(Written by Enigma-Fetishist, June 2016)


Alya is relaxing on her couch, sipping on a glass of champagne.  She has changed her attire when she arrived home from a quick visit to her office.  She has slipped into a nice red satin blouse, a red leather skirt and sexy knee high red boots.  She completes her outfit with a pair of mesh see through satin gloves.


A small chirp from her security system alerts her that someone has entered her private grounds and making their way through her estate toward the main building.  She picks up her phone and looks at the security camera's feed, smirking evilly as she recognizes the convertible car she sees on the screen.  She struts to the door only to hear the car screech to a halt and the slamming of the car door.  The unmistaken sound of high heels clicking on the marble tiles becomes louder.  Alya swiftly opens the door before the woman can raise her hand and pound on that door.  “Good evening and welcome!  I was expecting you.” Alya smirkingly states.


The woman at the door exudes anger in every possible form.  “I need to fucking talk to you, you bitch!” she fumes.


“Certainly!  Come in!” Alya responds, keeping herself in check.  The woman stomps inside clasping her briefcase.  “Have a seat!  Would you like some champagne?” Alya smirks as she directs the woman to the couch and the bottle of champagne sitting on the table in front of it.


“I'm not here to share fucking pleasantries.  You blackmailed my boyfriend into having me sign these permits.” she fumes holding up the briefcase.


“Yes...Yes I did.  I am a business woman and I get what I want!  Nothing wrong with that!” Alya states matter of factly while smirking and taking another sip of her champagne.

Alya Red Leather 1

The woman is taken aback by the answer.  “Then...then...this stops now!  I signed these permits for you!  Now leave my boyfriend alone.” she orders.  Alya swiftly gets up and moves next to the woman, sitting beside her on the couch.  Her hand caresses the young woman's legs.


(Written by Enigma-Fetishist, June 2016)


Alya is in her office sipping her second cup of coffee.  She is looking over some papers when she hears a faint knock on the door.  “Enter!” she sternly states.  The young man she caught in the woods enters with his head bowed down.


“You wanted to see me at this time!” he barely whispers.


“Yes indeed, take a seat.” she commands.  He slumps down in the chair, but in doing so catches a glimpse of his boss.  He gulps as he sits down, as Alya got up when he entered and he notices that she is wearing a white satin blouse with a black satin skirt, black stockings and sexy heels.  It all fits very tightly around her body.  “Aahh, I see you still can't keep your eyes off of me.” she smiles evilly.


He gulps again.  “No Boss.” he mutters.


“Good, as I want you to pay close attention.” she states as she picks up her phone and calls her assistant.  "Hold all my calls and I do not want to be disturbed!" she orders into the phone.  Hanging up, she picks up the tablet from her desk and returns her attention to the young man.  She hands him the tablet.  He looks at the screen and sees a video file is highlighted.  Hesitantly, he starts playing that video file.  In the meantime, Alya has taken a seat behind her desk and crosses her legs, her lace topped stockings rustle and she sees the slightest bulge in the young man's pants.  She sees him crumbling down in his chair as he watches the video file.  As it plays, he can see himself in HD Quality with his Boss riding him until she orgasms.  Alya is now looking at him like a cat that has caught herself a very big mouse.  “It seems my CCTV camera's caught all our fun on tape.” she smiles evilly.

Alya White Office 1

“Please Boss!  Can't you remove it?  Please!” the young man begs.


(Written by Enigma-Fetishist, June 2016)


As the Principal rounds the corner of the hallway to his office he stops dead in his tracks.  In front of his office stands School Inspector Alya tapping her metal heel of her black leather knee high boots impatiently on the floor.  He completely forget they had an appointment today.


“Well it's about fucking time you showed up!  I don't like to be kept waiting!!” the blonde woman fumes.  As he hears this his heart skips a beat, but not from the words, but from what she is wearing.  He checks her out and sees a black satin pencil skirt, a red satin button front blouse with a wide black shiny pvc belt across her waist and short black leather gloves in one of which she is holding a small black leather attache case.  As he looks closely at her he can also spot a pair of black stockings with a hint of the red lace tops, but his ogling does not go unnoticed.  "Are you done staring, you stupid pervert!!” Alya fumes.

Alya Red Black 1

“Yes Miss Alya.” he quickly responds as he opens the office and leads her in.  He gallantly holds a chair ready for her to take a seat but Alya walks right past him, her heels clicking on the floor.  She takes her place in the luxurious black leather chair behind the desk.  A little awkwardly he takes his place in the seat he had just held ready for her.

(Written by Enigma-Fetishist, May 2016)

Alya's gloved knuckles tap on the door.  “Enter!” she hears as she was already pushing the door open and entering the spacious office.  She looks at the man sitting behind the desk looking over his glasses sternly at her and slightly amazed because of her outfit.  Alya is wearing a black leather corset, very short leather skirt with a belt draped over her luscious hips, fishnet stockings and knee high platform stiletto boots.  To finish her outfit she is wearing short leather gloves and a choker type necklace.  She slides the long lambskin leather trench coat she was wearing off her shoulders and it is tossed onto the nearby couch to raise as much attention as possible.  She flatters herself as she moves before one of the luxurious chairs and sits in it before the principal without his consent.  “Do you know why I have summoned you here today Alya.....again!” the principal fumes as she has the audacity to show up in this outfit she was wearing when she was caught messing around.

“Hmmm I would not know, Sir.” she innocently states as she leans back and crosses her long legs and lets her booted foot bob up and down in the air.

The principal is slightly taken aback and lingers his gaze for a few moments on Alya's bobbing foot.  This does not go unnoticed by Alya as she smirks and continues to bob her foot in the air.  “I'm talking about the incident that occurred yesterday, young lady, when you were caught having intercourse with a man.  I will not have such things happening in my college.” he fumes as he looks again at the young lady sitting in front of him, and slowly he starts to lose his composure.  He falls back in his chair and coughs loudly.

Alya leans forward over the desk and looks the principal in his eyes.  “Oh, but you want those things to happen, Principal!  I can tell you want me to tell you all about it.” she whispers as she places her gloved hand on his chest and lets her finger trace it upwards to under his chin.  He moans as her touch causes him to achieve a massive erection, bulging his pants.  Alya smiles cruelly at him.

Alya domina 1

“No Miss!  This is inappropriate behaviour...and...and...” his voice trails off as Alya stands up and walks around the desk and pulls his chair that swivels to face her.  In doing this she pulls him away from his desk that was hiding his massive erection.

(Written by Enigma-Fetishist, May 2016)

The sun is pouring its rays onto the elevated porch where Alya is enjoying her morning coffee.  She leans back in her chair and enjoys the suns rays.  She looks at her surroundings taking in the magnificent view of her modern ranch and acres of surrounding forest.  She sips smiling deviously as she sees several people walking into a modern office building located on her estate close to the road.  This is where she controls her business when she isn't travelling to various parts of the world.  But today is her day off.  She finished her coffee and decides to go for a stroll on her estate.  She searches for fitting attire and decides on blue denim jeans, leopard print open shoulder shirt, heeled ankle cowgirl boots and to top it off a leopard print cowboy stetson hat.  As an extra she takes one of her bullwhips and laces it through the belt loops of her jeans, leaving it accessible but not hindering her movement.  She then heads off for her stroll.

Alya cowgirl 1

She smiles as she breathes in the fresh air and hears the sounds of the forest.  She knows the grounds like the back of her hand and she decides to head towards the lake located on her property.

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