Office Domina

Many of my clients are professionals.  They know the halls of power.  But they really long to be under the leather thigh high boots of the strict Russian Domina that I am.  Showing up at the office in my leathers, I come prepared to make any man submit to me.  And they so willingly do.  I have all the tools to make the experience for them as hot and submissive as they desire.  In this private video, I show exactly what I am capable of in an office setting.  Using my cat-o-nine tails, my crop and my bullwhip, I will get exactly what I desire out of my men - total submission and worship.  When I leave, there is a smile of satisfaction not only on my lips, but on the exhausted faces of the professional men.  Share with me your fantasy and I can make a private video for you!  Making Fetish Fantasies a Reality!


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