By Cum Slut


I would love to see you wear sheer nylon, and become my Nylon Fetish Goddess. Pantyhose can be worn as some kind of top, and wearing a stocking as a mask is something quite unusual, unless your a bank robber. Wearing pantyhose and nylon all over your hot body is highly erotic to me.

Since I believe your favorite color is black, I would love to see you like this: a black bra and black latex or leather skirt (please make it the shortest skirt ever), black gloves, black golden spike pumps, and a beautiful black collar. I would love you to put on a stocking mask, but wear it only for the last quarter of the photo set as some kind of surprise and to make you look even more hot. And it would be simply awesome if you made some close ups of your face with that dildo during the end of the set.

I live to be your slave. That keeps me busy, particularly when you tell me how your pussy is responding to wearing pantyhose. I get hard thinking about it and I began to stroke my cock. I want you to commmand me to do such things. You can order this slut to tie his cock and balls with some stockings.

I tell you it excites me to be treated so generous and cruel at the same time by you. Do you want me to get addicted to you? Stockings make your beautiful legs look smoking hot! I suddenly got hard imagining your hot legs and ass wrapped in luxurious, glossy nylon.

I love when you make "money slave" videos, and I think it is really great with your "dirty talk"! I love the way you tease with your hot and sexy ass and beautiful long legs in your videos.


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