Slave Session with Mistress Alya

I love making the requests of my slaves into reality.  In this private video, I have a session with my slave, using my cuffs, chains and other tools on the slave. Including working on the slave's own tool, I tease and play with my slave. The high cut body reveals my curvy sexy hips, and there are many close up ass shots as I walk away from the camera. Also, the trategically placed zippers allow me to tease. The spurs add to his fear that I may use them on him.  And the mask adds some mystery. I always treat my slaves just they way they want it, whether it be tough, cruel, strict, demanding or sensual they become putty in my hands.


Dancing and Grinding for my Music Lover

I love the strength of a powerful beat. One of my fans asked me to create a private music video with me dancing to the songs he selected. I love dancing and he gave me a list of moves that he wanted to see me do. Many were hot and sexy, very suggestive, and I loved performing them for him. With a little stripping, I danced and grinded, shook my body in the way that ONLY i can do for him for his private video. Another fans fetish fantasy has been made into reality!


Bondage Private Video

As the Russian Fetish Queen, I am dominant by nature. However, I do get a lot of requests to do bondage videos. I have done two so far. This is my first one, which I did as a private video. In it, I wear a sexy lingerie with corset and nylons, and I am tied with more nylons. I struggle on a PVC covered bed in my bindings. There is a lot of close up camera work. My client loved it.



Dominatrix of Pain Private Video

I made this private video in appreciation for a loyal member that gives me many of my outfits. I wore this special leather catsuit and added a leather corset. I teased a lot using the zipper on the catsuit. Also, I use lots of my torture toys on the dildo to show what he should do to his own cock. This includes the wheel of pain as I inflict cock and ball torture through my instructions.



Dominatrix with Key Private Video

I received a request to do a private chastity video, where I put my slave into chastity and hold the key. The outfit is very sexy as I am all in shiny black. I really enjoyed this role play and making this video!



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