(Written by Slave Marco. August 2015)


I knelt before my Russian Fetish Queen and Goddess Alya, my hands shackled behind me. I was completely naked and helpless—the way she liked me. She had spared my life, but there was a twist—Queen Alya had dressed like a nun, in a black rubber habit, black rubber headdress with white lining, and a large, white crusader cross on the front—right between her incredible breasts—her nipples erect and pushing against the black rubber. Her lips were full and red and wet--I felt so weak before her. And now she was tapping into my younger days and my supplication to nuns—powerful authority figures in my Catholic education.


She smiled at me and lifted her habit, revealing black seamed stockings, multiple garter straps, and steel-tipped 6-inch heels.


“Crawl to me, Little Boy Marco,” she hissed. I have spared you for more experimentation. There is no limit what I can do to you – and expose you to.” She paraded around me: “Have you ever seen a nun like me in your pathetic little life?” The floor was covered with plastic, but that didn’t stop me--I went to her on my knees and began to smell her excitement…her pussy was naked and fragrant and already moist from the power she was feeling. “Do you know what I did Little Boy Marco? I kidnapped a homeless man off the streets. He is being cleaned up by my slaves as we speak. But do you know what I have in store for him?” She laughed as she spoke: “He saw me dressed as a nun and thinks I am going to minister to him—help him through his homelessness. What he doesn’t know is that I am actually going to kill him.”


I was stunned by her words – they made me dizzy and I swayed on my knees. “Queen Alya, you can’t be serious? My God, he is homeless and helpless!”

(Written by Slave Marco. August 2015)


I awoke in darkness, a hood tied over my head and face. My hands were tied behind me. The room was cold and damp and I was dressed only in my underwear. I was in town on business and the last thing I remember was unlocking my car in the underground garage.


Suddenly I heard the loud, unmistakable sound of clicking heels…louder and louder…and then they stopped. I heard breathing and a soft moan: “Mmmmmm, look at the helpless slave, ready for his fate.” A hand ripped off my hood. My eyes adjusted to the light and I gasped at the stunning, powerful figure before me. I had never seen anyone as beautiful as her…there she stood, towering over me in a long leather coat, which was opened to reveal her magnificent, toned, powerful legs, covered in fishnet stockings with multiple garter straps -- accentuated by extremely high heels. She also wore a tightly-cinched black leather corset and her eyes sparkled with evil and power. Her strawberry-blonde hair framed her perfect face and glowing eyes. She was absolutely stunning.


“Welcome to my torture chamber, Slave. Do you know why you are here?”


I could barely speak: “Nnnnnooo…pppllleazzze, what are you going to do to me?”


(Written by Hard for Alya April 2015)



Just another day at the office, or at least that's what I thought it was going to be.  I haven’t worked for Miss Alya for very long but what I have learnt so far is that she is firm but fair, she demands a lot from her employees but that is to be expected from such a powerful, career driven lady.  On this day, however, I found out just how demanding she can be. 


I arrived at work slightly early as usual, I prefer to start early so I can organise and plan my workload for the day ahead.  I have found that Miss Alya also likes to start early too,  I walked past her in the hallway as I entered the offices and we exchanged our usual ‘Good Morning’ greetings.  As I wandered to my office all I could think about was how beautiful she looked today.  I mean she always looks stunning but today she looked especially beautiful in her white satin blouse, black tight pencil skirt, black lace topped stockings and black patent high heel shoes.  My mind started to fill up with a myriad of sexual thoughts, I found myself not being able to concentrate on my work at all and gazing off into space daydreaming. 


(Written by a new "girl"friend for the Mistress. March 2015)



Having parked the car we were now walking arm in arm to the shopping centre. Mistress Alya was wearing skin-tight black leather trousers, a black leather jacket over a white top white, and a pair of black high heel shoes. Around her neck she wore a necklace that had attached to it the key to the cock cage that had my penis imprisoned. It was a sunny day, and daylight reflected in all the right places on her body as we walked. Her beautiful blonde hair cascaded down her back like a waterfall. As ever she looked absolutely stunning.


I was feeling rather apprehensive today, for today was the first time that I was going out in broad daylight amongst the general public dressed as a female. Previously Mistress Alya had allowed me to wear a shirt and trousers when I did the weekly shop, however she removed this privilege after I had failed to fulfil an order of hers.


(Written by a new "girl"friend for the Mistress. March 2015)


I had now been under the ownership of Mistress Alya for 2 months, and the feminization program that she had put me on was working to her satisfaction. The female hormone tablets that she had forced me to take on a regular basis, were now resulting in me having nice developing breasts, an hourglass figure, softer skin, little facial hair was growing, and my small penis was getting even smaller!


I was reflecting on how much I had changed both physically and mentally as Mistress Alya and myself entered the FemDom club Femtasia. That evening she had decided to wear my favourite outfit of hers. She was wearing a tight PVC dress that emphasized her beautiful body to perfection, particularly her breasts and that perfectly formed arse of hers. To compliment her dress she was wearing her black thigh high Arollo boots. As ever her makeup was done to perfection, her red lips glistened and her sparkling eyes just took your breath away. The club’s lighting reflected off her beautiful outfit making her looking even more sexy and domineering. This effect was enough to reduce any slave to his knees in front of her and beg her to allow them to worship her!

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