Ice Queen

(Written by Enigma Fetishist, December 2016)


Ice Queen:


Alya hisses in frustration as she finished the last of her champagne.  "That bastard is late again!!" she fumes while clutching her riding crop and smacking the side of her throne.  Then the doorbell of her mansion sounds its majestic ring.  She struts towards the door and sees the pathetic form that is her late slave.  She opens the door to see the man standing there exuding an air of arrogance.  "I like it when people are punctual, not late!" she hisses angry at him.


The man merely smiles.  "Sorry, Mistress!  Forgot about the time." he casually states.


Alya grabs his ear and pulls him inside with such force he skids across the marbled floor.  "Don't fucking come here with those lame excuses, pathetic slut." she hisses as her crop flies through the air and smacks his cheek.


"Awawawawa...Sorry, Mistress!" the man whimpers in agony.


Alya stands in front of him with her hands at her sides breathing heavily.  She's wearing a latex catsuit, leather bustier, leather gloves and kneehigh boots.  Finishing her outfit are a neck choker and a latex cap and sunglasses.  "Undress now!!!" she hisses through clenched teeth.


The man swiftly follows the order and stands before her naked.  Alya kicks him in his crotch and he falls to the floor screaming.  "Shut your fucking mouth, pathetic little bitch!" Alya fumes as she kicks him again this time in his stomach.  She grabs him by his ear and hoists him to his knees.  "This is the last time you fuck around with me!  I have been patient because you've shown potential.  But this impression of you is no longer valid." she hisses as she drags him with her.


Instead of going to her dungeon or one of her playrooms she drags him outside to the terrace behind her mansion.  Due to the heavy snowfall from recent storms, it now has a stark, white and beautiful scenery.  The man whimpers as his body reacts to the cold.  "Now you will know the true meaning of the word, Ice Queen." Alya evilly hisses as she rubs her moist crotch through the catsuit with one hand and holds her riding crop pointed at him.  She directs him to a snow bank and turns him around, having him face the snowbank on his knees.  "Hands behind your back.! she demands as she shackles his arms and legs.  "Hmmmm, get ready for some fun...Well, my fun, that is!" she moans as she presses the handle of her riding crop between her thighs, moaning obscenely.

Alya ice queen

The man moves to turn his head but Alya spots him and smacks him with her gloved hand.  "Eyes forward!!!" she shrieks as she brandishes the crop for its intended purpose.  She places her booted heel on the back of his shoulder and pushes him head first into the snow.


"Argh, that is cold!!!" he shrieks.


Alya smiles evilly as she takes aim with her crop.  "This will warm you...Well, not really!" she smiles in evil delight as she starts to thrash his behind and back with her riding crop, leaving marks and hearing muffled cries from the snow bank as she colours his back and behind red with whip marks.  Finally she stops and she pulls the man from the snow bank and turns him to face her.  She places her boot against his chest.  "Playtime is not over!" she coyly whispers as she presses him down into the snow.  He lies there awkwardly because of his shackled limbs and Alya towers over him.  She smiles menacingly down to him as one of her boots caresses his crotch...


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