum she still can drain out of my balls.

Also this time she simply does not stop the jerking, but this time the feeling of her leather gloved hands on my cock keep me excited and my erection does not fade. More and more my Mistress Alya concentrates her strokes on the tip of my head, knowing that it is the most sensitive spot at the moment.

Due to this over sensitive treatment, pain starts to really kick in and also this pain has to turn into pleasure. As that is the rule of my Mistress! Take anything she gives to me and start to learn to turn into pleasure and enjoy it!

This time it takes a long and agonizing time for me to reach my third orgasm in a row, but then the moment arrives that I really cannot take it anymore and I shoot another load right into the gloved hands of my Mistress.

As a last action of the day, I have to clean her gloves with my slave tongue and if that is not even worse enough, she will not put me back in the cage.

No, she will leave me restrained to the cross and leave me there for the night, because she will return tomorrow! It is still not done!!!

The next morning my Mistress Alya indeed returns as promised and yet again she looks divine. Thigh high boots, a tight leather body and long leather gloves are hugging and kissing her breathtaking body.

She walks towards me and removes the cloth pins of my balls, which have been there all night long…Then I better have to be ready for a real test, she is going to edge me for two hours and under no circumstance I am allowed to cum before that. My cock and balls feel extremely sore after the last treatment so I think that this will not be a problem…

However soon enough I feel the perfect skilled gloved touches of my Mistress Alya on my over sensitive cock and balls – and these touches feel so delicious that my cock turns rock hard and pre cum oozing in seconds! I am in for a hell of a ride.

Perfectly reading my cock, my Mistress inflicts one of the most cruel treatments on me ever. The two hour edging is so delightfully painful as pleasurable and I almost cannot take it, until the moment is there!

After two cruel, but yet oh so delightful hours, my Mistress gives me the last push and I cum again for already the sixth time this weekend. I cannot believe myself, because once again my Mistress knows how to make me shoot another big load of slave cum and once again she totally drains me…

Then she releases me from my bonds, but again there is no aftercare… Not even after all this cruel treatment and all those intense orgasms, there is no after care… No, it is back to the cage…

I have no idea what is happening now, because usually my Mistress at least already would have showed some care for her slave after such intense moments.

I decide to take it as it comes and try to rest in the cage, but just at the moment when I have found my rest my Mistress Alya returns. Once more she looks breathtaking. High black heels and nylon stockings cover her feet and legs. A leather miniskirt barely hides her ass and pussy. A short leather top cover her perky breasts and of course she is wearing a nice pair of leather gloves.

However this time it is completely different as all the previous ones. With all the care she takes me out of the cage. No leash, no dragging. Very gently I am allowed to follow her divine body to her throne, where she sits down. I kneel in front of her to hear her verdict, but for her there is nothing more to say than that I have been a good slave, taking all she inflicted on me…

Then I am allowed to be close to her, feeling her and smelling her while she takes me to one of the bedrooms in her castle. My Mistress can see the little disappointment on my face that it is not her own royal bedroom, but she knows very well I will overcome that little disappointment as soon as she will start her last treatment of the weekend. Another glove milking… But this time very different as the ones before…

I am allowed to lie down on the bed. It is all soft and comfortable and to my surprise my Mistress Alya does not tie me up or restrain me. Very sensual she starts to caress my whole slave body. I can feel her leather touches everywhere and soon enough I am all excited again. My rock hard cock is soon again subject of the attention of my Mistress. However this time her touches are so delicate, so soft, so gently and caring. Very, very slowly she excites me more and more. I simply do not notice it before it happens. Very sensuous and caring she takes me to the seventh orgasm of the weekend. An orgasm that has all the reward and after care in it! It exceeds my most sensuous dreams of my Mistress Alya.

After my orgasm my Mistress caresses my body just a little bit more.

Then she takes me back to my cage in the basement of the castle…

With a smile on her face she closes the cage and I know, that it has been a weekend to never forget…

Slave B.

Property of The Russian Fetish Queen Alya.



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