(Written by Enigma-Fetishist, April 2016)

She slides in the comfortable leather seat, her eyes checking the cockpit of her Porsche.  Her smile widens as she guns the engine.  Alya smiles even wider when she plays with the gas pedal and hears the revving of the sportscar.  The vibrations of all that power surge through her body.  It is stimulating to her.

Then her phone rings and she recognizes the number.  Keeping her hands free, she uses her earpiece as she continues to drive.  “Hello handsome!” she seductively starts the conversation.

“Good Morning!  This is the man you met from the marina!” he tentatively answers.

“Well if it isn't the man that tried to buy my new yacht!” she laughs heartily as her foot strikes the gas pedal again.  The engine revs hard.

“Oops!  I seem to be calling you while you are driving!  You are not driving that beautiful Porsche now, would you?” he laughs, knowing she is by recognizing the engine note.

“I was about to drive off, but an important conversation like this is better had in a stationary place!” she whispers as her hand grips the stick shift and she presses the gas again.

”Hmmm, I do love that sound, not to mention your voice!” he states.

“Are those the only things you love about me?” she huskily whispers as her hand firmly grabs the shifter.

“No, no, no, I didn't mean it like that!” he hastily apologizes.

“Hmmm, well OK!  I will believe you just this once.  What can I do for you?” she teasingly asks.

“I would like to ask if you are able to bring me to my private island this weekend?  I know it's Friday and it is very short notice but it is going to be a beautiful weekend!” he states.

Alya feigns a deep sigh.  “Hmmm, I do have some hot plans for this weekend, but if you make it worth my while, sure!  What is your name?”

“John!" he quickly replies.

Alya laughs knowingly repeating "John!  I'm Alya, and I will take you to your private island tomorrow.  But I expect to be well compensated for my time!"

"Sure!  I will make it definitely worth your time!  You will not regret it.  I will compensate you handsomely for the weekend.  Is it possible to get the full package? ” he eagerly asks.

“Certainly!  What would you like, John?" Alya asks feigning innocence.

"You, Alya!  I want you included with the yacht.  I want you to TAKE me on your pleasure yacht!" he says emphasizing 'take".

"I like your thinking!  It will cost you dearly, however as I am the best there is!" Alya confidently affirms.

"Oh, I know you are!  You will be handsomely compensated, Alya!" he assures.

"I'll be keeping you to that!  When and where can I pick you up?” she asks as she revs the engine again.

“Hmmm, love that sound!  Yes, I will text you my address!  Early tomorrow morning is best so we have calm water!” he answers.

“Good, I'll be seeing you tomorrow then!” she smiles as she continues her drive.

"And I will be seeing more of you then too!" he teases back to her.

"I am as well toned as my own Porsche!  So rest up tonight for the best sail you ever had!" Alya saw as she hangs up.

The Porsche speeds through the deserted streets.  Alya makes a turn and it's engine rumbles loudly.  Alya grins as she adjusts herself in the seat and steps on the gas.  The car howls again and speeds away even faster.

On Saturday, Alya gets into her Porsche again and after a short drive she reaches a long driveway.  The gates automatically swing open as she drives through.  The long driveway allows her to let the engine of the car roar powerfully.

When she finally pulls up at a vast mansion, the man from the marina is already waiting outside.  His eyes following the car with pleasure.  The car screeches to halt near the front entrance, Alya looking at the man through tinted glass smiles evilly as she presses the pedal several more times, making the car roar.  She smiles as she opens the door and swinging her long leg out, she steps out of her sports car.  Her high stiletto heels clicking on the driveway, she sashays as she heads towards the man.

While his eyes were first glued to the car, they are now glued to Alya, and for good reason.  She's wearing her sheer beige pantyhose, black leather hotpants, knee high stiletto boots, black leather bra and a white Captain's jacket accompanied by a Captain's hat.  Her outfit is topped off with a pair of short black leather gloves and her aviator sunglasses.  When she reaches the man, he is completely mesmerized by Alya's appearance.  “Well, well!  Good morning to you too, John.  I take it you see something you like!” she coyly states as she slowly turns before him as he checks her out.  Then she extends her hand toward him. The man just oggles her and seems in trance.  Alya snaps her fingers and takes off her shades.

“Yes, yes, my apologies, Alya!  You made such a stunning entrance!  I was lost for words!” he quickly saves his face as he grabs Alya's extended gloved hand and kisses it.

Although Alya can clearly see him blush, and see his pant begin to bulge, she states “Well, thank you, John!  Shall we go?  I want to take my yacht for its maiden voyage!” she coyly states as she places her hand on the man's lower arm while she winks at him.

They head for the car as the man cannot keep his eyes off of Alya's leather wrapped tight behind.  He watches her hips swing and her leather shine in the sun as he walks behind her.  Reaching the car, they enter the Porsche and speed off.  The man leans back and looks at Alya several times, smiling boyishly.  He checks her out, seeing how tight those hot pants are, formed to her body, how he can see her black bra peeking out under her Captain's jacket, and how her long legs look perfectly toned within that sheer pantyhose.  Alya knows he is watching her, and relishes in the attention.  She licks two of her fingers then places them on the shift stick as she shifts gears sliding them over the tip of the shift stick in a seductive manner.  She then grabs the shift stick firmly, slightly tugging it, almost like it was a phallic object.  The man looks at the scene taking place with huge eyes.  “Hmmm, I love the way this car roars!” Alys moans as she tugs the shift stick a bit harder while licking her lips.  The man slightly groans as a visible bulge is expanding in his pants as he focuses on her gloved hand.  Alya shifts gears again and “accidently” lets her hand slip off the shift stick, landing in his crotch grabbing the bulge.  “My, my, naughty man!  You're hiding a stick of your own!” she laughs evilly as she squeezes it.  She then grabs hold tightly as she glances toward him.  From the corner of her eyes she looks at him smiling.  “Let me make one thing clear my dear!  I am in charge, both in my car and on the yacht!  And you will do as I say, is that clear?” she hisses.

“Yes....yes, my Captain!  Yes it is!” the man groans as Alya squeezes his crotch.

“Hmmm, good!  Now release your mast, er cock from the confines of those tight pants.” she demands winking at him.  The man looks surprised but opens his pants and frees his throbbing cock.  “Hmmm, now make it grow for me, John!” she huskily orders as the man starts to jerk his throbbing erection all the while watching Alya's form fit tight hot pants and her crotch between her legs.  His cock is very hard in seconds, jutting out at the same height as the stick shift.  “Now, don't you dare cum!  If you cum in this car the cleaning bill is for you and my fee doubles!” she warns hims.

The man nods, “Yes, my Captain!”

Alya moans as she presses the pedal to the floor and the engine roars again.  She grabs the man's shaft tightly and jerks him with her leather gloved hand, making him moan as he squirms in his seat.  “Hmmm, we're nearing the marina!  If you keep from cumming before we get there, you will get a treat!  If not, remember my fee doubles!” she smirks evilly at him as she grabs his cock even harder.  The man groans as he tries to restrain himself with all his might from orgasming.  Alya moans huskily as her gloved hand caresses his bulbous head.  She knows exactly what she is doing, how to create unbelievable pleasure in a man.  Gripping his cock, she circles her gloved thumb all around the sensitive edge of it's head.

“Damnit!  I'm not going to be able to hold it!” he groans in immense pleasure as he squirms in the car seat.

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(Written by Enigma-Fetishist, April 2016)

Alya smiles as she pulls into the parking lot of the marina.  She gets out of her car and takes a deep breath, inhaling the fresh sea air.  Today is the day she's going to fulfill a dream of hers.  She is going to buy a yacht.  She straightens out her skirt, which today is a short white skirt because it is such a beautiful sunny day.  She wears a matching white peplum top with long sleeves, off the shoulders to feel the warm sun caressing her soft skin. She also wears a beautiful large sun hat and short white gloves, dark pantyhose and white high heels.

Alya marina

She makes her way to the docks, people passing by smile admiringly at her.  Men stare and women are giving her jealous looks.  She laughs and walks by relishing the attention.

(Written by Enigma-Fetishist, April 2016)

Ayla smirks confidently as she sips her champagne. She looks around at the burlesque surroundings, it is not a place she favours. Unfortunately her job requires her to endure some discomforts. Another drunkard who has been ogling the girls on stage sees her and tries to make his way to her. Fortunately for him his eyes catch another one and he swerves away from her. She sighs and finishes her champagne.

Then her eyes catch a well dressed man entering the atmosphere and she recognizes him as the man she's looking for. Fortunately for her he spots her and makes his way toward her. “Well good evening! How can a beautiful woman like yourself be sitting here alone?” he opens while snapping his fingers to get the attention of a waitress. Alya rolls her eyes while the man is distracted.

“Well I was stood up by my date, but I did enjoy the champagne here!” she answers sweetly.

The man unceremoniously plops down beside her. “Well that would be a madman to stand you up!” he answers as the waitress approaches and greets them. “I'll have a scotch, and for the beautiful Queen here another glass of your bubbly!” he orders. She walks off and quickly returns with the drinks. “I propose a toast!” the man announces.

“Ohw and to what would that be?” Alya asks coyly.

“To me making a buttload of money, and then meeting you. So to us!” he toasts. Alya smiles as she holds her glass up. The man drinks and soon starts to act slightly inebriated. Alya seizes the opportunity to flick two small tablets into his scotch.

She raises her glass. “Now I propose a toast!” she smiles sweetly.

“To what my Queen?” he slurs slightly.

“To me meeting you, and the fun we're going to have!  Bottoms up!” she whispers as she finishes her champagne.  The man gulps his scotch down and Alya whispers in his ear “Let's get out of here!”  The man nods and they leave, all the while as they walk for the exit the man is ogling Alya.  She is wearing a leather catsuit, gloves, and overknee boots adorned with spurs and a big studded belt around her waist.

Alya leather catsuit

When they exit Alya hails a cab.  When they enter she states the address and leans back.  “So let's get to know each other a bit better!” the man starts with and even bigger slur.  Alya looks at him and licks her lips, she closes in on his mouth as the man puckers his lips.  But just before they were to touch the man falls headfirst into Alya's lap, who quickly grabs his hair and pushes him back.  The man is out cold.  She signals the cab driver who nods and redirects them to an entirely different destination.  Alya smiles evilly as she leans back.

(Written by Enigma-Fetishist, April 2016)

Alya sips the last of her champagne as she feels the wheels of the private jet touching down.  She smirks as the jet taxis it's way to a secluded hangar.  The stewardess opens the door and Alya gets up from the comfortable leather sofa seat, straightening out her clothes.  For the occasion today she is wearing a black leather pencil skirt that ends at her knees, a leather top, short leather gloves, black lace topped stockings, black gold studded pumps and a beautiful necklace.  She exits the jet to see a limousine waiting with the driver standing by it.  ”Good Morning Madam!  I hope you had a pleasant flight?!” the drives kindly asks when he opens the door for her.

“It was most enjoyable!” Alya smiles at him as she enters the limo.  The driver quickly gets in and drives off.

“I am instructed to bring you to the hotel, the oil baron will be there awaiting your arrival!”  The driver explains.

“Splendid!” Alya answers.  She had been contacted by an oil baron to be his companion for today as he roams the VIP day of an Art and Jewelry Exhibition.  Alya smiles to herself as she wonders how the day will go.  She relaxes in the comfortable Limousine and dangles her heels.

It was a surprisingly short ride to the luxurious hotel.  The drives politely bows as he opens the door for her.  She smiles at him and touches his cheek with her gloved hand, seeing him drool as he gets a view of her luscious behind when she continues her way into the lobby.

In the lobby the clicking of her heels on the marble floor attracts a lot of attention, which she takes in with a confident smile.  A broad shouldered security guard walks towards her.  “You are Alya??” he asks brutishly.

“It's Miss Alya!” she snaps back looking him deep into his eyes.

Alya leather domina

“My apologies!  Would you please follow me?!”  The brutish oaf bows his head in shame and walks toward the elevators.  Alya follows him.  In the elevator she looks at him arrogantly, smiling as the man doesn't know where to look.  She dangles one of her pumps in front of him as he strains to keep a straight face and be professional.  When they reach the penthouse she abruptly stops and walks out laughing arrogantly at him, leaving him to groan as his erection was clearly visible.

When she reaches the door it is already open and a handsome man greets her with a big smile and a small bow toward her.  “Ah the great Alya brightens my day with her presence!” he states as he bows again.

“It is a pleasure being invited by you!” Alya smiles politely as the man takes hold of her hand and kisses it.

“The pleasure is truly mine, I assure you!” he states as he leads her to a sofa.  Alya takes her place and gets a good look at the oil baron.  He is a muscular man, well toned.  Unlike some oil baron's she has encountered this man wears a three piece Armani suit and gets away with it.  He offers her a glass of champagne.  “I know you must wonder why I have called you here today!” he opens the conversation.

“You want me to be your companion for an Art and Jewelry Exhibition, the biggest one around!” Alya answers confidently as she had time to research the event during the flight.

”My, my, you have done your homework!  Excellent!” the oil baron smiles surprised.  “Yes!  That is indeed the case...And I was hoping you would want to spend the night here!” he asks while blushing.

Alya smiles confidently as she crosses her legs allowing the oil baron a look at her curvaceous legs.  “We'll see how far we get!” she states, leaving him to wonder about the outcome.

“Yes...yes of course!  Shall we head downstairs?” the oil baron stutters and gets up revealing a bulge in his pants.

“Oh my!  That must be unpleasant!” Alya smirks coyly as she sees the bulge.  Seeing a diamond encrusted riding crop lying on the table, she picks it up and walks over to the oil baron.  Pressing her lips onto his and kissing him deeply, her hand grabs his crotch and presses him into the wall.  “Let me state one clear rule before we continue, dear!” she states sternly and squeezes the bulge in his pants.  “I am in total control!  Do not forget this!” she whispers as she flicks the riding crop on his cheek.

“Yes Miss!” the oil baron stutters painfully.

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(Written by Enigma-Fetishist, April 2016)

Queen Alya is sitting on the newly refurbished throne overseeing the throne room.  In the room are several delegations of different factions present that were previously under the control of the oppressive king.  They all look relieved and glad and have already signed a new treaty freeing them from their previous tyrant and pledging allegiance to the new Queen.

Alya smiles gleefully as she sees four knights enter the chamber, fondly thinking back to a few nights ago.  They walk to the throne and sink to one knee, a nod from Alya is enough to get them standing and taking their place.  Alya slowly and deliberately rises, the whispering dies as all eyes train to the Queen.  “My people, long have you suffered under the tyranny of a worthless cowardly worm!!!” she exclaims in passion and fury.  Many people applaud and cheer, the Queen raises her hand and everybody falls silent again.  “Today you will witness the final remnants of a previous time being taken care of!”  And on command five other knights enter the throne room, striding towards the throne and fanning out before her, kneeling and bowing their heads.  “Behold the last of the knights who have to pledge their allegiance to me!” Alya states.  “But before we continue, I want someone to witness this event!” she states cruelly.  She snaps her fingers and several soldiers scurry away.  Alya takes her place on the throne crossing her shapely legs and watching the knights in front her.  She catches most of them drooling and fixated on her.  She smiles confidently.

The soldiers return with an iron maiden in tow.  They wheel the object to the front of the throne room facing the Queen.  On her command they open it.  The man in the iron maiden moans and scares when he hears the creaking of Alya's leather gloves.  She walks close to the man and grabs his throat choking him.  “Well maggot, enjoy the last you will ever see of what was your kingdom!” she coldly whispers as she slaps his face hard.  The man groans and moans but cannot respond for he is gagged.  Alya snaps her fingers again and the soldiers turn the iron maiden around facing it to the crowd.  “Behold the fallen maggot that was once your king, now nothing more then decoration!!!” she exclaims to the crowd.  Cheers erupt from the room as they stand up and hail their new Queen.  Alya smiles and beckons the soldiers to close the iron maiden and bring it to her chambers.

The ceremony continues with the five remaining knights pledging allegiance to the new Queen, who swears them in and makes them recite their oaths they had force to abandon under the king.  With the official part done they watch the party erupt as everybody celebrates the fall of the king and the rise of the Queen.

Alya beckons the five knights to follow her as she takes them to her personal chambers.  “You have sworn your official allegiance to me, now it is time to seal that deal, body and soul!  Oh and we have a witness for this event”  Alya states cruelly before pointing at the iron maiden across the room.  The knights see the shifty eyes of the king darting from left to right.  “He is forced to witness this, as was he when the other knights pledged their allegiance to me!” she states.  The knights nod in unison and disrobe before falling down on one knee.

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