(Written by Enigma-Fetishist, April 2016)

The man groans as he wakes, his eyes are having trouble getting used to the darkness, he tries to move but finds himself shackled on his knees to the floor with chains.  He finally get used to his surroundings to see that he is in his own personal torture chamber.  The creaking sound of leather draws his attention and he focuses his eyes to point out where the sound is originating.

Suddenly, before he has identified the source of the sound the room is bathed in light.  He can finally pinpoint the source of the creaking leather.  In front of him on his throne is the leather clad Alya smiling cruelly.  “Well well, how nice of you to join us!” Alya states with confidence.

”Untie me at once, Wench!  I am still the king of this wretched kingdom and you have no authority here for this is not your kingdom!!!” he shrieks with anger as he flies upward in rage only to be pulled back by the chains.

Alya looks at him and smiles coldly.  “Oh I know that!  It's just that I am sick of your antics and the way you treat your people, you fucking TYRANT!!!” Alya hisses through clenched teeth, eyes shooting fire at the man.

With his remaining arrogant demeanor he responds “Untie me or wait till my loyal knights find out!  They will have your pretty little fucking head for this!  And I will fuck you to death on my royal member!” he responds coldly with a grin.

Alya stands up from the throne and snaps her fingers.  Four cloaked figures previously hidden in the shadow make their appearance standing beside Alya.  Once they remove their hoods the king's heart skips a beat.  “You mean these knights, my Liege!!”  Alya exclaims coolly and with disdain toward the so-called king.  Beside her are standing his trusted knights, all looking at him with disdain in their eyes.

“I will have your heads for this treason you fucking bastards!!” he shrieks in terror and fear.

One knight jumps forwards with his sword unsheathed ready to strike but stops a mere inch from his throat.  ”Never talk to us like this again monster!!  Queen Alya has helped us open our eyes to the atrocities you had us commit in your name!!” the man exclaims with unprecedented anger.

The knight feels a leather gloved hand on his shoulder and turns to look Alya in the eye.  “Easy!  He will get his fill soon enough” she soothes him before she snakes her tongue in his mouth, kissing him passionately.  The king looks on crestfallen at the situation in front of him, shackled to the floor, betrayed by his knights and this Queen, who has won over his knights with ease.  Alya looks at the man and smiles cruelly.  Her gloved hand grabs his chin and pulls it up so she can look him in the eyes.  “This is just the beginning of the humiliation you will suffer here today.  Tie him to the cross, on his knees for he is not worthy to stand up!!” she demands.  Two of the knights respond and lift him up from the floor, strip him naked and drag him to the cross on the other side of the room, shackling him securely to it before taking their place beside their Queen.

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(Written by LustfulPassion, March 2016)

I stare helplessly from my knees. I know I've lost.

I know how little control I have left now and how I can barely look her in the eyes, yet I can't take my eyes of her.

Admiring her figure, made so much better from the low down and subservient angle I'm looking at it from.

I've stared at it a thousand times round the office, my secretary, always seeming to be in a provocative pose when I look.

If I could think clearly I might have thought that she tricked me into this position...although that's impossible.

I want to be here for mistress.

I want to serve her.

All my fantasies about this devastatingly beautiful secretary had me taking her roughly, bending her over desks and pushing her against walls.

But it didn't happen like that.

She made the first move.

She gripped my chin and forced my lips onto hers for a set and passionate kiss, teasing my cock with her hands.

It felt so good to sit at my desks as she caressed me, kissing my neck and biting my ear.

I got more and more worked up as she expertly teased me.

I was expecting either release or to be taken...but no.

This arousal turned to frustration as her pace didn't quicken.

Storming up and down all the while she kissed and nibbled on me till I was writing in my seat.

A moment of passion over came me, and I went to stand, to bend her over the desk and take what I needed.

But her other hand pressed me down to my seat.

I was too weak to resist and she carried on her wicked game.

A flash of disapproval and I felt disappointed I myself in the moments between my wild bucking.

She ran her fingers down my chest and popping the buttons on my shirt and for the first time she gave a brief look of arousal before the superiority returned to her features.

One last caress and I was pushed to my knees, more aroused and deeper in lust than I had ever been.

I one fluid nothing she removed her blouse and skirt and underneath was what you can see in the picture.

Alya office domina

With a slow strut she walked towards me, placed her leather booted foot on my shoulder and pushed me onto my back.

I lay there, staring up between her legs as she looked down on me as any mistress should look at their helpless submissive boy...


(Written by Enigma-Fetishist, March 2016)

Alya smiles as she walks through the park, enjoying the sun on her smooth skin and the looks of the people as she passes by.  Making her stride more confidently with every ogling look she gets and every man who stares too long and gets caught by his girlfriend or rams into a pole for not paying attention.  And she is exceptionally breathtaking today, wearing a fishnet bodysuit, leather skirt, overknee boots, leather bra and a vest, accompanied by fingerless gloves.  Almost all the eyes in the park focus on her and she takes it in and enjoys it.

Alya points

She takes a seat at a stone bench and just soaks in the sun.  In the corner of her eye she sees a man approaching her.  She smiles confidently and does not look at the man.  “Good afternoon beautiful!” the man cockily opens the conversation.

(Written by Enigma-Fetishist, March 2016)

Alya and her photographer are cruising around in his SUV scouting for different locations for several upcoming shoots and hope to find one for today as well.  They do find several good ones but none of them are perfect.  At least not by the photographers standards.  ”Damn it!  Why is it so fucking rainy here in Canada at this time of year!  I can work with snow and ice and sun but this just SUCKS!!” he fumes.

Alya just smiles.  ”Relax, even the rain can be fun to shoot in.”  She responds with a grin.  Both look at each other and then burst into laughter.

Finally they pulled up to a spot where it was kind of dry and decided to make an impromptu shoot even though there was a small bar nearby.  The photographer gets out of the car and goes around to Alya's side to open the door for her.  She remains in the car as he opens the tailgate and gets his gear ready.

As Alya is sitting in the car and applying her make up her photographer cannot help but oggle her and made a few shots.  “Hey you, I'm not ready yet!” Alya playfully responds as she continues applying her make up.  The photographer keeps snapping shots, winking at Alya.  She knows perfectly well how hot she looks and as he continues to shoot she becomes more seductive and starts playing the camera perfectly.  As always, the photographer is professional enough to handle it.

Alya makeup

But behind them in the woods a jogger is running by and he runs right into a tree as he stares at the Goddess in the car.  Both Alya and the photographer look around and laugh as they see the man getting up and holding his crotch in a desperate attempt to conceal his throbbing erection he gained from ogling Alya.  And she looks stunning in her leather overknee boots, skirt, top and tight leather jacket and gloves.  She is a true Leather Queen today.

(Written by Enigma-Fetishist, March 2016)

As Alya sips her mid-morning coffee, she receives a message requesting her to go meet an old client she has previously done business with. He is in town, and will be finished his business meeting just after lunch. He wants her to come to his suite for their own meeting this afternoon, same thing as usual when he comes to town. She texts him that she will come in the early afternoon and looks forward to their meeting.

Alya is happy to see this man each time he comes to town, which is usually once a month. Time with him is always fun. He always is very generous with her for her time meeting him. He craves all her attention. "Well, who wouldn't!" she thinks as she looks at herself in the mirror. She needs to start getting ready for their meeting.

Following her usual routine, Alya takes a nice warm bath with special oils and she makes sure she is absolutely silky smooth, always babying her skin. Wearing her robe after the bath, she picks out what she is going to wear. Before putting the outfit on, she paints her nails with flaming red nail polish, both on her fingers and toes. She also braids her long locks and ties them up on her head in a tight bun. Also, she takes out her make up kit and starts to apply it, working through her blush, eyeliner, mascara, rouge, lipstick and lip gloss. Then it is time to dress. Stepping into her outfit, she makes sure that the sexy body she is going to wear is covered by a bright white satin shirt, a business tie, and a sexy short black leather skirt. On her legs she carefully pulls on a pair of patterned lace top stockings. She also finds her stiletto heeled knee high leather boots with red soles and steps into them. Zipping them up is the finishing touch, with the exception of her leather jacket.

Seeing that it is now approaching early afternoon, she needs to leave soon. She picks up her purse after checking to see that everything she needs is in there. Grabbing her leather jacket and holding it over her shoulder she quickly texts the man that she is on her way, and receives only a smiley face back.

As the taxi arrives, she opens the door and steps inside. Alya notices the taxi driver looking at her long legs as she slides into the back seat. She teases him as he drive her downtown to the Hotel district.

Getting out of the taxi after paying, the driver gives her a card and say that she can call him anytime for special service. Alya smiles and slips the card into her purse. She then walks into one of the most luxurious hotels in town. The doorman took a deep bow as he opened the door, not daring to stare and say a word to provoke this Goddess' anger. Alya entered the ornate lobby. Her eyes look around the lobby behind her crimson colored glasses, taking in every detail as she navigates the most direct route to the elevator. She starts to saunter her way to her goal, but as always when the high stiletto heels of her boots start clicking with each step on the granite floor every man's head start to turn toward her. Alya confidently walks by all those men as a bellboy crashes his trolley into the front desk when ogling her. And for good reason as Alya looks hot! She is also carrying a purse and her boots are sporting spurs. Not the conventional western style, but more of the modern Equestrian style. Only trained eyes and those who have witnessed them firsthand know they are the real deal and for most they look more of an accessory.

As a result of the bellboy crashing into the front desk, the desk manager is alerted to the ruckus. He sees what everyone else is looking at, and with swift strides catches up to Alya. “Miss just hold a minute there, you can't just....just can't walk through here disturbing everyone...” But before continuing he falls silent and swallows the rest of his sentence as Alya has turned around and looks at him over her glasses.

“I can't do what exactly?” she states with confidence in a whisper with an undertone in her voice that is as cold as ice.

”I...uh...hmmm...Uhh...” is the only thing the man can utter.

”Do not disturb me, then! Or will I have to report you to the owner?” she utters coldly as she arcs her eyebrow staring him directly in the eyes. The manager cowers and hurries back to the front desk to help the bellboy as the Goddess continues on her way smirking coldly as she knew she saw the front of the man's pants bulging when he hurried off. Alya reaches the elevator without further interruptions.

As she heads up in the elevator to the penthouse suites a strapping young man is ogling her in the crowded elevator. Alya looks at him over her glasses and licks her crimson red lips in a suggestive manner. The man is flustered as he places his jacket in front of his crotch. Alya winks as she slowly traces her left leg with the spur on her right boot, creeping her skirt higher and higher while flexing her strong leg muscles and ankles. Then she rubs her right ankle against her left boot, making the mashing leather produce a heavenly sound. She smirks arrogantly as she hears and sees the young man grunt and moan, clutching his jacket at his crotch. His wife pokes him in the ribs because of his moaning making him drop his jacket thereby revealing a huge wet spot on the front of his pants. The Goddess listens contently as the man gets a scolding from his wife in front of everyone. The man is to embarrassed to even point at Alya as she has resumed her icy cold demeanor and is staring right through him.

Alya tease

The elevator reaches the penthouse suites floor and Alya and the couple leave. The couple reach their room first, where Alya whispers in the wife's ear with a malicious grin ”I would not let him get away with that”.

Alya walks toward the suite where her appointment is waiting for her. As per her instructions she finds the door unlocked so enteres the well lit suite. In the corner is a man on his knees facing the wall, bare naked wearing only a blindfold and having leather cuffs on his hands binding them behind his back. On the nightstand is an unmarked envelope. Alya takes it and puts it in her purse. Retrieving several items from the purse, Alya spreads them out on the table. They include a pair of short leather gloves, a cat-o-nine tails with a dildo shaped handle, another pair of leather cuffs and a small key. She slowly puts on the leather gloves making sure he hears the creaking of the leather. He obviously does as he stirs in excited anticipation.


“Turn around, foul gimp!” she orders. The man is startled by her commanding voice and instantly responds instantly. “Good I see you still have my chastity device on that pathetic excuse of a cock! We have to make sure you cannot reproduce!” she coldly tells him. She walks over to him and rips off his blindfold. He stares up at her for which he dearly pays. “Never look at me without my permission, GIMP!” she shouts as she hits him in the cheek with her gloved hand again and again, till his cheeks are red and his eyes are watering and he leaves his head hanging. She then walks away from him and turns on her heels. ”Now you may look at me!” she commands in a sultry voice. He hesitantly looks up as she starts to unzip her skirt. Slowly she lowers the zipper on the back as she seductively licks her lips. She lets the leather skirt slide across her shapely legs to the floor. She then undoes her bun, revealing a braided ponytail which falls down her back towards her shapely behind. She then starts to undo the buttons on her white blouse, turning around and leaving him to imagine what is underneath. He watches her back until she turns tossing the blouse and revealing a figure hugging leather body. As a final act she pulls up the collar of the body and stands before him with her luscious legs firmly on the ground, and her hands on her sides. “I see your pathetic organ still tries to be something it is not, namely a penis!” she scolds as she sees his penis trying desperately to overcome it's prison, oozing precum. Alya laughs cruelly as she grabs his chin firmly with her gloved hand. “I am your Mistress, your Goddess” she states.


“Y...Ye...Yes Mistress!” he answers.


"Worship my boots!” she demands as she sits herself on the bed. The man bends over and starts to kiss her boots. ”Now deepthroat my heel!” she whispers strictly. He desperately tries to but fails miserably. “Ugh, you're still as bad as ever!!!” Ayla exclaims as she lifts him up in her strong arms and tosses him on the bed. “You know what that means, Gimpy!” she shrieks as she grabs the Cat-o-nine tails and starts trashing his behind.


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