Chapter 6 - The next morning

(Written by Slave R, September 2015)


READERS NOTE:  The story continues on the morning after getting the big contract signed.


I awoke with my leg across his leg, both of us nude, laying beside each other, but he was still asleep.  I could feel my pussy was tingling from the hot fucking from yesterday.  It felt great to feel the after glow of hot sex.  I noticed that the clock said 7 am.  It was time to wake Mr. Rogers, so I started to play with his cock, gently in my hand, caressing it and then harder and soon I was feeling it grow in my hand.  I was gentle enough not to wake him at first, but once his cock was semi hard, he woke and I planted a big kiss on him as I squeezed his cock, and it got hard fast!  "Wow, what a way to wake up, Alya!" he said.


"And what a way to fall asleep!" I said, referring to last night falling asleep on top of him.


"That was the hottest time of my life, Alya!" he said.


"And you know how to treat a woman and make her wild!" I said smiling.  He kissed me again, but I stopped it soon and said "I need to get ready for work.  Mr. Smith will be expecting me in the office by 8:30." I added.


"No hurry then!" he said.



"No, I need a shower and make up and breakfast all before I leave!" I said, getting up and noticing a stain on the bed under Mr. Rogers.  "Is that from us?" I asked.


"Of course, Alya.  After you fell asleep in my arms last night, I lay there, and you made me very wet.  But I certainly did not want to wake you and so fell asleep myself, holding you and laying under you feeling our juices wetting the bed."


"Oh, that is so good of you!" I said.


"Anytime, Alya!  It was erotic to feel it too" he replied.


"Well, with sex that hot, and chivalry like that, you make it hard for me to decide what to do with the offer!" I said.


"Well, then it is mutual as you make me hard - period!" he said.


I smiled as I went into the washroom to get my shower.  I then started to do my hair and some makeup as Mr. Rogers came in and gave my ass a squeeze as I was standing wrapped in a towel.  "Breakfast is on the table, Alya!" he said as he also took a shower.  I listened to the water run while I continued to do my makeup, and then went to eat.


After a few minutes, Mr. Rogers came out to eat too.  I was about half way through my fruits as he started on a croissant.  He was not dressed but in his silky bathrobe again.  I was still in a towel.  We ate looking at each other but not really talking until I was drinking my coffee.  "I need to get ready for the office!" I said, looking at the time and noticing it was already 7:45.


"Don't worry, Alya.  You have plenty of time!" he said.  But I was not sure as I had a plan in my head of what I needed to do before I get to the office.  It was a secret plan.  I excused myself and went back to the washroom to put on my outfit.  I got into my red lace panties and black lace bra.  I put on the long black patterned lace topped stockings.  Checking everything in the mirror, I then got my white shirt and put it on, buttoning the front.  Then I pulled on my black leather wrap skirt, doing up the zipper on the back and the belt.  I got my tie and did it up, cinching up the knot on the front.  Finally, I looked everything over, and finished my makeup, with my lips in full red lipstick and very shiny lipgloss.  I found my boots and put them on, and without walking much to reduce the clicking sound of the heels, I took my gloves in my hand and did one final check.  I looked perfect.


Walking out of the washroom, I approached Mr. Rogers, walking in a sultry manner staring straight at him.  He had finished his breakfast and was still seated in his bathrobe.  He watched me closely, saying "You look absolutely stunning, Alya!"  I placed my gloves on the table standing next to him.  "Mr. Smith will pop his eyes out of his head!" he added.


"I am sure I will have my way with him in the office today!" I confidently said.


"Oh, you can have your way with anyone dressed like that!" Mr. Rogers said, wrapping his arm around my waist and tapping my leather covered ass.


"I only intend to get my way with him in terms of negotiating my terms of employment!" I said.


"Well, that should not be a problem.  How can anyone say no to you when you are so hot?" he asked.


"I know I have the ability to convince anyone to do anything!" I said.  I noticed it was approaching 8 am, so I needed to put my plan in action.  "I need to get going to the office!" I said.


"You look perfect for the office, Alya and I hope you will grace my office often, if not daily!" he insisted.


"Well, I am almost ready to go.  There is just one thing more that I need!" I said.


"A kiss from me?" he said eagerly.


"No - but I will show you by just taking it!" and with that I grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the bed.  Obviously he did not resist me, and followed me toward the bed.


"Oh, Alya, what do you have in your dirty mind?" he wondered.



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OK readers, now that you know both details, think about what Alya should do.  Here are my questions to you:

  1.  Should Alya work for Mr. Smith (her current boss) or Mr. Rogers (the client)?

  2.  If you were Mr. Smith, would you be happy with Alya's work?

  3.  If you were Mr. Rogers, what would you offer Alya to steal her away from Mr. Smith (her current boss)?

  4.  If you were Mr. Smith, what would you counter-offer Alya to remain in his employ?

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