A Lesson Learned

(Written by 5lave81, October 2016)


John arrives at the hotel at Midday.  He has been booked to go to a work conference by his employer but he was not looking forward to it.  He finds these meetings boring and pointless so was not in a very good mood.  He had to travel a few hours so he booked a room for an extra night at the hotel, after all, it was all expenses paid by his employer so he was hoping it would be better than first feared.


John checked in and went straight to his room.  It was quite impressive as it was very large and spotlessly clean.  It had all the latest modern conveniences, a nice balcony with great views, wooden floors and a large king size bed in the middle.  John made himself comfortable and lay on the bed, before he realised, he must have fallen asleep and woke in a panic.  He checked his watch and his meeting was due to take place in just two minutes.  He quickly readied himself and rushed to the conference room.  He ran down a hall, swinging through an open pair of double doors along the way.  He didn’t realise that there was someone standing on the other side of them.  The door swung open and nearly hit a woman standing on the other side.  It didn’t hit her but it did cause her to drop a folder and paperwork that she was carrying.  “Oops, sorry!” John shouted as he carried on running down the hall...


The woman shouted at him as he ran.  She was first screaming then shouting that someone should teach him some manners as he ignored her.  John got to the room and luckily the conference had not started.  The only seat left was at the front as the room was full.  John took his seat and regained his breath.


About 30 seconds later a lady walked in and went to the front of the room.  She was gorgeous with long blonde hair, a great figure with stunning looks.  She was wearing a shiny red satin blouse and a long black satin pencil skirt.  John jumped slightly in his seat as she looked so stunning and could take anyone’s breath away.  Then he suddenly realised that he thought he had seen her before.  Damn, was this the same women he nearly sent flying in the corridor?  That was what came to mind.  He felt embarrassed but then he quickly forgot those thoughts as he scanned her up and down.  He looked to the floor that she was standing upon and could see that she was wearing a pair of black shiny leather stiletto boots.  She wore them well, and walked the room with some authority, which put together with her looks could make any man melt.  She noticed John sitting in the front but didn’t say anything directly to him.  She acted very professionally and continued with her talk at the conference.  She addressed herself as Alya and had a Russian accent.  John found that he could not concentrate on the topic of her talk, nor was he really able to concentrate on what she was saying as he couldn’t take his eyes off of her, even if he had wanted to.  She noticed him staring at her and her boots but ignored his perving and continued with her speech.

Alya conference 1

After the meeting had ended, John was very quick to get out of the room.  He did this firstly just in case Alya was going to say something about the corridor and secondly because John just wanted to get out of the room.  He headed straight to the bar to have a few drinks on his company expenses.


John was having a quiet pint whilst checking his phone.  He did not really take notice of his surroundings until he looked up.  Sitting at the table opposite was Alya.  She was reading a book and was sitting with her legs crossed.  John was trying not to look at her but couldn’t help himself.  He wasn’t sure what to do.  Should he drink up and leave, should he talk to her, or should he offer her a drink…...  So many thoughts ran through his head, yet he still could not stop himself from staring at the beauty.


Then all of a sudden he heard “Did you enjoy my talk at the conference?”.  It was Alya.  John noticed she was now staring straight at him whilst he was staring at her feet in those boots.


John quickly came out of his daze and stuttered “Err...Em...Err...ah, Yes, it was very good!” he responded.


“Good, I’m glad” Alya replied.  This was the start of a conversation that lasted a couple of hours...


Alya checked her watch and announced it was time for her to go to bed.  She got up and said goodbye and John said “Thank you for this evening, you have made this trip better than expected, and it was very nice to meet you.”


“The pleasure is all mine...” Alya responded “and it always will be!” she continued.  John didn’t really understand the last part of what she said but did not question her.  John finished his drink and went to his room.  He undressed and got ready for bed, turned the lights out and closed his eyes.


It wasn’t long before there was a knock at the door followed by a call “Room service!!!” that was said in a soft tone.


John didn’t understand why and it got him a little angry.  He quickly got out of bed and headed for the door.  He was naked but didn’t care as he was going to give whomever it was a piece of his mind for knocking on his door so late.  As he started to open the door, it was pushed with a great force, knocking him to the floor.  “What the...“ he began to shout as he looked up, his eyes nearly popped out in amazement.  It was Alya, and she was wearing thigh high boots, a leather mini skirt, black corset, black gloves and was holding a whip.

Alya domina 1

“See, it’s not nice being knocked flying by a swinging door now is it?" Alya questioned.


“What?” John replied as he tried to get up.  Alya walked towards him and stood on his fingers as he tried to get up.  “Arrrrghhh, Alya!  What are you doing?  Get off!” John screamed as he fell back down...


“That’s Mistress Alya to you now!!” Mistress Alya demanded.  Alya walked in and closed the door behind her before saying, “Now John, listen very carefully!  I told you that you need to be taught some manners and that is exactly what I am here to do!  You have been perving over me all day and as much as I like to be admired, you certainly need to be taught a lesson and I will LET you worship me as I know you have been craving to do so.  I know you want that as I have watched you all day perving over my boots!  Now get to work and start worshiping them!”


“What are you talking about?” John replied, adding “Don’t be stupid and get out of my room before I call security!!”  John tried to stand again but as he did ‘WHACK’! Mistress Alya kicked him in the stomach causing him to fall again.


“NOW listen to me!” Mistress Alya demanded  “DO NOT DARE TO THREATEN ME!  I make the rules here, you will do as I say!!"  And she kicked him again.


“Arrrrghhh, ouch!  Please stop!  Ok, ok, I’m listening!” John begged.


“Good!” Mistress Alya replied in a sweet voice.  “This is just a lesson that you need to learn.  Do as I say, take your punishment and I will reward you.  You can then go on your way and I will be happy knowing that you have learnt an important lesson and will treat people with more respect in future".


“Punishment???” John asked nervously...


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