The Theatre - Part 4

(Written by Enigma Fetishist, April 2017)


The Theatre - Part 4


Back at the hotel


Alya smiles as she struts next to her "date" leaving the opera.  All eyes seem to be glued to them as Alya struts and carefully shows parts of her luscious legs under the long fur coat.  "Hmmm, this has been delightful!  I am still dripping wet!" she whispers playfully yet matter of factly into her "date's" ear.  The man grunts as these words force another pulse of blood into his already straining bulge in his pants.  Alya smirks in sheer pleasure seeing him squirm to keep his composure.


They reach the limousine without incident and finally the man is able to breath freely.  "My God!  You can be evil!  Your words can truly bring a man to his knees!" he groans in admission as he regains his breath.


Alya looks at him and her hand reaches around his throat, playfully yet with precision she manipulates the pressure.  "Hmmm, I can do so much with just a single hand!  Imagine what I can do with my entire body!" she hisses as she climbs on top of him, straddling him and enveloping him into her beautiful fur coat.  The man moans in agony as his throbbing crotch is met by the sensation of Alya's moist womanhood.


"Goddess, you are pure evil!" he moans in joy as he bucks his hips and leans back.


Alya bites and kisses his neck.  "I am indeed the Goddess of your most erotic dreams!  Admit that and never forget it!" Alya hisses as she climbs down from the man.  She did this just in time as they arrived back at the hotel.  The man follows Alya as she struts through the lobby, barely able to contain himself.  They reach the elevator taking them to the top floor penthouse suite.  He shakingly pours Alya a flute of champagne and himself a scotch which he downs instantly, endeavouring to calm himself.  Alya smiles as she stands behind him and places her arms underneath his own and around his chest, kissing his ear.  "You have held yourself well tonight!  But now it is time for the encore performance and for you to get what you deserve!" she moans seductively as she turns him around and starts kissing him, probing his mouth with her tongue as he places his hands around her hips and pulls her close.  His hands explore her delicious behind as the fur coat slides lightly down one of her shoulders opening the coat up and exposing her delicious body to him.  She finally breaks the kiss and he kisses her neck, gently traveling down her body as he caresses her nipples with his tongue through the sheer nylon dress.  Alya moans in pleasure as his hands knead her buttocks.  Ever so slightly nearing her quickly moistening womanhood.  "Let's head for the bedroom!  That is our stage!" she groans...

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