It's Past Midnight

By Max,


It's past midnight

So I dream of Alya

Stripping off her

Black leather with

Gorgeous black boots

Kissing her all over

Licking away her sweat

I kiss her red lips

Then spread her legs

Honoring her there


But she has many other

Places that need my care

My hands cover her

Beautiful white ass

As I stroke and kiss

Her cheeks then run

My finger between her

Crack and gently enter

Her hole and rub her

Until she moans with

Pleasure and I turn

To the nape of her neck

Kissing her and stroking

Her hotly as I lick her

Ear lobes one at a time

Until her nipples are

Hard and throbbing and

Each circle gets stroked

With my tongue and teeth

As I cup her warm breasts

Squeezing them and giving

Her pleasure as I kiss

Her belly and lick her

Wildly as my hands stroke

Her beautiful legs and

I kiss them all over

Finally reaching her feet

Worshiping and rubbing them

Until her pleasure has

Peaked and I give her

The release my Queen

Alya wants and deserves

Until she cums and moans

In my arms and I know

I have pleased and now

Satisfied her completely

As any "Man of Iron", would:)


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