The Theatre - Part 3

(Written by Enigma Fetishist, April 2017)


The Theatre - Part 3


Intermission and Second Half


Alya sips her champagne smiling like a cheshire cat as the gentleman next to her still has a red face.  He is trying to calm his nerves some more with a glass of scotch.  "I still can not believe you made me do that!" he hisses as he leans back.


Alya looks at him.  "Believe me, I have done far more to men then that!  So do not test me!" she states as she looks him in the eyes and her gloved hand caresses his cheek and neck.  Meanwhile the opera has reached the intermission.  At the break, the patrons of the theater have left for the lobby to refresh and get a drink.


"Before we go, I have another gift!" the gentleman states as he reaches for another box.


"Oh my!  You know how to spoil a woman!" Alya smiles as he produces another pair of fine heels from the box.  Alya puts them on herself this time as the man watches her in awe and his cock starts bulging again.  Alya notices this as he sits besides her and her gloved hand grabs his crotch and squeezes.  "Hmmm, seems you cannot get enough dear!" she hisses in his ear as her tongue licks his earlobe before grabbing his head and kissing him, probing his mouth with her tongue as he moans in delight.  With each passing second he is craving her more and more.


She breaks off the kiss and turns around as he grabs her hand once more.  "I have one more gift for you, dear!" he utters as he pulls out a magnificent long fur coat.


"You cannot seem to stop showering me with gifts!" she smiles as she glides into the coat, twirling and showing it off.  She kisses the gentleman on his cheek before leaving him behind again panting and trying to gain his composure as the view was just stunning.


In the lobby once again men flock to her presence.  More proposition her, offer her the moon, and again she takes several more business cards making many of them smile.  Eventually, Alya heads to the bar and receives a glass of champagne.  The man who was earlier on the PA system approaches her and orders a scotch at the bar.  "My, you are one beautiful specimen!" he states sipping his scotch as he looks at Alya.  He made no attempt to hide his desire or lust.


Alya smirks at him.  "It has been said a few times this evening!" she whispers to him.  The man looks into her eyes.


"I cannot deny that you aroused me to no end earlier this evening!" he blatantly confesses as he comes closer to Alya.  Alya laughs as she moves closer to him.  However, before he can act she grabs his crotch and squeezes.  The man groans and buckles slightly allowing his jacket to cover the scene up.


"Don't for an instance take me as someone who is easily impressed by your behavior or trinkets!" she coldly states as she glares at him.  She emphasizes the words by squeezing and twisting his aching crotch.  The man buckles and nods before Alya releases him allowing the man to gasp for air and to have another look at her as she sashays away.  Her "Date" for the evening has regained enough composure to join her and she faithfully struts beside him as he makes his rounds and talks to his business partners and shows her off.  Alya is good at arousing not only himself but them as well.  She knows they are all thinking how good she is!  And also she knows that they all want her.  Jealous looks from the other women are swept away as Alya smiles at them and a fair few look at her in admiration and desire as well.


Soon the PA announces the start of the second half of the opera and Alya puts away another fair share of business cards from eager men wanting her attention.  There were also several cards from females in attendance.  "Honey, would you excuse me?  I need to go freshen up a bit!" she whispers in his ear as she sucks on his earlobe.


"Yes, of course!" the gentleman mutters.  She walks to the restrooms and checks if nobody is there.  She then reaches into her purse and pulls out a new dress.  Alya quickly but elegantly undresses out of the thin cocktail dress and redresses herself.  She looks in the mirror as the see through nylon dress hugs her body.  Hiding nothing but her panties, she slides her fingers into them and takes them off.  Now nude under her dress, she pulls on the new fur coat and it covers all of her.


Alya smiles wicked as she leaves the restroom.  As she reaches the lounge and the opera starts again the gentleman is ecstatic.  "This has worked out wonderfully!  Thank you so much!  You are a true Goddess and entertainer!" he states beamingly.  They quickly go back to their balcony box.

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To be continued...


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