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The Journey


John was heading home after a long day in the office.  He had been working on quite an important project and was quite stressed.  He just wanted to get home and try to relax.  It was quite a boring journey, as John had to get a train and then a bus to get home.  He travelled the same time every day and saw the same faces every day, always travelling in silence.  It was the kind of situation that you don’t speak to others on the same route but you give them a smile and nod each morning as you both feel each other’s pain of the boring journey to work travelling in the packed trains and busses.


John had just got off the normal train that he takes and made his way to the bus stop queue, he waited with many familiar faces but the normal bus did not show up, by the time the next bus turned up another train had arrived, and the queue was bigger than normal.  "Great" John thought, the normally busy bus would now be jam packed, full of hot sweaty unhappy people on what was an already a warm day.


John had left his suit jacket at home today as it was quite warm.  And by the time John got on the bus all the seats had been taken.  This displeased John slightly but he was used to standing on these journeys so didn’t mind too much.  He made his way down to about half way along the bus as there seemed to be a little more standing room.  The bus was just starting to pull away when the driver hit the brakes, everyone jolted forward and many people moaned...


"What the hell are you doing?" moaned John, of course to no reply.  The driver had stopped to let on another passenger.  John shouted out quite loud as the passenger was getting on "Come on, driver!  We are already full!  We are packed like sardines!  You can’t let anyone else on!"  This promoted a few others to raise the same concern but the bus quickly went quiet when the passenger stepped on.  The new passenger was a blonde woman and she was absolutely stunning.  She was wearing a black leather coat, black boots and black leather gloves to match.

Alya leather coat

"Wow!" John thought, as he stopped with his moaning.  He felt his heart skip a beat in amazement as he has a fetish for leather and the outfit she was wearing instantly got him in a fluster.  Everyone went quiet and they were all looking at her, but obviously as everyone was on a bus no one said anything to her.


She looked for some space and saw that there was some near to where John was standing.  As she approached, John could not help but to stare.  He was looking her up and down as she got closer to him.  She noticed this and questioned him, "I saw you shouting at the bus driver not to let me on!  I hope you don’t mind that he did?’ she asked him.


John had gotten himself in quite a daze looking at her beauty.  As she approached he saw that she was also wearing a white satin blouse and it was quite revealing.  She also had amazing pert breasts which he could see the top of as the top few buttons were undone.  Then he came round slightly.  "Oh my God!  Did she just speak to me?  No one talks on this bus!  Quick!  Reply!  Say something nice and intelligent!  Oh my God!  Say something!  You haven’t said anything in ages!"  The longer he went on in silence, John got a little more flustered and embarrassed before replying "‘Err, um... No!  Certainly not!  Sorry!  It’s been a long day and I’m stressed!"


"No worries!" she replied, "You can relax now!  Oh, and by the way, my eyes are up here!!!" she said with confidence.


John quickly shook his head and came out of his daze.  "Err, um!  S...s...s...sorry!  I didn’t mean to stare!" John said very nervously as he was now very embarrassed.


The lady smiled and said "Relax!" in a smooth, quiet tone and turned away from John.  She was now standing side on, still showing off her amazing figure...


John could still not help but to look her up and down and the more he did the naughtier the thoughts running through his head became.  "Should I say something?" John thought to himself,  "What do I say?  Maybe I should ask her out?  Don’t be stupid!  No one talks on the bus and she won’t be interested!" John went back to his imagination, wanting to run his hands over her coat, kiss her gorgeous full lips and imagined having sex with her.  His eyes were then again drawn to her breasts.  He saw them bob up and down as the bus was moving and she breathed in that crowd!  They were amazing!


John felt himself go too far, as his cock was now semi hard and he realised that he was still on a bus.  He tried to think of something else, as he can’t be thinking like this in public.  What if someone saw the effect this woman was having on him?  How embarrassing would that be?  How could he face these same people tomorrow, or the next day?  He tried to make himself think of something else but his eyes kept on being drawn to her breasts.


Then her eyes met his again, she gave him a stern look as if to say "Do you mind?"


John went a bright red in embarrassment "Sorry!" he mouthed, not wanting to draw attention.  Although being caught did turn him on even more, he tried to move his hand across his cock as he was worried it was now creating a bulge in his trousers.


She whispered "Pervert!" and slightly chuckled to herself as she turned to face away from John.


"Oh my God!" John thought.  "Did she see?  Damn it!  How embarrassing!"  Then he tried to stop his thoughts again.  "Come on!  Pull yourself together!" he thought to himself.  "What do you think you are doing?  Calm down!  You are not a teenager anymore!  Have some better control!"


All of a sudden the bus braked very heavily, causing John to lunge forward and into the back of the lady.  Then he swung back he grabbed hold of the hand rail and steadied himself quite quickly, as the lady fell back.  She fell into John which helped to steady herself.  He felt her perfect arse land into his lap.  He put his spare arm round her to steady her and stop her from falling.


"Sorry!" John quickly said.


"Oh no!  Thank you!" she replied.  Then she turned her face toward John and gave him a wink.  "Thank you indeed!" she whispered, winking again.


"Oh no!" he thought to himself.  "She must have noticed my hard on and it was very hard and bulging by now!"  He thought people must be staring at him so he looked around.  Luckily everyone was too busy steadying themselves to notice him.  He looked back at her, and opened his mouth to apologise but she stopped him and put her leather clad finger to his lips.


"Shhhh!" she whispered.  "You don’t want to draw attention to yourself!  I will help you hide it!"


The bus driver apologised and they were on their way again.


She 'helped' to hide John’s erection by standing directly in front of him with her back to him.  He tried to clear his mind and just as he felt his erection start to subside, the bus jumped slightly again.  It was not enough for anyone to lose their balance but enough to move his body into this lady again accidently.  He felt his cock brush against the leather coat again and it sprang back into action.  He tried to pull away slightly from her, but then she stepped back, pushing her arse into his cock.  "What is she doing?" he thought to himself.  Then she pushed back again.  "She must be doing this on purpose!"  Then she done it again and he was getting harder all the time.  She must have been able to feel his cock against her arse through his trousers and her coat.  He tried to slightly distance himself again and stepped back slightly but as he did, she also moved back and lifted her foot and placed a stiletto heel on top of his shoe and began to gently press.  Now as he tried to step backwards she would apply further pressure to prevent him from moving.  He was now stuck.  He could either try to move backwards and feel the pain of the heel or accept what was turning into being a standing lap dance.  He then felt a bit of precum start to dribble out of the tip of his hardening cock.  He has to break contact he thought to himself again, so he tried to quickly step back.  With that move she applied hard pressure to his foot.  He tried to stay quiet but felt a shooting pain and a slight yelp came out of his mouth.  A few people looked at him but not for long, as the bus was still packed and no one could see what was going on.  He was stuck.  He couldn’t move out of pain and embarrassment so he had to stay still.  She continued to bury her sexy arse against his cock and with each motion of the bus, he felt some more precum escape from his now raging hard on.  What could he do?  How could he get out of this?  He needed to think quickly as if he came he felt he would die out of embarrassment.  What could he do?  His mind was now racing but he could not work out an escape plan.


Then finally, his wish came true.  The person sitting in the seat next to him pressed the bell for the bus to stop.  As it came to a stop gently this time, the people got up and everyone had to move slightly.  His cock was now free from contact of her perfect arse.  John moved his hand in front of his bulge to try to conceal it.  He quickly sat on the now vacant seat.  It was a two person seat with someone else sitting next to the window.  John leant forward in hope to also hide his bulge.  His gorgeous tormentor was now standing to his side looking at him, admiring the mess and state that she had put him in.  John could hear her laughing to herself.  He was trying to look away from her and to the floor but his eyes kept reverting back to staring at her boots.  It was as if he was trying to torment himself.  He didn’t know what to do.  Of course he was enjoying it but knew he would be so embarrassed if anyone saw him in this state.  How could he face these people again.


He began to feel his erection start to go down and the tension in his body start to ease.  Then all of a sudden the person sitting next to him pressed to bell to get off.  John didn’t want to get up as he was still showing a bulge on the front of his pants so he turned his body to the side to let the other passenger out.  "A bit rude!" the person muttered.  It was kind of an unwritten rule to get up to let someone past and not simply twist your body.


"Sorry!" John replied.


John then moved his body over the window seat.  The gorgeous blonde then took off her coat.  "It was quite warm!" John thought to himself.  She then sat next to him and quite closely.  Her leg and hip were brushing his.  As she did John repositioned himself and moved closer to the window to give himself some more room.  However, with that move, she did the same.  She sat closer with her leg against his.  John could not move over any more.


"Here, let me help!" she whispered.  With this she lowered her coat that was wrapped over her knees and slid it with the arm for the top top half now covering John's lap.


"Thank you!" John was about to mouth when she put her leather clad finger against her full lips.


She motioned "Shhhh!"  She leaned toward him and whispered "Do not move at all or say anything or I will cause a scene!  Now we wouldn’t wasn’t that, would we!"


By now the bus had emptied slightly.  There was no one standing, but most of the seats were still taken.




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