(Written by Slave R, September 2015)


READERS NOTE:VIDEO 200 ends here, but this is what I dreamed of happening off camera.


It was a grey day, but warm.  The streets were wet with the rain that had fallen this morning.  However, no more rain was forecast.  I did not need an umbrella or coat as I left the office.  Walking out the building, I was headed down the street for lunch.  It was only a six block walk to the restaurant where I was to meet Mr. Rogers, the client that I was to negotiate the signing of the contract.  As usual, men would watch me as I walked past.  Who could blame them.


I arrived at the restaurant just a few minutes after noon for the lunch with Mr Rogers.  He was already there and waved me over past the waitress seating people with reservations.  I walked toward him in a secluded corner of this nice and fancy restaurant.  It was dark, especially on this grey day, but I could see him stand up as I approached.  "Glad you could come, Miss Ivanova." he said.


"Pleasure to be here, Mr. Rogers!" I replied, smiling at him as he held my chair for me to sit down.  I placed the contract on the table that was covered with a white table cloth.  I placed my purse on the floor beside my chair.


"You do not need to be so formal, Miss Ivanova!" Mr. Rogers said, taking his seat across from me.


"OK, thank you.  Mr. Smith sends his regards and apologies for not being able to make it!" I said.


"Miss Ivanova, you do not need to express apologies for Mr. Smith.  I specifically requested that you and I have this private lunch without him." he said.


"Oh, sir?" I said.

(Written by Slave R, September 2015)


READERS NOTE: VIDEO 200 begins here.


As usual, I walked into my office a little early.  Placing my purse down on my desk, I looked through it to find my things I needed for the day.  I pulled out my mobile phone, my lip gloss, some make up and other sundry items I use in a typical day at the office.  Placing my purse behind the desk phone, I sit down in my plush leather office chair.  Picking up my mobile phone, I start checking my messages, and relive the memories from some of them from days and nights before.


As I check my phone, I love to relax, and today is no different.  Sitting in my chair, I let my shoe slide off my heel and dangle from my toes as I have my legs crossed.  Even if it is early in the day, it is nice to rest my feet, as I did walk into the office today.


Noting the time, I turned on my laptop computer as I needed to get to work.  While it was booting, I checked the agenda for all the appointments for me and my boss, Mr. Smith.  I had my pencil in my hand in case I needed to add notes.  Reading more, I noticed that the computer was ready, so I checked it, and started to answer my emails.  There was only one urgent one to answer this morning.  I then checked through the agenda again and noticed that I had taken a note from yesterday's meeting between Mr. Smith and Mr. Rogers about a contract that our company was trying to win.  The note stated that I need to contact Mr. Rogers to continue the negotiations with Mr. Smith.  I noted the number of Mr. Rogers hotel and called it.


Miss Alya Ivanova


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