(Written by Anonymous, May 2017)



I love Your latest photoset Mistress. It's different clothes but very sensual and exciting, all the more so in the open and with that sunny light!!!  You have such a range, Mistress!!!

Alya Nylon Worship

I told You already that each time I see new photos of You I feel like I am discovering You anew.

And in a sense it is true, because You become more and more beautiful each time.

Please do not get me wrong Mistress, Your first photosets are wonderful, sexy and You are extremely beautiful, seductive, elegant.

But there is a distinct evolution, and soon You seem to reveal Yourself.

You grow in stature, You become more sculptural, more stunning, more perfect, Your beautiful features are imperceptibly refined and chiseled into pure, racy perfection.

This is noticeable and keeps going on through Your photosets and videos, Mistress.

From an amazing model with a flawless figure and exquisite charm, soon from set to set, You grow into an impressively sharp, aristocratic, sophisticated Lady of unbelievable beauty, exuding confidence, superiority, regal power.

As if from being a Model posing for a camera at first, You reveal the Goddess in You and ineluctably from set to set You take control and start ruling the camera, as a lovely tamer Lady staring down ferocious felines and having them crawl meekly at her heels simply by the formidable authority of her beautiful eyes, without even having to crack her whip.

From the first sets You shine, You are resplendent and You radiate with all the beauty and glory of life, but as it goes on, You become more perfect and powerful, revealing more of Your inner strength and nobility, yet letting the beholder know that there is yet so much more beauty in You, that You are so inaccessible and it is impossible to fathom all the depth, the grace and strength and sensuality that is in You - which is simply true, by the way.



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