The First

(Written by Apprentice Slave A, September 2015)


For a decade I've been searching over land, ocean and sea 

Asking questions, finding answers to my secret fantasy 

It was dark, it was misty, there was no end in sight 

Then I found you, the clouds parted, now the sun is shining bright 

I see its light as it twinkles in your hypnotic hazel eyes 

I hear the sexy rhythm as your body moves in time 

I see the sunlight reflecting on shiny legs that last forever 

I see the contrast of blonde hair cascading down black leather 

I see the shimmering light on your perfect lips so glossy 

I can feel the beauty that envelops your hair, your face, your body 

In public a disciplinarian, you keep us all in line 

In private we all know you are caring, thoughtful and kind 

To see you moving in slow motion to the music of Klipsa or Nyusha 

That's my idea of paradise, where I belong, the future. 


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