The Theatre - Part 1

(Written by Enigma Fetishist, April 2017)


The Theatre - Part 1




The Learjet touches down on the runway, though it's occupants barely notice as the tires kiss the tarmac.  One of the occupants is Alya, who smirks as she feels the shuddering of the wheels while casually sipping on her flute of champagne.  The aircraft taxies to the VIP hangar, away from the prying eyes of the public.  Once the aircraft has fully stopped, Alya rises from the comfortable seats and stretches her delicious body.  She licks her lips as she struts toward the exit of the plane, smirking ever so slightly as she sees her reflection in the windows of the aircraft.


She smiles widely as she exits down the stairs from the aircraft and is presented with the view of a dozen high end sports cars.  A handsome male steward appears at her side.  "Ma'am, I am instructed to give you access to any vehicle you desire here." he mutters professionally but his eyes betray him as he takes in Alya's gorgeous appearance.  Alya smirks as one of her gloved hands caresses his side, making him shudder.


"Very kind of you!" she hisses with a wink.


"My pleasure, Ma'am." he smirks as Alya looks at him.


"Well, yes!  I suppose it is!" she laughs as she snatches the keys to a Ferrari from the tray.


She struts to the red sports car and enters it, her long legs reaching for the pedals as she turns over the engine and relishes the sound.  The vibrations gently arouse her body in the Italian leather seat.  Without hesitating she speeds off, the navigational unit preset and plotting it's course.


In a surprisingly short ride she pulls up at the designated Grand Hotel in the city centre.  She steps out of the car into the brisk cold and relishes the warmth given to her by her fur coat.  Under it, her firm body is clad in a thin cocktail dress, nylon stockings and ankle boots and she is wearing delicious satin gloves.

Alya theatre 1a

She struts towards the entrance of the hotel as a limousine driver exiting the premises looks stunned by her beauty.  He proceeds to hold the door open for her as she approaches him.  "Why, thank you!" Alya smiles as the driver stammers.


"No problem, Ma'am!  How could I let a Goddess like you open the door on your own?" he smiles faintly.  Alya laughs as she enters the opulent hotel.  Her radiant appearance and intoxicating laugh stop the buzzing in the lobby as all eyes turn to her.  Confidently she struts on as people gawk and hotel personnel bump into one another.  A few men approach Alya as she makes her way through the lobby.


"Good day gorgeous, can I offer you a drink?" one man states as he stands in front of her, eager to draw her attention.


Mere seconds later another man has joined him.  "Can I take you away from this drizzled hotel to my luxurious penthouse?"  The second man puffs with pride and slight arrogance, hoping to win her over to him.  Both men look at each other and start to bicker for her attention.  Alya smiles evilly as she leaves them to it.  It is a daily occurrence with men near her and she is used to it, even relish it.  Males just cannot help themselves near her.


She struts towards the elevator where a kind hotel employee has already opened the doors for her.  "Are you going up to the penthouse suites, Madam?" he asks politely.


"Yes I am!" Alya states as she flashes him a brilliant smile, sending the man smiling as the ascend together all the way up to the penthouse.


As she reaches her destination and the doors open she is greeted by a handsome strapping man.  "Ah, Miss Alya!  Welcome!  I am so honoured to finally meet you!  I was just on my way down to greet you.  It seems you are a bit early!" the man states as he takes in Alya's beauty.


"Well, your car brought me here fast even though it is snowing a little!" Alya smirks as she dangles the keys in front of him.


The man laughs and smiles widely, though his eyes still eagerly staring at Alya's beauty, from head to toe.  "My toys are indeed fast!  But please keep the keys!" he states as he eagerly offers her his arm to lead her to his suite.  She accepts, smirking all the way to the suite.


Once inside the suite, the gentleman offers her a flute of champagne and takes his place opposite her on the couch, purposefully so in order to see all of her before him.  "As I am very aware that you are in high demand, I was absolutely thrilled to hear that you accepted my offer!" he starts.


"Well, your offer was most enticing!  And you certainly sweetened the offer to ensure I would accept.  I do not pass on offers this enticing!" Alya smirks as she sips on her flute and crosses her legs, bobbing her ankle boot up and down in the air.  The man stares at her foot and along her long, luscious legs.  Alya snaps her fingers sharply calling him to attention.  "Before we start, did you follow all my instructions?" Alya asked.


"Oh yes!" he affirmed and reached to his brief case and pulled out a large envelop.  He hands it to Alya and she opens it and examines the papers inside.  "I trust you will find everything in order and to your satisfaction, Alya" he states.


"Yes, everything seems to be in order!" she smiles and she adds, "And before we start with my pleasure, I would like to know what you have planned?" she asks while sipping her champagne.


"Yes, well, today I have an opera premiere planned with several business partners and friends.  And I want to blow them all away with you!" he states.


Alya smiles evilly as she rises from the couch and struts over to him.  She towers over him as she bends towards him, her gloved hand wraps around his throat and she pushes him back into the couch.  "You will blow them away with me, but it will be costly.  And never consider me a thing you can use as I can easily turn all the tables against you!" Alya hisses as she presses one knee between his legs and into his crotch and mashes his erection.  "Am I clear!!" she states, taking total control of the situation, showing who is the boss.


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