(Written by Enigma-Fetishist, October 2016)

The mansion is decorated in a most sinister decor.  It is the time of year again where most people enjoy getting a scare.  The Mistress of the mansion sips on her flute of champagne as she takes in the view of her mansion.  There are skeletons with pumpkin heads and cobwebs placed around the old mansion alongside other things giving it that sinister look.  Alya smirks evilly as she finishes her flute.  She looks at herself in the mirror and widely smiles.  She's wearing a snake skin patterned leotard with incorporated sleeves, gloves and mask covering her blond mane.  She's wearing silky pantyhose, snake skin patterned stockings and knee high boots.  She finished the look with studded bracelets around her wrists and a necklace and a small belt around her shapely waist.  She indulges herself by sucking her finger and rubbing her inner thighs ever so slightly.  “Hmmm I hope we get the right kind of trick or treaters tonight.” she hisses to herself.


From her window she checks the wide road up to her mansion.  For Halloween it has been narrowed to a small winding road filled with bushes giving the impression they belong with the rest of the large trees and other scenery common on her domain.  Several large mechanical spiders have been hidden in the bushes, activated by motion sensors.  A few well built skeletal ghouls are hidden as well, ready to strike when the pressure sensitive plates are but barely touched.  She has placed a few pumpkins filled with candy for the little ones at the beginning of the road, only the adult people are challenged to venture into her domain.  Satisfied she takes a seat on her throne and smiles mesmerizing at what could happen tonight.

Alya spike 1

Not long after, she hears the doorbell ring.  She struts to the door and looks through the peep hole.  A handsome muscular guy in a spandex skeleton outfit nervously looks around on the other side.  Alya smirks as she opens the door.  “Trick or treat?” the man stutters while taken aback by Alya's appearance.

(Written by Enigma-Fetishist, September 2016)

Alya takes a sip of her champagne as she takes in her surroundings.  The restaurant she is in is completely empty, the bouncer at the door is keeping everybody out.  Alya smiles as she takes another sip.  Sitting with one leg over the other, she dangles her high heeled pump on her toes when suddenly the doors open and a young woman walks in.  Alya smirks as she notices that the woman is immediately taken aback by the sight of Alya.


As she approaches Alya across the empty room, she checks Alya out from head to toe and smiles.  Tonight, Alya is wearing her sheer mesh with satin trim see through blouse, a sexy black bra visible beneath, scrumptious shiny polished leather skirt, silk stockings with a black band at the top and black leather high heeled pumps.


The woman walks over to the table and a waiter seats her opposite Alya.  He provides her with a drink as he tops off Alya's champagne flute.  “So glad of you to accept my invitation.” the young woman states smiling.  The woman beams as she continues to take in Alya's beauty while she sips her drink.  Alya's golden mane of hair certainly shines in the darkened mood lighting of the restaurant.


Alya smiles seductively.  “It is my pleasure!  It is not too often a woman asks me for my presence!” she smiles as she tantalisingly licks her lips.  The young woman gulps and bites her lip in desire as she sees Alya do this.  Alya notices and smiles seductively.  “Although judging by your reaction, this is not what you had hoped for?” she playfully states as she catches a drop of champagne running down the outside of her flute with her thumb and then seductively licks it off between her full lips.


“No...no...This is exactly what I was hoping for.” the young woman stammers as Alya's beautiful eyes penetrate her staring gaze.  The waiter swiftly returns to take their orders.  He writes them down and once receiving them, takes the menus and leaves them alone once more.


“So tell me, why have you asked to meet me?” Alya asks while smirking confidently.


“I...I...I have been dying to meet you for so long.  I am a huge fan of yours!” the young woman states.  Alya smiles, looking the woman right in the eyes and captivating her.


"Is that so, my dear?" Alya asks, knowing the answer.


"Oh yes, I am!  And it is so exciting to be here in person with you!" the young woman adds.


"It is only natural.  Would you like an autographed photo?  I have one with me!" Alya says, standing up to get her purse.


"Oh yes, I would treasure it!" the young woman admits, checking out Alya as she stands tall above her, the curves of her body showing, especially the curve of her hot shapely butt in the shiny skirt.  Alya knows the effect she has on everyone, and stood with her feet slightly apart, to have the woman dream of those long legs, parted so sexily.


Alya retrieves the photo and bending over the table toward the young woman, writes on it and signs the photo, personalizing it with an intimate message.  The woman reaches over to get in from Alya's hands, but Alya says "Not yet!  I have not finished personalizing it."

Alya dinner 1

Alya sits across from the woman again, and with her full, pouting lips, places a big lipstick kiss in one corner of the photo, seductively letting her lips slowly touch the photo, and then pull away, parted and pouting.  The young woman is squeezing her thighs together as she closely watches Alya do this.  Alya then slides the personalized photo to the young woman across the table. "Thank you so much, Alya!"

(Written by Stanley, September 2016)

I had called to set up an appointment for a professional massage.  It was something I did each month, to relieve the stress of my difficult job.  I have booked with Natasha, my usual masseuse, but when I arrived, I was greeted by a stunning blonde I had not seen before.  You introduced yourself as Alya and you said that if I did not mind, you would be giving me the massage today, as Natasha was unavailable.


Pleasantly surprised, I agreed and you directed me to the massage room.  It was similar to the one Natasha used, but was filled with white furniture, chairs, treatment table, bench, with red trim.  It matched your outfit, as you were dressed hotly in a white nurses outfit with red trim.  You welcomed me into the room.

Alya massage 1

Directing me toward the ensuite washroom, you asked me to undress and shower.  I did so and on stepping out, I got back into my underwear and was about to head out into the massage room when you tossed another towel into the washroom to me.  You instructed that I was to wrap this around my naked body.  Surprised, as Natasha never asked me to be naked I wrapped the soft towel around my hips and slipped out of my underwear.  I walked out into the room as you smiled and directed me to lay on the massage table, face down.  That was good as I was doing my best to not get hard as a rock seeing you standing there.

(Written by Enigma-Fetishist, August 2016)


Alya smiles as she soaks in the sun shining on the beautiful courtyard.  The fresh air is filled with different fragrances from the gardens, flowers and others carried in on the breeze from the surrounding vineyards.  Alya smirks as she sips a glass of fine wine.  Alya enjoys relaxing in the lap of luxury.


Alya has been invited by the owner of the Chateau to visit this afternoon.  Alya gladly accepted, knowing she would be treated Royally as she deserves.  The beautiful female owner of the Chateau and surrounding vineyards struts into Alya's view wearing a short satin dress shining in the sunlight, and high heels.  She is beaming a big smile as she takes in the beauty of Alya while approaching her.


Alya rises leisurely from her chair to greet the woman.  “So glad you accepted my invitation!” the woman beams looking at Alya.  She notes that Alya is wearing a tight blue PVC miniskirt and a sexy black PVC top.  Over the top, Alya has on a shiny blue PVC bolero jacket.  Her legs have a thin layer of nylon on them and her feet are in black high heeled pumps.


“The pleasure is all mine!” Alya smiles back at the woman.  They sit down and the woman tops off Alya's glass.  Both sip their wine after exchanging pleasantries and then for a few minutes in relative silence.  Alya breaks the silence, saying “I do believe you asked me here for more then to just enjoy the scenery?” smiling at the woman.


The woman is flustered and stammers, “Well...yes...I have!”  Alya looks the woman deep in the eyes.  “I...I simply wanted to meet you!  I have heard so much about you that I just couldn't resist calling you!  You intrigue me!” the woman blurts out, turning red in the face.


Alya smirks evilly at this revelation as the woman blushes and quickly takes another sip of wine.  Alya gets up and struts around the table to the woman.  She places her index finger under the woman's chin and makes her look up into Alya's penetrating eyes.  “You are curious about me!  You want to see what I can do!  You want to know what my expertise is!” she whispers as she licks her full luscious lips.

Alya blue 1

“Yes, I admit it.  My account manager told me how some of my rich male patrons have you as a client, and handsome sums of money are sent to you, but no one is sure what you do for it.  You also buy many cases of my wine.  So it made me curious about you!" she admitted.


(Written by Enigma-Fetishist, August 2016)


This is the sequel to the Secretary story:



It has been a few hours since Alya brought up the promotion idea with her boss.  She is sitting behind her laptop typing, still reminiscing of the fun she had earlier with her boss.  She smirks evilly as she feels herself becoming moist remembering the experience.  As if it is meant to be, the intercom on her desk suddenly beeps.  “Alya, please come into my office.  I need to discuss something with you.” her boss tremblingly states.


Alya smirks as she finishes typing, hits the save button and then prints the document she has been working on.  She gets up and picks up that document from the printer and walks to the office clutching a pair of documents.  Her heels are clicking on the floor heralding her arrival at the door to her boss' office.  Her handsome boss opens the door and smirks at her.  She enters the office, striding past him, and sits herself in his chair behind his desk looking at him devilishly.


The man inhaled the sweet scent of Alya as she walked past and was also remembering their past encounter.  He loudly gulps and sits himself in one of the chairs across from her.  “I...I...I think it is time we discussed your promotion.” he stammers.


Alya leans forward giving him a ample look at her marvelous cleavage as she licks her lips and looks him in the eye.  “I think it is long overdue, boss!” she huskily states as she leans back in the chair tracing her curvy body with her hands.  He gasps audibly watching her and his pants are straining to contain his throbbing erection.  He adjusts himself in the chair and slides a few documents across the desk to Alya.  Alya takes them and leans back again as she reads them.  As she does so, one of her feet stealthily creeps up the man's leg and resting in between his legs starts mashing his crotch.  “Something wrong, boss?” she whispers innocently without looking up from the papers.


“No...no...nothing wrong!” the man moans as he is expertly teased by Alya.  Her foot continues to push against his bulging crotch.


A few minutes later, Alya lays down the papers on the desk and looks at her boss.  “This is an intriguing offer you have for me, but offers like this are a dime a dozen!  I think you can do better!” she hisses as she increases the pressure she is putting on her foot which massages her boss's crotch.


“Aaahhhhaahhh!  What do you want me to change, Alya?” he moans loudly.


Alya relieves the pressure from her foot pressing against him and smiles cruelly at the man.  She produces the documents that she entered the office with and slides them across the desk toward him, along with a pen.  “Don't read it!  Just sign them!” she coyly whispers.  The man's hand trembles as he signs the line on the last page of the document.  “Hmmm, excellent decision!” Alya hisses as she leans backs again taking the papers in her hand and admiring his signature on the bottom line.  She starts massaging his crotch once more with her high heeled pump.


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