The Theatre - Part 2

(Written by Enigma Fetishist, April 2017)


The Theatre - Part 2


Arrival and First Half


Alya smiles as the gentleman keeps looking at her.  They have just entered the limousine and are now away from prying eyes as he smiles widely.  "My Goddess!  I still cannot comprehend how beautiful you are!" he murmurs as he hands her a new flute of champagne, while looking at her legs and body.


Alya laughs.  "Well, you pay for the best so you get the best!  And I am the BEST!" she states sipping her champagne.  The man nods in agreement, smiling and feeling his desire for her increase even more.  However, it is a short ride to the theater.


Upon their arrival at the theatre, he quickly hops out and walks to the other side of the limousine to open the door and hold it for Alya, as any proper gentleman would.  He helps her get out of the luxurious vehicle.  Alya struts in a very sexy way as only she can walking beside him, attracting looks from not just other guests but random people passing by as well as some of the personnel of the theatre.  The gentleman enjoys the chaos Alya creates with her divine presence as other male guests give him envious looks and stare at Alya.  Everyone can see the lust on their faces, that is if they were watching them and not Alya.  Their own dates need to slap or pinch them to regain their attention.  "My God!  This is working better then I had hoped!" he groans in delight as they enter the theater.


"...And we like to thank our special benefactor for being so generous with his donations....And well, look to my right as the man of the hour has just arrived!  But hold on!  Who is this gorgeous woman accompanying him?!" is the voice that resounds over the PA system.  Both the gentleman and Alya smile as all heads turn and stare at them.  The man making the announcements from the elevated platform just cannot take his eyes off of Alya!  When she looks at him and winks, the man lowers his hands to hide his bulging crotch.  Alya laughs at the feeble attempts of the man, followed suit by other male patrons of the opera.


"Hmmm, it seems a lot of people share your problem!" she hisses in his ear as her hand swiftly caresses the inner thigh of the gentleman.


"Hmmm, yeah!  Tough luck for them!" he smiles as his crotch bulges once more.


A staff member quickly approaches them.  "Good evening, sir!  May I take your coats?  And sir, the special items you requested have arrived.  Would you like to inspect them?" the staff member states.


Alya hands him her coat.  “Take good care of this!” she smiles at him.


"Of course madam!" the staff member bows his head.


"Alya, please make yourself comfortable!  I will get you something to drink and attend to the items." he states smiling.


"Of course, honey!" Alya smiles as she plays the part and kisses his cheek allowing everybody a beautiful view as she slightly bends over.  The man goes off with the staff member leaving Alya to mingle with the other guests.  Several men approach her and proposition her, offer her lots of things for her time, and also present her with their business cards which she slides inside a compartment within her purse.  Each time she takes a business card, the man giving it is beside himself with awe, and smiling at the fact that she accepted his card.  The gentleman quickly returns with a glass of champagne for her and he is carrying a box with him.  "Oh my!  What have you planned now?" Alya smiles evilly.

Alya Theatre 2a

"You'll see in a minute!  Let's head for our box in the balcony." he whispers smiling deeply.  They arrive at their VIP box high above the stage, secluded from prying eyes.


Alya sits herself down in the luxurious seats and looks at the gentleman.  "So what do you have planned?" she states smiling at him.


"These!!" he whispers as he opens the box revealing a pair of beautiful sexy high heels.


"Hmmm, they do look nice!  How do you know they will fit me??" Alya smiles playfully, knowing fully well he has her exact measurements.


"Uhmm, you would have to try them on!" the man gulps.


Alya presents him with one of her luscious legs.  "That will be your task." she states sternly.  He sinks to one knee as he carefully unzips, opens and removes one of Alya's black leather ankle boots.  He carefully places the new high heel on her foot.  "Hmmm, they seem to fit!" she hisses in content.  The gentleman sighs in relief, as Alya presents him with her other foot.  He starts to repeat the process as Alya leans back and presses the point of her high heel into his crotch, making him moan as his erection grows to full length.


Feeling her foot pressing against his bulge he pleads "Hmmm, please Goddess!  I am going to orgasm!" but this is in vain.


To be continued...

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