I have received a lot of nylon from a member that wanted to see me encased in it.  Therefore, I shot a sexy private video wearing only the nylon he sent me on my nude body.  I added a leather corset and some leather pumps to spice things up again, but that still left my breasts, pussy and ass bare under the sheer nylon.  I then provide worshipping instructions and some torture instructions for him to follow. There are lots of low and close shots of me in this private video.


Another private video in my leather catsuit with the white sides. It is a very popular catsuit for my members, and I wear it often. I have worn it in private videos too, and in this one I do a slave torture session with cock and ball torture, tying off, hot wax treatment, and then stepping on the dildo to simulate stepping on the cock of my slave. I am very dominant in this video.



This is a behind the scenes private video for a secretary wetlook shoot. I start out completing my make up, and then put on a pair of full fashion stockings with garter belt. I decided to change the red satin blouse for a more frilly white blouse for the shoot. I describe what I will be doing in the shoot as a secretary. I prepare the sets, and fill the bath all while flirting with the camera. I also describe how good it feels to wear such sexy clothing. Then, after I have shot the member's video and got all wet, I continue this private behind the scenes video with a little tease as a special surprise, showing more than I do in the member video!



By popular demand, I shot another behind the scenes private video for another secretary wetlook shoot. I start out in my robe, absolutely nude under it. I show all the parts of my outfit, the panties, stockings, garter belt, skirt and blouse. I dress before the camera, sensually putting on each item, including my shoes, to get ready for the secretary shoot. This shoot also ends up with me getting wet in the shower, as can be seen in the members video!


I love to get my slaves to do things for me. In this private video, I tell my slave to become my sissy, wearing the lingerie that I pick out for the slave. Then, I tell my slave to use various cock and ball torture and other domination techniques on the slave's body. And I show the slave how to handle that cock while watching me. The slave must continually focus on my body as I get myself hot with my own toys. And then, I give jerk-off instructions. Whether the slave cums or not is only known by me - the Queen! I also include a special surprise for my slave.


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