A slave's view

(Written by Angel_eye, September 2015)

Everybody know

that slave

is absolutely faithful RFQ Alya

but what would be happen

if slave instead worship RFQ Alya

thought of himself?

This is short story

which tells

but this who read

let the heart investigate

it happened once

that slave

in the light RFQ Alya

he became the pale

and he says:

Alya, you are perfect

unique, lovely, gorgeous

and I'm so small

and I'm unworthy of

you penetrated me

perfected and touching your words... 


He doesn't look at RFQ Alya

he closed on she

lost brightness

what's left?

emptiness and blackness him enveloped

and this is killed hoped

in slave

loving Alya pity on him

and she speaks with love:

slave, which looking humility

everything what is good

is in me not in you

look at me and my eyes

look me where I am

not in your darkness mind

what is the moral of this story?

hmm....the restless mind

humility slave still looking RFQ Alya

and don't hide from her.

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