RFQ Private Videos

Russian Fetish Queen Private Videos

Have you ever wanted your very own personalized private fetish video? Do you want to hear me say your name? Here is your chance. The Russian Fetish Queen will shoot private videos for you. This is your opportunity to select the exact outfit you want me to wear, the role play you want me to perform for you, and what you want me to say to you. Contact me and we will negotiate the scenario. Once we agree on the scene, the length of video, resolution and the fee, I can prepare a private video for you. This video is private between you and me and will NOT be seen by anyone else (except my production team). It is only for you - FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. You will see me perform for you, your ears will hear me say your name, and you will see special surprises by me, your Russian Fetish Queen.


Do you wish me to be your strict Dominatrix? Would you like me to be your hot and sexy secretary? How about me being your strict boss? Would you like me to be your sweet girlfriend? Would you like to be subject to a KGB interrogation? Would you like me dressed in leather from head to toe?  Or nylon? I am sure you have many more ideas! Write me and share them!


So what are you waiting for? Contact me today with your ideas, and we can start talking about shooting that private video for your own fetish fantasy with me! It is your chance to select EVERY piece of my clothing. You may even send me items to wear or use during the video. Where else can you get your own custom made video with a hot and sexy model? No where except with me, your Russian Fetish Queen!


Below you will see some reduced resolution screen captures of some of the private fetish videos I have made! The actual videos are uncensored!  Do not wait any longer - send me your ideas RIGHT NOW to my email:


NOTE: I reserve the rights on all Russian Fetish Queen productions - they are not to be redistributed in ANY form. I also will use stills from the videos for promotional work.

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