(Written by Enigma-Fetishist, December 2016)


Alya evilly smirks over her glasses as she looks around the room.  She doesn't need the glasses but they add to her alluring persona as a Librarian.  She smirks as she sees several male students sneak glimpses of her from behind their books.  Also, she sees a few female students having a hard time not looking at her.


She ever so slowly crosses her legs, making her nylon stockings rub against each other creating that sexy, soft sound which is audible enough in the quiet room for many to hear.  Her heels tap slightly against her desk.  One professor who was passing through stares at her beauty for quite a while and bumps into the door on his way out.  Ayla smiles evilly.  She knows the effect she is having as today, her curvaceous body is clad in a white satin blouse and black satin skirt, her delicious legs are veiled within lace topped black nylon stockings and she wears black high heels.

Alya librarian 1

Alya notices one particular student that keeps staring at her.  As Ayla looks at him over her glasses, she checks him out too.  Liking what she sees, she licks her lips seductively while leaning forward and allowing him a glimpse of her cleavage.  She hears him groan as his eyes roll away as he slightly bucks his hips.  Alya knows he has just lost control of himself making his pants wet fantasizing about her.  She winks at him as it is too crowded to act otherwise.


She continues her work for another good hour before almost everybody has left the library.  Alya smiles as she gets up and stretches slightly before making her way deeper into the library shelving to return some books.  Climbing a ladder to return some books to a higher shelf, she has the feeling that someone is watching her.  As she descends the ladder to return the last book, she hears a small thud and she instantly turns toward the noise.  Her hand shoots forward around the throat of the noisemaker.  “Argh.. I'm sorry please let me go!!” the young male student pants.


Recognizing him as the fine specimen she had earlier checked out, Alya says “So, having filthied yourself once today in my library wasn't enough?!!”  Her other hand grabs his crotch feeling his bulge straining against his trousers.


“I'm sorry, Ma'am!  You are just so irresistibly stunning!” the young man stutters.


“That I am!” she hisses confidently as she releases his throat and squeezes his crotch slightly before releasing him.  He gasps for air as she struts away from him back to her desk.  However, instead of sitting behind it, she sits on top of it.  Turning toward him with her legs crossed, she asks “Well, what is it you want?  I don't have all day!”  She sounds impatient, but it is a tactic of hers.


“I...I...wanted to see you again!  Everybody talks about your stunning appearance and your other area's of expertise!” he stutters as he desperately tries to hide his throbbing erection.


Alya smiles as she reaches back behind her to a drawer and pulls out a pair of short cropped leather gloves.  “And what kind of area's of expertise are you referring to?” she hisses knowing fully well what he means, but she want to hear him say it.  Knowing he has checked out her tight body as she reached back, she continues to tease him by agonizingly slowly putting on the gloves, making a spectacle of it.


“Your knowledge in the art of seduction and the study of the human body when aroused!” the young man swallows hard, spilling those words out.


Alya smirks in delight as she hops off her desk and struts towards her prey.  “So, you are intrigued by my studies?  You want to know what I know about the art of seduction?  And you want to know all about how aroused I can make a human body?"  She circles behind him now, and adds  "Don't you dare move!  From now on, you will follow my every order!  Do you understand?” she hisses as she stands behind him and whispers those last few words in his ear.  He shivers as he feels her warm breath on his neck, her tongue touching his earlobe.  She opens his shirt to reveal a heaving athletic torso and she pinches his nipples with her gloves, eliciting a moan of desire.  “On your knees!” she hisses as she walks in front of him as he drops to his knees.

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