(Written by Enigma-Fetishist, February 2016)

I take my Queen out clubbing to a fetish party, though you switched the high heels for ankle boots with studs.  I'm again wearing leather: pants, shirt and rugged boots.


Seems you attract a lot of attention from the guys, as in the corner of my eye I can see your wicked smile when you feel them ogling you!  Your pussy drips with juices as I see a trickle running along your leg.  I pull you close to me as you wrap your leg around me, kissing me passionately and grinding your pussy on my growing cock, glistening up the leather.


You walk away smiling evilly at me as you approach the biggest guy you can spot and kiss him, groping his crotch.  Two lovely girls stand next to me and simultaneously grab and squeeze my cock, as to my amusement I see you look back at me in dismay as the cock of your supposed stallion turns out to be a bust.  He still dives betweens your legs as he eats your pussy to orgasm.  You look blissfully at me, but I enrage you as you see me lean back and the two sluts are groping my cock and balls.  One has even pulled it out on the dance floor and started jerking and sucking me, the entire floor looks on as she struggles with it.


I see you coming closer, cursing in Russian and with a wicked smile on your face.  As you reach me one girl as already left to attend to her boyfriend (your supposed stallion), and the enthusiastic girl is almost choking on my cock and your grab her head and keep her there, cursing her in Russian and watch her face turn red.  You look at me and kiss me whispering in my ear to fill her cheeks with my cum.  You bite my earlobe and I spew a torrent of cum in her mouth.  When you release her, her cheeks are bloated and she curses me as she runs away.


You look at me with a very horny look in your eyes as your strong hands jerk my cock back to life.  With completely no regard for the rest of the dance floor, I watch as you turn around and I get the hint to slide my cock in your pussy making your scream and curse.  I make you squirt several times, after that I fill your ass up with my cock.  All eyes are still on us as I smack your ass and cum a huge load into your ass.  The entire dance floor applauds us as I pull out of your dripping pussy.  We both leave to freshen up and when we come back out everybody's fucking each other.

(Written by Enigma-Fetishist, February 2016)

I end up at a majestic ranch with stables and fields and beautiful horses.  I see two horses saddled up, as I have been told that I will be escorting a beautiful woman today inspecting the acres of her grounds.  I hear the clicking of heels and spurs behind me and i turn to look in the face of a most beautiful, heaven-sent angel.  I can't do anything but oggle her as she closes in and inspects me.  I'm wearing leather pants, white sleeveless shirt, leather vest, riding gloves, and cowboy boots and hat.


Flicking her riding crop to get my attention but she notices that she already has.  No question why since she is wearing skin tight leather pants and long boots with spurs, mid-length leather gloves, leather bustier and vest.  And to complement the entire outfit a cowboy hat.  She hoists herself in the saddle and urges her horse into movement, me following behind her as her tail.


About an hour in the journey we stop for a break at a small river bed.  You walk close to me and your leather hands explore my ass, pinching grabbing and flicking your whip against it.  I moan quietly but my pants can't hide the bulge that is growing.  You push me onto a rock and unzip my pants releasing my cock.  You quickly pull out a cockring and place it on my cock pulling it tight.  My cock grows even harder and veiny as you place your hand on it and starts jerking it, smiling evilly at me urging me to keep up.  As the pleasure reaches a peak you stop and whip my cock.  To your surprise i smile back and get even harder.  I sink to my knees as your spur traces my erect cock.  I see your nipples through your bustier and vest as you agonizingly slowly open your pants.  It's a pull through style as i get a sight of your glistening pussy.  You take your place on the warm rock as my mouth finds yours and i steal a kiss, then getting flipped on my back as my mouth finds your moist pussy that I start nibbling and licking.  You throw your legs in the air and you orgasm very loudly.  I get up as you pull my cock into your pussy, and i slowly tease you by slipping my engorged cockhead in an and out.  You start cursing in Russian and pull me closer as i start to pound you with gusto.  Your juices drip onto the rock and my cock grows a few inches as i hear you scream.  You turn and present me your delicious behind, which I slam as my cock plunges into your pussy, getting new shrieks and curse words from you till you collapse again orgasming.  I pull out and start jacking off, sparing your leather clothing.  You get dressed and grab my cock, you jerk me with such ferocity my cum flies into the river bed, as you push your gloves into my face, making me lick them clean.  Then you give me a passionate kiss.  After this endeavour we continue on our path.

(Written by Enigma-Fetishist, February 2016)

Coincidently we seem to be shopping at the same beautiful fetish boutique catering to men and women.  I am there trying out several styles of leather pants when you walk in wearing a leather catsuit, accented with a bustier, long boots and gloves. You walk straight past me, ignoring me.  The shopmanager walks out and greets you, then runs to the back to pick up your item:  a waist belt made out of functioning handcuffs, able to be used at your pleasure.


I cant stop ogling your beautiful behind and you seem to notice as you turn on your heels and walk straight to me grabbing my crotch and squeezing.  The shopmanager notices and gestures to a adjacent room, you walk over there still holding my crotch so i cant do anything else but follow you.


In the room you use one of your belt cuffs to hand cuff me to the ceiling on a chain, giving me enough room that i am on my knees.  You rip open my pants and pull out my growing member, flicking it with your boots.  You open a zipper in your suit located at your crotch and i see a glistening pussy dripping with juices, you walk over me and lock me between your legs and i start licking and sucking your pussy.  In minutes you orgasm and kick my hard cock, walking away from me and turning a crank, lifting me up from the floor to standing position.  You stand close to me and swiftly unroll a condom over my cock, taking me in your pussy in a swift motion.  I end up your fucktoy for the next hour giving you several orgasms before you let me have my orgasm.  You drop me to the floor and walk to the door, turning around and winking before walking out.


However, you doubleback when you see my cock growing again.  Me getting up and waving my cuffed hands at you reminding you i am still cuffed by you, I devilishly smile as you close the door again...

(Written by Mistress' bootsboy, August 2015)

I had recently been given the honor of purchasing a pair of boots for my wonderful Mistress Alya.  Following some discussions, it was decided that I would purchase a beautiful pair of knee high black leather boots from one of her favorite suppliers.


The order was placed and I waited patiently for them to be delivered.  After what seemed like an eternity, the delivery truck finally appeared in front of my house.  My heart was beating with anticipation as I went to the door to receive the package.  I could not wait to see what was inside.


I rushed to take the package inside and carefully opened it.  What I saw inside were the most beautiful boots I had ever seen.  They were beautiful soft leather with a shiny metal heel and red soles.  

(Written by Dr O. August 2015)

Friday, 3:33 PM,  O knocked on his supervisor’s door and waited for her sultry response. Nothing. He waited and finally the door opened, slowly. He was greeted by one of the most attractive women he had ever seen, and SHE was his boss. “Hello, Ms. A, how are you?” O swallowed hard and tried to look confident. He was sure that she was not buying it.


“O, it’s time for your first six month evaluation. Coffee?”



“Sure, Ms. A, may I top yours off?”



“Of course, O!” He walked over to the coffee pot, topped off his boss’ mug, and then poured himself one. He fidgeted with his cup as he sat before her and gave her a little nervous smile. He adored his boss from the moment he walked in for his interview, and he tried not to show it, but she knew. She could see it in his eyes, his mannerisms. She actually thought it was cute, like a little school boy. Plus, it gave her complete control over him. Not only was he the office IT/fixit/go-for man, she would have him come over after work and cut her lawn, clean, and wash her car! He didn’t mind doing her domestic chores, and she rewarded him by wearing yoga pants and a sports bra, bending over at times just to give him a nice shot of her perfect posterior. Sometimes, when she REALLY wanted to tease him, she would have him kneel before her, take off her shoes and socks, and give her a foot massage, but that was it. She loved watching her stocky, powerful employee cleaning her house and rubbing her feet. When she honored him by allowing him to touch her feet, she could hear him breathe deeply and he often times ended up with a difficult to hide bulge. He was hers completely, and she knew it.


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