(Written by Enigma-Fetishist, August 2016)



Alya arrives early at work.  She pours herself some coffee and takes her place behind her desk and laptop.  It's still a few hours before her boss comes in.  She works out his agenda for the day, and the contracts requiring his attention and other further business arrangements.  She then allows herself some time to relax.  She leans back in the chair and dangles her high heeled pump while looking at herself in the mirror on the wall opposite the desk.  Today she's wearing a black satin body, silk pantyhose layered with luscious nylon stockings, red high heeled pumps, a black leather skirt and a red satin blouse.


She is just barely balancing the pump on her feet as her handsome boss walks in.  She swiftly pulls back on the pump and flashes a radiant smile at the man.  “Good morning. Sir!  Here are your papers for the day.”  The man smiles lightly as he regains his composure, and Alya notices he is still staring at her long legs.


“Why, yes!  Thank you Alya!” he mutters as he walks by and enters his office.  Alya smirks as she continues her work.

Alya Red Secretary

A few hours later her boss calls her into his office.  “Can I help you, sir?” she asks as she enters.  The mans stares at Alya's beauty and is once again lost for words.  “Sir??” she asks again.


(Written by Enigma-Fetishist, June 2016)


Alya's heels click on the pavement as she struts down the crowded boulevard.  Several eyes lock onto her and heads turn as she passes men and women alike.  All view her with envy, lust and several bump into objects.  Alya smiles evilly as she takes it all in.  Her high heeled boots click onto the pavement, and she feels the tightness of her leather skirt wrapped around her hips, her blouse rubbing up against her nipples and the purse she is holding as she is headed to the shops.  All this is concealed by a leopard print fur coat.  Finishing the attire is a hat atop her beautiful blonde mane.


She rounds the corner to her favorite boutique.  She smirks as she enters and is greeted warmly by the female owner of the shop.  “Ah, good morning, Miss Alya.  How are you today?” she warmly opens.


“I am well, thank you!” Alya responds in kind.  The owner motions for one of her employees to ready the preferred samples Alya has requested earlier by phone.  The young man stumbles and hastily readies a dressing room.


Alya smiles at the cute shop clerk and the young man blushes. “If there is anything you desire, just let me know.” he stutters.

Alya Shop 1

Alya raises an eyebrow at him.  “Anything I desire?” she whispers as she closes in on him.  The young man looks flustered at the Goddess that approaches him.  She stops short just inches from him.  He can sniff her exquisite aroma.  She looks at him and her hand traces his neck up to his chin where her fingers linger and lifts his head up.  The man's body in response lifts up as well.  “I will keep that in mind, and I want you to wait in front of my dressing room.” she whispers huskily and with that her finger leaves his chin thumping him back on his feet.  He follows her as she sashays towards her dressing room and closes the thick velvet curtain in front of him.


(Written by Enigma-Fetishist, June 2016)


The man arrogantly struts towards the platform, his race helmet still in hand.  Alya observes the man through her large sunglasses.  Her black racing suit clings tightly to the curves of her body much like race cars cling to the track, always finding the perfect lines, fitting like a glove.  She struts a short distance behind the man, following him, her high heel sandals click on the hot tarmac.  The man walks onto stage and takes his place on the elevated platform.  He stands in Third Place but he acts as if he was the victor of the race.  He slaps the girl handing out the prizes and the flowers on her behind.  She is startled and looks back at him with a scowl.  Alya scoffs at him, her fingerless leather gloves creak as she makes a fist.

Alya Racer

He jumps off stage and heads toward his trailer.  He passes by Alya and does a double take on seeing her.  “Well, hello gorgeous!  Are you here to congratulate the winner?” he puffs his chest out in glory.


(Written by Enigma-Fetishist, June 2016)


Alya confidently struts through the doors of the palatial hotel.  Looking across the lobby she easily spots the security detail near the concierge desk and check in counters.  She smiles as she confidently strides towards the elevators.  No one dares to approach her as she enters the polished elevators to ascend to the desired penthouse suite.


Alone in the elevator, she glances at herself in the mirrored walls.  She's wearing her tight leather leggings, black leather jacket with a wide belt across her waist and her elbow length studded gloves and thigh high leather boots.  She seductively sucks on her leather clad finger as she looks at herself in the mirror.


The doors open and she struts toward the double doors of one of the penthouse suits, knocking just once. A good looking although slightly nervous looking older man opens the door.  “Ah, Miss Alya!  So glad you were able to make the appointment.” he stammers looking at the blonde Goddess standing in front of him.  He leads her in as Alya confidently walks past him, tracing one gloved finger across his chin as she smiles seductively.

Alya Biker 1

“So good of you to meet with me on such short notice, Senator!” she coyly states as she sits down on the couch crossing her legs and bobbing the heel of her boot in the air.  She has quickly made herself comfortable in these luxurious surroundings.  The man gulps and walks to retrieve a bottle of iced champagne.  He produces two champagne flutes and presents one to Alya.

(Written by 5lave81, June 2016)


Chapter 1 The Beginning...


John had been having trouble sleeping recently and had seen an ad online regarding booking a visit with a psychiatrist.  The article was written by a Dr Alya Ivanova.  John was very sceptical about going to see a shrink but he was taken aback by her picture online with the article.  He started a search for more about her, and found only head shots, but she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life.  Her looks were to die for, sexy full lips and the most intriguing amazing eyes that you just cannot help but look into and get lost in.  So John thought it was at least worth going to just to see her in real life and if she helped his sleeping problems then that was a positive.  The article read that the Doctor was very experienced at understanding and breaking down the thoughts of the mind using techniques of hypnosis, control and manipulation to help to train the mind and body to reach peace and balance.  John thought this was all rubbish but also thought he would give it a try so went along with it and booked an appointment.


The day of the appointment came, but John had to wait as his was late in the afternoon.  His anticipation built up all day.  The appointment came and it was at the Doctor's house which he thought was a little strange and caused a little trouble finding a parking space.  By the time John had knocked on the door he was already five minutes late but thought nothing of this.  The door swung open and John's eyes almost popped out of his head.  Doctor Alya Ivanova stood in front of him, and her entire body was a stunner, the hottest he had ever seen.  She was wearing a pair of shiny black pointed stiletto pvc boots, a smart sexy black leather skirt with a tight fitting red silk blouse with the top buttons undone to reveal both her amazing cleavage and a chain with a key on it (which John thought was a little strange for a doctor to wear).  Her face looked even hotter than in her picture online if that was possible.  He worked his way slowly up to her eyes, which were piercing.  However, she did not look happy and said "Well?" in a stern disapproving voice.


John was taken aback and stuttered out a reply of, "Oh, um, sorry!  I have an appointment to see Doctor Alya Ivanova.  Am I the right place?"


Alya replied again in a short tone, stating  "Well, of course you are!  You know you are, don't you?  But you are also late?  That is something I don't stand for!"  John apologised and blamed the parking.  Alya knew that he would have trouble parking, and turned with a smile, and told John to come in and make himself comfortable on a seat in the middle of the room.


Alya explained her professional background and advised that her appointments are run a little different than most but she claims that she guarantees 100% results.  She stated that John would be able to sleep well as early as tonight if he followed her instructions and trust her.  Alya explained that the most important rule is to be honest as this will open the mind fully to achieve the best results.  John agreed to this rule and Alya sat down in front of him and said "Ok, let’s begin."  Alya asked him a series of questions about who he was and about his sleeping patterns.  She also asked him what he thought the issues were?  John blamed it all on work pressures and stress and wanted a way of relieving this pressure.  Alya made notes on a multi page document as she continued to delve into John and his problem with more questions.  At the same time she had crossed her legs leaving one booted leg swaying from left to right in an hypnotic motion.  She had noticed that John couldn't keep his eyes off her boots from the moment he walked in.  She was teasing him and putting him under a hypnotic spell with each swinging motion of her leg.  At this point her questioning changed from work to personal questions, seeking information on his likes and dislikes and his hobbies.  With each question she was working her way into his mind, and she knew that she was casting a spell on him.  At this point her questions turned to those of a sexual nature, again asking his likes and dislikes.  His answers were very vanilla, so she told him that she thought he was lying and told him to open up.  She dropped in the line "Look my pet, I will not tolerate lies!  You need to open up to me.  Be totally honest with me as I grasp your problem and get to the root of it."  His answers were still very vanilla.


At this point, Alya decided that he needed to sign his diagnosis papers.  She presented him with a large number of pages that she had been filling out, and told him to sign the last page.  As John started to look them over, Alya said "We do not have time for you to read them all now, but you can sign them and put your trust into me and my treatment of your problem!  Remember, I guarantee if you let me do my prescribed treatment of you, you will sleep well tonight 100%.  So just sign it and let us move onto the next stage of my diagnosis and get started on your treatment!"  John was quickly convinced and signed the last pages, dating them and handing them back to a smiling Alya.


"Great John, now we can get down to the root of your problem." she said.  "Let me probe you deeper!" she added.  Continuing to explain to John, Alya stated "The main difference in my treatment is that I require my patients to be fully naked!"  John became worried as he had already felt his cock stir when she opened the door to him and also when she was asking him those sexually based questions.  He would feel very embarrassed standing naked in front of her and would certainly feel embarrassed if (or when as he knew) he would get a full on erection staring at this beauty in front of him, knowing that he was already semi-hard!  He did not want to go through with it and tried to make his excuses and leave.  Alya could obviously see that he was getting flustered which made her laugh but she reached out and held John's hand with one hand and stroked his arm with the other.  She looked John deep into his eyes and said in a very calm and soothing voice "Please little Johnny, listen to me!  I know you was not expecting this but trust me, it works!  You have nothing to hide.  In fact it will allow me to read your every response and understand your problems.  I have had great success of this in the past and please don't be embarrassed!  I can tell you that I have seen it all before!  And you have signed your treatment document which outlined this form of analysis!" and she gave a reassuring wink.


This put John at ease so quickly that he could not really understand what was happening to him.  Without even thinking or trying to question her he found himself quickly agreeing, and he stood up and he undressed in front of her and then sat back down in the seat opposite Alya.  He was semi-hard as he had fully revealed himself to Alya.


Alya went back to her questioning of him.  Those questions quickly turned back to sexual questions, probing his feelings to different things.  He was responding with either plain vanilla answers or answers that did not reveal anything about his hidden fetishes.  She could tell he was lying as his cock was getting harder with the questioning, and would spasm on certain fetish related questions.


Alya then changed her approach!  Still with her hypnotic swing to her boot, she questioned, "John, do you realise you have not taken your eyes off of my PVC stiletto boots since you walked in?" John didn't respond.  Alya knew that he loved her boots!  It was time to move to the next stage as Alya then said in a stern voice "John, you are testing my patience!  To me, I think you are a perverted boot slave and you should get on all fours right now, crawl over to me on the floor and lick my boots!"  With this Alya stopped swinging her boot and brought it to the floor with a firm thud.


This shook John out of his daze and he quickly responded, "God no!  I do not want that at all!  What have you done to me?  This is all because of you!  You have tricked me!  What have you done to me?  That is not me at all!"  John was getting very flustered.


Alya responded by telling John to calm down, she looked him deep into his eyes again, got up and approached him whilst saying in a soothing voice "Calm down John!  I am trying to help you.  You must open up totally to me.  Do not hide anything from me.  You have taken all your clothes off, and now you need to take your defences down for me.  Just relax, Johnny!  Be calm and listen to your Doctor!"  Alya walked past John as she spoke and was now behind him.  She placed her hands on John's shoulders and began to gently massage him.  This had a tremendous effect on him and worked as John began to relax again with Alya's touch and soothing words.  Alya then stroked her nails in a caressing way over John's broad shoulders, along the side of his neck, the side of his head, and then down to his arms and chest whilst continuously talking to him and reassuring him.  John was falling back into the sub consciousness state.  Alya ran her fingernails over John's nipples, giving them a gentle flick each time she passed across them.  She concentrated her caresses now on his chest area and each time she approached his nipples John would arch his back and lean towards her nails, offering them to her, hoping she would squeeze them.  Alya could see this and was enjoying teasing him, seeing his cock harden even more.  She eventually held them both in her fingers and thumbs and squeezed them simultaneously.  John let out a yelp of pain and pleasure.  “Well done, my submissive John!" Alya rewarded John.


Without realising it John responded "Thank you, Mistress!"


With this Alya moved back to caressing John's shoulders with her nails.  She continued down to his arms and wrists.  Before John knew it, his wrists had been secured to the arms of the chair with restraints that were hidden in the chair.


Alya then walked round to the front of her new submissive and slapped his face to make sure he was listening.  She then shouted in a cruel and sadistic tone "Slave, you are mine now!  This is what you crave and you know it!  I have not done this to you because I know deep down you want it!  I have done this because you lied to me!  I asked you many questions and you kept on lying and I will punish you for it!  I know that you have been searching BDSM sites.  I know your secret desires and I gave you plenty of opportunities to tell me each and every one of them!  Yet you kept lying!  YOU WILL LICK MY BOOTS!  I WILL PUNISH YOU UNTIL YOU BEG ME TO LET YOU LICK MY BOOTS, YOU WORM!!"


John responded pleading his innocence, "No, I do not want this!  You have tricked me!  I don't want to play your games and I will not lick your boots!  NOW LET ME GO!"


Mistress Alya began laughing “HA HA HA HA!  Slave, you don't have a choice and we both know that you do crave this!  I will help you live out your wildest fantasies."  Sit back and relax!  You will be happy you did when I am done with your session!"


With this Alya walked behind a screen in the office, and she removed her silk blouse and skirt, placing them over the screen so John could see that she was taking her clothes off.  She then slipped into a sexy black PVC dress.  Walking out, John was stunned by her attire now, pleased in his heart but still apprehensive.  She walked to her chair and reaching into the back of it picked up a riding crop.  She then walked towards her Slave with a very pleased look on her face, smiling as she tapped her crop in her hand.  Once she arrived at John who was still restrained to the chair, she tapped her crop gently against her slave's rock hard cock which was now dripping with precum.   Mistress Alya said in a smooth and soft voice "Slave, if you didn't desire this then you would not have got yourself into such a mess now, would you?" before laughing at her subject again.  "Just look at you!  I can see you love it!" and she proved it with her crop tapping the head of his precum covered hard cock.


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