By Max,


Alya stops me like a red light

And I don't want to move

Until I fall into her arms

While surrendering my soul

Not a second to waste

No time to hesitate

Everyday and everynight

As my river flows

Deeply into hers


We're on this journey together

With each day a slice of

Heaven with a touch of gold

As I look into Alya's eyes

It makes me realize what this

Woman truly means to me

Everyday and everynight

As my river flows

Deeply into hers


By Max,


It's past midnight

So I dream of Alya

Stripping off her

Black leather with

Gorgeous black boots

Kissing her all over

Licking away her sweat

I kiss her red lips

Then spread her legs

Honoring her there

By Max,


From coast to coast

Passion to passion

I honor Queen Alya's

Beauty and whisper

To her the wonders

Of the world are many

But she is beyond

Compare among the

Mountains and valleys

Rivers and streams

Her style and class

Have touched many

Like me who worship

The ground she walks

And air she breathes

For just a chance to

Get close and on their

Knees to serve her

Faithfully anytime

She is in lovely need



By Max,


Past many full autumn moons

With wheat fields turned brown

Skies just become the bluest

When Queen Alya is around

She soaks our earth with her life

Bringing forth green fields and trees

Above once cold harsh barren ground


I'm spellbound by her beauty and

Most generous heart underneath tough

Black leather with those awesome boots

If I had just one chance to kiss

Her luscious red lips only once

That would be enough bliss for me

To build my entire world upon



Copyright © 2013 by Kirk Griffith


kiss Her russian fetish boots

and thank your lucky stars

that you have been granted

entry to Her royal kinkdom


accept all her whims

like the loyal subject

that you have so often

proclaimed yourself to be



the complexity

of Her treasures



the depravity

of Her pleasures


never forget that the one thing

She will never abide is a man

who is unable back up all his

flirtatious words with equally

nobly bold debauchery deeds


She has no time for covert cold-war-esque secrets and subterfuge


Her battle plan calls for a full frontal assault upon your Wall of Will


no leniency is ever granted

so you had best suck it up

and take it like a true fan




it was you who begged

to worship at the feet

of earthly divinity


and remember

to pack your lunch


Czarina Likes To Play For Days


And For Days Without End...


Used with permission of the author. Thank you!


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