(Written by 5lave81, December 2016)


The Journey


John was heading home after a long day in the office.  He had been working on quite an important project and was quite stressed.  He just wanted to get home and try to relax.  It was quite a boring journey, as John had to get a train and then a bus to get home.  He travelled the same time every day and saw the same faces every day, always travelling in silence.  It was the kind of situation that you don’t speak to others on the same route but you give them a smile and nod each morning as you both feel each other’s pain of the boring journey to work travelling in the packed trains and busses.


John had just got off the normal train that he takes and made his way to the bus stop queue, he waited with many familiar faces but the normal bus did not show up, by the time the next bus turned up another train had arrived, and the queue was bigger than normal.  "Great" John thought, the normally busy bus would now be jam packed, full of hot sweaty unhappy people on what was an already a warm day.


John had left his suit jacket at home today as it was quite warm.  And by the time John got on the bus all the seats had been taken.  This displeased John slightly but he was used to standing on these journeys so didn’t mind too much.  He made his way down to about half way along the bus as there seemed to be a little more standing room.  The bus was just starting to pull away when the driver hit the brakes, everyone jolted forward and many people moaned...


"What the hell are you doing?" moaned John, of course to no reply.  The driver had stopped to let on another passenger.  John shouted out quite loud as the passenger was getting on "Come on, driver!  We are already full!  We are packed like sardines!  You can’t let anyone else on!"  This promoted a few others to raise the same concern but the bus quickly went quiet when the passenger stepped on.  The new passenger was a blonde woman and she was absolutely stunning.  She was wearing a black leather coat, black boots and black leather gloves to match.

Alya leather coat

"Wow!" John thought, as he stopped with his moaning.  He felt his heart skip a beat in amazement as he has a fetish for leather and the outfit she was wearing instantly got him in a fluster.  Everyone went quiet and they were all looking at her, but obviously as everyone was on a bus no one said anything to her.


(Written by Enigma Fetishist, December 2016)


Ice Queen:


Alya hisses in frustration as she finished the last of her champagne.  "That bastard is late again!!" she fumes while clutching her riding crop and smacking the side of her throne.  Then the doorbell of her mansion sounds its majestic ring.  She struts towards the door and sees the pathetic form that is her late slave.  She opens the door to see the man standing there exuding an air of arrogance.  "I like it when people are punctual, not late!" she hisses angry at him.


The man merely smiles.  "Sorry, Mistress!  Forgot about the time." he casually states.


Alya grabs his ear and pulls him inside with such force he skids across the marbled floor.  "Don't fucking come here with those lame excuses, pathetic slut." she hisses as her crop flies through the air and smacks his cheek.


"Awawawawa...Sorry, Mistress!" the man whimpers in agony.


Alya stands in front of him with her hands at her sides breathing heavily.  She's wearing a latex catsuit, leather bustier, leather gloves and kneehigh boots.  Finishing her outfit are a neck choker and a latex cap and sunglasses.  "Undress now!!!" she hisses through clenched teeth.


The man swiftly follows the order and stands before her naked.  Alya kicks him in his crotch and he falls to the floor screaming.  "Shut your fucking mouth, pathetic little bitch!" Alya fumes as she kicks him again this time in his stomach.  She grabs him by his ear and hoists him to his knees.  "This is the last time you fuck around with me!  I have been patient because you've shown potential.  But this impression of you is no longer valid." she hisses as she drags him with her.


Instead of going to her dungeon or one of her playrooms she drags him outside to the terrace behind her mansion.  Due to the heavy snowfall from recent storms, it now has a stark, white and beautiful scenery.  The man whimpers as his body reacts to the cold.  "Now you will know the true meaning of the word, Ice Queen." Alya evilly hisses as she rubs her moist crotch through the catsuit with one hand and holds her riding crop pointed at him.  She directs him to a snow bank and turns him around, having him face the snowbank on his knees.  "Hands behind your back.! she demands as she shackles his arms and legs.  "Hmmmm, get ready for some fun...Well, my fun, that is!" she moans as she presses the handle of her riding crop between her thighs, moaning obscenely.

Alya ice queen

The man moves to turn his head but Alya spots him and smacks him with her gloved hand.  "Eyes forward!!!" she shrieks as she brandishes the crop for its intended purpose.  She places her booted heel on the back of his shoulder and pushes him head first into the snow.


(Written by Enigma-Fetishist, December 2016)


Alya evilly smirks over her glasses as she looks around the room.  She doesn't need the glasses but they add to her alluring persona as a Librarian.  She smirks as she sees several male students sneak glimpses of her from behind their books.  Also, she sees a few female students having a hard time not looking at her.


She ever so slowly crosses her legs, making her nylon stockings rub against each other creating that sexy, soft sound which is audible enough in the quiet room for many to hear.  Her heels tap slightly against her desk.  One professor who was passing through stares at her beauty for quite a while and bumps into the door on his way out.  Ayla smiles evilly.  She knows the effect she is having as today, her curvaceous body is clad in a white satin blouse and black satin skirt, her delicious legs are veiled within lace topped black nylon stockings and she wears black high heels.

Alya librarian 1

Alya notices one particular student that keeps staring at her.  As Ayla looks at him over her glasses, she checks him out too.  Liking what she sees, she licks her lips seductively while leaning forward and allowing him a glimpse of her cleavage.  She hears him groan as his eyes roll away as he slightly bucks his hips.  Alya knows he has just lost control of himself making his pants wet fantasizing about her.  She winks at him as it is too crowded to act otherwise.


(Written by 5lave81, October 2016)


John arrives at the hotel at Midday.  He has been booked to go to a work conference by his employer but he was not looking forward to it.  He finds these meetings boring and pointless so was not in a very good mood.  He had to travel a few hours so he booked a room for an extra night at the hotel, after all, it was all expenses paid by his employer so he was hoping it would be better than first feared.


John checked in and went straight to his room.  It was quite impressive as it was very large and spotlessly clean.  It had all the latest modern conveniences, a nice balcony with great views, wooden floors and a large king size bed in the middle.  John made himself comfortable and lay on the bed, before he realised, he must have fallen asleep and woke in a panic.  He checked his watch and his meeting was due to take place in just two minutes.  He quickly readied himself and rushed to the conference room.  He ran down a hall, swinging through an open pair of double doors along the way.  He didn’t realise that there was someone standing on the other side of them.  The door swung open and nearly hit a woman standing on the other side.  It didn’t hit her but it did cause her to drop a folder and paperwork that she was carrying.  “Oops, sorry!” John shouted as he carried on running down the hall...


The woman shouted at him as he ran.  She was first screaming then shouting that someone should teach him some manners as he ignored her.  John got to the room and luckily the conference had not started.  The only seat left was at the front as the room was full.  John took his seat and regained his breath.


About 30 seconds later a lady walked in and went to the front of the room.  She was gorgeous with long blonde hair, a great figure with stunning looks.  She was wearing a shiny red satin blouse and a long black satin pencil skirt.  John jumped slightly in his seat as she looked so stunning and could take anyone’s breath away.  Then he suddenly realised that he thought he had seen her before.  Damn, was this the same women he nearly sent flying in the corridor?  That was what came to mind.  He felt embarrassed but then he quickly forgot those thoughts as he scanned her up and down.  He looked to the floor that she was standing upon and could see that she was wearing a pair of black shiny leather stiletto boots.  She wore them well, and walked the room with some authority, which put together with her looks could make any man melt.  She noticed John sitting in the front but didn’t say anything directly to him.  She acted very professionally and continued with her talk at the conference.  She addressed herself as Alya and had a Russian accent.  John found that he could not concentrate on the topic of her talk, nor was he really able to concentrate on what she was saying as he couldn’t take his eyes off of her, even if he had wanted to.  She noticed him staring at her and her boots but ignored his perving and continued with her speech.

Alya conference 1

After the meeting had ended, John was very quick to get out of the room.  He did this firstly just in case Alya was going to say something about the corridor and secondly because John just wanted to get out of the room.  He headed straight to the bar to have a few drinks on his company expenses.


(Written by Enigma-Fetishist, October 2016)


The mighty engine roars powerfully between her strong thighs as she accelerates and barrels down the open road.  "Goddamn Assholes!  This will be the last day they have thwarted me!" Alya curses as she opens up the throttle and increases the speed of the bike.  Racing down the asphalt, men can only get a quick glimpse of this Goddess on wheels as she races with determination to her destination.


After a short while she sets eyes on her target and releases the accelerator, coming to a screeching halt near the roadside clubhouse of the biggest feared motorcycle club in the county.  She elegantly steps off the massive beast as she puts it on it's kickstand.  Standing with her legs apart, still feeling the throbbing sensation from the powerful vibrations from the bike that was just between her thighs, she takes off her helmet and goggles and hangs them on the handle bars.  Her blond mane flows freely to the back of her leather dress.  Her dress hugs her body deliciously tight and her pantyhose encased feet are wrapped in knee high stiletto heeled boots.  Her outfit is completed with leather gloves which makes her a sight to take notice off.

Alya biker 1

She struts to the entrance of the clubhouse where a burly prospect is handling the door and stares at her appearance.  "I'm here to see that piece of filth you call a president." Alya states as she stands in front of him, legs slightly parted and her hands on her waist.

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