(Written by Enigma-Fetishist, February 2016)

Nurse Alya takes a look at the chart she is holding in her clipboard just before entering the examination room.  Today this stunning nurse has a patient with an embarrassing problem for which he has been operated on.  He has developed some complications.  Before entering the examination room, Alya quickly checks her uniform and adjusts her gorgeous net-stockings, makes sure her skirt is smoothed down and adjusts her blouse.  Her stunning clear and red sandal high heels complete her uniform.  She knocks on the door and without waiting opens it and enters the room.  On the hospital bed is a young man who is startled by the stunning nurse that has just entered the room.  When he takes a good look at her he gulps and starts blushing.  This does not go unnoticed by Alya.  “Well good morning, how are we doing today,” she warmly opens the conversation.

The young man mumbles a weak ”fine Ma'am” before falling silent again.  Alya smiles as she takes a seat in the chair adjacent to his bed and crosses her legs, deliberately bobbing her foot that is in the air up and down.  She takes another look at the chart and notices that the young man has just come of age.  Yet he looks very handsome, well toned, with nice hair but he has an unsecure look on his face.

Nurse Alya


“My name is Alya, and I've been assigned to take care of you today,” she opens the conversation smiling at him.

(Written by Enigma-Fetishist, February 2016)

Alya squeals with excitement as she lets her eyes gaze around the hotel suite she just entered. The Goddess is standing in a luxurious hotel suite, customized to her taste and desires. The female owner of the hotel chain is an admirer of Alya and built this suite to her specifications. The Goddess can't help but smile thinking of all the fun she is going to have here.

Although there was a small catch for all this luxurious debauchery. The owner of the hotel has asked Alya to help her out with her son-in-law. Her daughter has been involved with a male gold digger who has been a thorn in her side and abuses her daughter to no end. As Alya is not one to accepts these things this was a story that touched her and the pleas of the female owner touched her. As well, the promise of this suite eventually brought Alya to resolve the situation.

Alya smiles devilishly as she visions how she's going to break in her new playroom.  She checks herself in the mirror.  She is wearing one of her leather catsuits, elbow length leather gloves, leather bolero jacket and thigh high Arollo boots.  She instantly gets aroused looking at herself wearing that much leather.

She smiles wickedly as she exits her suite, sauntering towards the elevators as people who pass her turn their heads and stare at her completely forgetting what they were doing.  Many bump into things like doors, walls or other people.  Alya enters the elevator and seductively winks at an older man who is staring at her beauty.  Just before the doors begin to close on her in the elevator she sees him getting pulled into his room by an angry woman poking her head out and looking at her.  Alya laughs out loud at the woman as the elevator doors close.

Once at the ground level Alya makes her way to the shopping mall that is attached to the hotel.  The owner told her that her daughter and son-in-law would be at the leather boutique Alya is very familiar with.  She confidently opens the door and strides into the boutique being greeted by the owner who kisses her gloved hand and presents her with a glass of champagne.  As she casually browses the leather items she lays eyes on her prey.  A couple is standing a few feet away bickering over a pair of boots, the same ones Alya is wearing.

“These look so fucking hot on you,” the man whines to the woman.

“But they cost a fortune and I'm sure you're not going to buy them for me,” the woman retorts.  The man pouts his lips and Alya has an instant disdain for this scum.  She walks towards them.

“They are costly to buy but they will be the best pair of boots you will own,” she confidently joins into their conversation.  The woman smiles politely feeling Alya's support for her position.  But the man begins to drool as he sees Alya!

He stammers “Oh my...oh my god!  You are that girl that was made for this boot model aren't you!”

Alya looks coldly at him, snapping “Miss Arollo Boots Model of the Year 2014!”

He looks like a petulant child that has been told to hush but he keeps on whining, saying ”Please tell her she has to buy them, they look so fucking hot, definitely the sluttiest boots around”.

Alya is fuming inside but keeps her calm and smiles at the woman, disregarding the man completely as she says ”They would be the most elegant pair of boots one could wish for!  If you do not believe me i can show you!  I own several different pairs of them and just happen to have a few of them with me in my suite”  She warmly smiles at the woman, giving her a wink that the man does not see.

The woman hesitates for a brief second then makes up her mind, saying “I would love to see them is you have the time for it”

“Great!  Lets go with this hot bitch to her room,” the man intercedes, making Alya tremble with anger but she continues to control herself once again.

“Follow me then my dears!” she answers politely smiling and winking again at the woman when the man cannot see to reassure her.

They make their way back to the hotel and reach the elevator.  Alya can feel the eyes of the man lurking on her, checking out all her curves and mentally undressing her with his eyes.  Her disdain grows ever more as he starts to fondle and pinch the girls ass as they walk with her.

Once they reach the floor of Alya's suite, Alya makes big strides towards the suite, not knowing how long she can control herself anymore.  She opens the door to her suite as the man stands behind her and gropes her own luscious behind and snorts ”Damn you got a fucking fine ass bitch!  Don't mind if I tap that!”  Alya turns around quickly in a fury and her knee flies upwards connecting with the man's testicles.  Before he can scream she grabs him and tosses him into the room.  The woman stands there petrified as Alya confidently smiles at her, winks again and leads her inside by the hand.  Then the soundproof door closes behind them, another of Alya's requests.

Alya swiftly kicks the man in his crotch again with her high boots.  “Strip down you fucking PIG!!!” she shrieks.  He blubbers a bit and tries to get up.  Alya slaps his cheek and kicks him again.  “NOW!!” she demands.  He swiftly answers and the Goddess drags him towards the wall facing the kingsize bed.  She shackles him to it on his knees.  Alya lifts her knee and placing the heel of her boot on his shoulder.  ”Scream and I will gag you and make you regret every further transgression you make!” she whispers in a voice filled with pent up anger and disdain.

Alya then turns around and walks toward the woman who has had a blank expression on her face up till now.  But now the reality dawns on her that Alya is far more then just a stunning woman.  ”I hope I have not scared you too much,” she gently whispers into the woman's ear as she takes her into an embrace.

The woman starts to sob ”Thank you, thank you for saving me!”  She sobs uncontrollably into the Goddess' arms for a few minutes.  Alya does not reply, but just holds the woman in her arms until she is done crying.

”He has to pay for what he has done to you!  No woman should be treated like this by any man, and i know a perfect way to teach him,” Alya whispers in her ear, gently licking the woman's earlobe.  “But do you trust me,” she adds.  The woman looks int Alya's bright eyes and nods.  “Then do as i say and it will be done,” Alya adds.  The woman again nods and Alya adds "I want to see your body!"  It seems to surprise the woman, but as Alya pushes the thin straps of her dress off her shoulders, she lets it fall to the floor.  This woman had a hot body too, and was not wearing anything but panties under it.  Alya kisses the woman and leads her by the hand to the bed, slowly pushing her back onto it so she lays before her.  Alya then slides her hands into the waistband of the woman's thin panties, and then slides them off the woman's smooth legs.  Alya takes her panties and walks to the worm shackled to the wall.  She steps on his cock which was placed on a stand between his legs.

READERS NOTE:  The rest of the story is for members only due to hot erotic graphic content!


(Written by Enigma-Fetishist, February 2016)

Alya sits in the back of her limousine sipping on a glass of champagne.  She's on her way to her favorite club.  Her outfit reflects her persona:  Leather hotpants, tight corset style bustier, thigh high boots and opera length gloves. She completed her outfit with a metal studded mask, a spiked collar and bracelet and a riding crop.

As the driver signals to her that they are minutes away from the club, Alya finishes her champagne and licks her luscious full lips while nodding.  The driver pulls up to the club where Alya sees a crowd forming a line to gain entry.  The driver has stopped the limo and gotten out to open her door.  Alya swings her legs out of the limo.  As soon as the heels of her boots click on the sidewalk eyes begin turning.  Alya steps out and takes in all those eyes that seem to be glued to her.  She smiles arrogantly as she walks past the entire line and up to the doorman at the entrance to the club.  The huge bouncer smiles and holds the line.  “Welcome my Queen!  Have a splendid evening”. he utters.  Alya looks him in the eye and presents her gloved hand to him which he kisses.  Alya makes her way inside the club leaving behind a dreamy eyed bouncer.

Once inside she is escorted by a manager to her table.  Every pair of eyes in the club turn towards her as she makes her way to her private table.  Confidently she looks around as every male and female seems to be fixated on her.  Then her attention is caught by a man who's eyes are not lingering on her.  He looks up to her, smiles and resumes sipping his drink.  Furiously she sits down and takes a sip from her drink, her eyes smoldering with fury as to be so blatantly ignored.

As the evening goes by, Alya makes her way to the dance floor and expels most of her fury by dancing and swaying her hips and drawing lots of attention, making girls slap their men for drooling over her, much to her amusement.  Then she notices that man who originally ignored her back in her view.  Smilingly evilly and still furious Alya walks up to him and pulls him aside. “I don't like being ignored” she hisses as her gloved hand closes around his neck.  The man initially looks frightened at the menacing Goddess in front of him, then smirks for a brief moment and drops to his knees in front of her.


Bow before Alya


“My apologies Mistress, i am new here” he utters.

Alya grabs his head and hisses ”As I am your Mistress!  Don't speak until I require an answer”.  She pulls out her riding crop which had been snugly tucked away in her boot and flicks it at him, yielding a small yelp from him.  “Follow me slave, time to pay your respects,” she commands him.

”As you command Mistress,” he responds.  Alya sashays towards the stage as he follows on his hands and knees.

Walking on stage with him following her she pulls him to his feet and turns him so he faces the crowd. “Time to show that thing you call a cock,” she demands, whispering in his ears as her hands unzip his pants.  He takes over from her hands without thinking and drops his pants to starts jerking.  “Get back on your knees worm,” Alya shrieks as she kicks his legs.  He drops to his knees again as Alya stands beside him.  “Jerk off and show the crowd what you can do,” Alya moans as she flicks her crop at his cock.  He starts jerking in blind fury as Alya whips his back.  “Shoot your pathetic load my worm,” she moans.  He grabs his cock with two hands and jerks till he shoots a load of cum into the crowd.  Alya pulls him to his knees and kisses him.  ”Follow me, worm,” she whispers as she walks past him and towards the exit of the club.  He quickly pulls up his pants and leaps off stage after her.

As Alya waits by her limousine she gets a good look at the man she just dominated.  He is in his twenties, muscular, wearing loose leather pants, leather boots reaching his knees and a black shirt.  He walks over to Alya bowing his head when he reaches her.  She smirks evilly as she ushers him into the back of her limo.

Once seated she takes over.  “As of now you don't ever forget to call me Mistress!  And if you disobey me you will learn the consequences,” she matter of factly states.  He nods and she hands him a glass of scotch.  “And now let me take a good look at you,” she coyly whispers in his ear, then bites his earlobe.  Her gloved hands trace his sixpack up to his chest, she pinches his nipples extracting a small grunt to her pleasure.  He finally loosens up a bit and takes the liberty of kissing Alya's neck and licking her earlobe which makes her shiver and moan.  The ride home is exceedingly long as they heat each other up getting to know each other more intimately.


READERS NOTE:  The rest of the story is for members only due to hot erotic graphic content!


(Written by Enigma-Fetishist, February 2016)

Alya has been naughty at school, as she usually is!  She enters the detention room, and moans seductively as she does so. Instantly all eyes turn to her as she walks to her seat, confidently swaying her hips, her short tartan skirt swaying and clicking her high heels along the wooden floor.  Every eye takes her in and she drinks it up, craving the attention.  She dangles her shoe as the teacher desperately tries to get the attention back to himself and to the classroom.


Schooling Alya


But Alya`s presence is too much as the biggest nerd in the classroom jumps from his seat and bows down in front of her, trying to kiss her high heels.  She kicks him away with her heel and he falls on his butt. The teacher pulls him up by his ear and kicks him out of the class. Alya laughs cruelly when it happens. The biggest bully walks over to her buffing his muscles, but before he can even gets to show off for her, the teacher grabs him and also throws him out.


The teacher walks towards Alya and tells her to "Stop being such a distraction!". Alya does not tolerate anyone telling her what to do. She stands up and placing her hands on the shoulders of the teacher, directs him to his knees before her. She now towers over him. "Take out your cock, worm" she hisses. The teacher does so without thinking, his cock throbs and points upwards towards her.


Alya seductively walks to the front of the class, feeling all the eyes watching her gorgeous ass sway. She sets her gorgeous derriere on the teacher's desk, and orders him "Crawl to me, my doggy" she purrs. He obeys directly but before he reaches her she commands him to stop. "Play with that thing you consider a cock". The teacher starts jerking with abandon, watching Alya as she caresses her hands along her fishnet stockings, parting her legs to tease him! But before he reaches a climax she cuts him short. This goes on for a while as Alya teases him and the teacher gets more and more on edge. Alya curses him in Russian and that gets him even harder. "The time has cum my worthless worm. Show me what you got! Empty that thing" she commands as the teacher jerks off and his cum flies through the air, shooting over Alya and behind her to coat the whiteboard. Alya places her shoes on his shoulders, bends forward and says "What force you have!" She then picks him up and kisses his forehead. She gets off his desk, and picks up her school bag and turns to leave the classroom.


As she reaches the door, she looks back at him, winks, and then sways those sexy hips of hers as she leaves. Hurriedly, the teacher picks up his things and leaves as well. Running through the door, he walks right into Alya in the hallway waiting for him, smiling and winking at him. `Detention can be such fun!`she says leading him down the hall...

(Written by Enigma-Fetishist, February 2016)

This day I am your driver.  At your request I traded the standard limousine for a Ford Mustang, an American sports car with lots of unbridled power!  Perfect for you as you are the same in character!  You look stunning as I pick you up.  You are wearing high heeled crotch boots, short skirt, blouse and elbow length gloves.  During the drive to your photo shoot you play and tease me, rubbing your boots and crotch.


When we arrive and I help you get out I notice some moisture on your seat.  You smile evilly at me when your hand grabs my crotch feeling my cock engorging in your hand.  You focus mostly on your shoot with an amateur fan photographer and I assist here and there.  Then you surprise me as you pull me into the shoot as you need an example, for a finishing shot with your leg draped over my shoulder and me on my knees in front of you.  That gives me a full view of your dripping crotch.  I start to lick and suck without hesitance as the fan looks jealous and bug-eyed our way when he hears you moan!


You walk to the back of the car and grab hold of it, as I position myself behind you feeling your hips and releasing my throbbing cock.  I don't need foreplay as i am rock hard already and I start to caress your dripping pussy, then sliding my head in and out.  You start cursing me as I ram it home making you squeal.  You look seductively at the fan as his pants tent, you curse him in Russian and his head turns red as we see stains coming through his bermuda shorts.  You laugh at him when you feel my cock engorging some more and my veins caressing the tender insides of your tight pussy.  You orgasm loud and wild still attracting the fans attention.  You beckon him closer to see a real cock pounding you.  I slip out of you and present my rock hard example to you and your hands jerk me with abandon making me grow even bigger.  I grab your ass and pound my cock back in your pussy making your curse and scream as I pound you wildly, feeling my cock explode in you filling you while the fan walks off with a raging hardon.

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