Chapter 5 - An evening with the client

(Written by Slave R, September 2015)


READERS NOTE:  The story continues after dinner with the client.


It was already dark outside.  I walked him back toward his hotel, and he was puzzled where we were going.  I continued to lead him right back to his hotel, and when we got there and I took him through the door, past the smiling doorman, he wanted to know what I was up to.  "I want to show you the place where I want you, Dick!" and we went to the elevators.  They were still busy, but everyone got off before we reached his floor.  Once the door opened, I led him to his room, and he opened the door.  Once inside, I pushed him back toward the bed and pushing him back on the bed I said "This is where I want you, Dick!  And I want your dick, Dick!"


"Wow, Alya!  So forward!" he exclaimed.


"You said it yourself.  I know what I want!" I demanded.


"Yes, but we can take our time and have a real sweet treat, and some champagne?" he offered.



"Sure, I do not mind!" I said.  He ordered room service and I watched out the window at the lights of the city.  He stood behind me, wrapped his arms around me and held me tight.  He had taken his jacket off and I felt him kissing my bare neck.  He licked it and I felt his cock getting hard in his pants pressing against my curvy ass that was pushing back against his crotch.  His hands caressed up to my breasts, cupping them in his hands from outside the satin.  My nipples were erect and pointing out and he could feel them as he licked my neck.  I rubbed my ass more on the front of his pants.  I turned in his arms to face him and we started to kiss, my tongue pusing into his mouth.  His hands caressed down my bare back and to my ass in the thin satin.  He squeezed my ass cheeks and pulled me closer to him so I felt his bulge in his pants pressing against my stomach and the satin gown.  My arms were wrapped around his head as we kissed.


Suddenly, he swept me up in his arms and started to carry me to the bed.  I was surprised as he wanted to go slowly, but now he was carrying me to the bed.  Just then, there was a knock at the door from room service.  He placed me down on the bed and then went to get the door.  He wheeled in the cart with the champagne and strawberries on it.  He paid room service and closed the door, wheeling the cart over to the bed.  He offered me some strawberries which I started to eat as I lay on the bed on my side.  He worked on the champagne, popping the cork and pouring it into our flutes.  Then he offered me one and I received his toast "To the hottest and sweetest woman on the planet!" he said.  We drank to that.


He climbed up into bed with me, laying beside me as we fed each other strawberries and sipped from our champagne flutes. "This could be us every night, Alya!" he offered.


"I know, and it is tempting.  Remember, do not ask me more about these offers.  Let me think about it for some time and I will let you know.  Even then, I may change my mind.  After all, I am a woman and that gives me the perogative to change my mind anytime I want!" I said.


"I understand totally!" he replied.  "You look amazing in that gown!" he added.


"It is perfectly cut for me, and feels so sexy to wear.  When I walk, it caresses my skin as if there were soft hands all over me!" I said.  "That excites me a lot!"


"Wow, and I get excited seeing you in it.  All the guys were watching you when you walked. Alya!" he said.


"I know that.  I feel their eyes.  That excites me too, knowing I am their dream.  I am such a tease!" I said "But they have no chance with me!"


"You should keep your standards high, Alya!  You deserve the best!" he stated.


"And I always get the best.  I know how to skim the cream off the top!" and I ate a strawberry very erotically at that point.


"Oh, mmmm!" he said watching me eat that berry.  "Lucky strawberry!"


"Hey, Dick.  I just remembered.  You want to see me wear my new office outfit!" I said.


"Yes, but it can wait until later!" he replied.


"I want to try it on now to make sure everything is just right for tomorrow and the office.  Otherwise I will need to think of some other outfit" I said, moving off the bed and letting the gown slide up my legs very high up my hips to show off my long, smooth legs.


"OK, but maybe you will end up back in the gown later?" he asked, sounding concerned.


"Do not worry about that, Dick!" I said as I walked toward the boxes with the new office outfit in them.  As I did so, I stopped and slid the straps of the gown off my shoulders and let it slide down and off my body, so I stood with my back toward Mr. Rogers with just my turquoise shoes on.  Then I walked over to the boxes, picked them up and went into the washroom saying "I will be out when I am ready to show you.  You can pick up my gown!"  I am sure he had his mouth open and was hard as a rock in his pants when he saw my bare back and ass as I walked to the washroom.


In the washroom I touched up my makeup and my hair, and also took out all the items for the outfit.  I put on the red lace panties.  I wanted black lace, but they were sold out.  Mr. Rogers promised to get me two pairs of black ones later and would send them to me, or deliver them in person next time he sees me.  I did put on the black lace bra.  Then I took off my shoes and pulled on the sexy stay up stockings in black with lace tops and a patterned texture to the main part of the stocking.  Also I pulled on a leather miniskirt that was in a wrap style opening at the front and zipping at the back.  I also put on the white office blouse that buttoned at the front.  Then I did all the buttons up right to the collar and after, put on the long black business tie on, just like a man's tie.  I did it up and looked in the mirror.  It was a very hot outfit, and definitely could be worn to the office.  I would be wearing it tomorrow and surprise Mr. Smith.  I then put on a pair of knee high black leather boots with a stiletto heel in silver and red soles.  Again, I checked myself out in the mirror and found everything ready, except now was the time to put on the black gloves to finish the outfit.  Then I opened the door and walked out of the washroom.


"Wow, Alya!  You look stunning in that outfit!" Mr. Rogers exclaimed.


"Thank you!" I said while turning around for him to slowly take it all in.


"I really want you to work with me in that outfit!" he said.  "It is incredibly hot on you!" he added.


"Mr. Rogers, today we have talked about that many times!  But I do love this outfit.  It is hot!" I said.


"Well, you are hot, Miss Ivanova!  That is only the wrapper you are wearing! he replied as I walked slowly and seductively over toward him as he sat at the table.


"Very well said!" I said as I stood beside him.  I lifted a leg and rested the boot on him as I added "Just look at the detail on that stocking!"  He immediately began to caress it, high on my thigh and checked out how the black nylon was knitted to make the lines in it.  Even the lace top was examined by him.  "Very detailed!" I continued.


"Yes it is!  Only the best for you, Miss Ivanova!" he replied.


I hiked up the front of my skirt and showed him the red lace panties under the leather skirt.  "And the sheer lace continues here" I said as he caressed over my stockings, my bare upper thighs and right on my red panties.  His fingers wre gently caressing the lace as I added "I just wish they were black!"


"Oh, they look very hot, and feel that way too!" he said.  "Do not worry about it as you know I will get you the black ones.  But red looks very hot and suggestive, especially in this outfit."  He said.  "So you are wearing this to the office tomorrow?" he asked.


"Oh yes, if you approve!  I certainly will wear it, and start my new relationship with Mr. Smith.  I am interested in what he will say!" I said.  "First, the leather skirt and stockings are sexier than anything I think he has seen me wear before.  Second, he will already be thinking about me differently as he thinks about my demands!"


"Oh, wearing this he should give you everything you desire, Alya!" he said.


"I asked for a lot, and I surprised him, I think.  But he knows what an asset I am to his company now" I said.


"You certainly are an asset" he said as he caressed his hand over my leather clad ass, adding "and with an ass like yours, you will get everything you desire!" he repeated.


"I usually do!" I replied, pushing back against his hand.  "I got your contract!" I added.


"You certainly did, and you know how to seal the deal!" he said, slapping my ass on the leather.


"Oh, naughty boy!" I said and pushed my boot into his crotch.  I pushed harder on it as I moved away from him to stand before him, pushing my boot directly into his crotch as he sat before me.  "Be good, or I will push harder!" I warned.


"You are a perfect Mistress, Alya!" he said.


"Oh yes, you mentioned that you would want me as your Mistress.  That would include travelling with you, right?" I asked.


"Yes, Alya.  I desire you as my Mistress.  I would take you all over the World" he said.


"Where do you travel to, then?" I said as I sat down in the chair facing him, crossing my legs as he checked me out.


He replied, "I travel a lot, probably 40 of the 52 weeks a year.  I fly between North America and Europe each month, to Australia, New Zealand, and South America twice a year and Japan once a year when I fill in for my colleague who travels Asia and Africa for the company."


"Sounds exciting!" I said.


"It would be with you accompanying me.  Come and see the World, Alya!" he offered again.


"So, who travels with you now?" I ask.


"As you can see no one does.  But I would love for you to come with me!" he again offered.


"I told you that I will not make a decision until at least a few days!" I said again.


"I know, but I want you to know everything you want to know, Alya!  Any more questions?" he asked.


"OK, yes.  Tell me more about a typical year of travel for you!" I said.


"As I said, in a typical year, I go to Europe monthly or a week each time.  That includes one day in the UK, one in France, one in one of the Nordic countries, one day in Germany, and one day in Italy.  Sometimes Spain replaces Italy, and Holland replaces the UK or France about 3 times a year.  I go to Australia and New Zealand twice a year for a week, visiting both countries on each trip.  When I fly back I will stop over on a Pacific Island like Tahiti or Fiji for a vacation for a week.  I travel to South America three times a year, visiting Brazil, Argentina and Chile, and stopping on the return in the Caribbean for a weekend break.  Japan happens about once or twice a year for about a week" he explained.


"That is a lot of travel, but if I was with you, what would I do?" I asked again.


"I would hope you would assist me with my meetings.  You could take whatever role you wished in the meetings.  Also, you could visit all the nice places during the day and meet me for dinner and nice evenings depending on where we were.  Imagine walking along the Seine in Paris, seeing the Coliseum in Rome, the sunset on a Pacific island, the Ginza in Tokyo, the Opera in Sydney, the beach in Rio, the canals in Amsterdam, so many places, including North America with lots of sights to share with you" he continued.


"Sounds like a dream!" I replied.


"Where would you like to go, Alya?" he asked.


"All those places sound perfect.  I dream of it one day!" I replied.


"Well, you work for me you will come.  But before you say it, if you decide not to work for me, I could take you on your vacation to any place you desire.  I would love to show you the World, Alya!" he offered.


"Again such a generous offer!" I replied.


"Like I said, anything for you Alya!" he repeated.


"And what would you expect from me if I were your Mistress?" I asked.


"You are getting right to it, aren't you Alya?" he noted.  "I expect you to be my companion on these trips, where we would share good times, meals, dinners, day trips, and of course the bed.  If you were my employee, you could assist me with meetings,business diaries, organizing my affairs, business of course, and help out any way you saw fit.  And when desired, we could play around in the office.  I would make sure there were comfortable and private spaces for that." he smiled.


"And your sexual expectations are obviously high.  How often do you expect sex with me?" I asked.


"Anytime you desired it, Alya!" he answered.


"No, I want to know your desires, Mr. Rogers, er, Dick!" I stressed.


"Well, with you I would hope we can come to a mutual agreement!" he continued.


"No, Dick!  How often do you want us to fuck!" I said bluntly.


"As often as possible, like two times a day!" he said slowly.


"Better!  Now was that so hard to say?" I asked.


"No.  But what do you think about that, Alya?" he asked me.


"I was thinking more like three times a week!" I said.


"Hmmm, this is not a marriage, Alya.  It looks like we are far apart on that!  But you must understand if I give you all that you desire, I would want you at least once a day on average.  We could set up a schedule for outside of the office, giving you free time to do as you wish.  But I would expect the times we schedule would be for us, Alya!" he explained.


"Well, again, more for me to think about!" I said.  "And what about my expense budget?"


"What would you like, Alya?" he asked.


"A budget for my personal things, personal trips, clothing, food, car, hotels, apartment or house, like that!" I demanded.


"Well, certainly I would take care of most of those things!  Some would be provided to you without you worrying about cost, like a place to live and transportation." he said. "And of course a personal monthly budget for personal needs, clothing and food."


"Of course I want a separate allowance for sexy clothing!" I added.


"Sure, and maybe I will help you pick it out!" he exclaimed.


"Not all the time as I like making surprises!  But certainly sometimes!" I said.  "You like shopping with me?" I asked.


"Anytime I get to see you is a real treat, Alya, and that includes shopping, espeically if it is for clothes" he said.


"That is because you get to see me in them!" I concluded.  I want a free budget to decide what I want to do with it, and not have to seek approval all the time.  Like maybe an allowance, but I am not thinking anything small here."


"Well, we can talk about compensation and an allowance on top of that if you so desire.  It sounds like you are seriously considering either working with me or being my Mistress, Alya!" he probed.


"I just want to know all the details of your offer so I can work on negociations from a starting point!" I said.


"So smart and clever you are, Alya!  And absolutely stunningly hot!" he added.


"Remember that I want my freedom too!" I said.


"Yes, so that you would get free nights during the week, but if you are travelling, you would be with me most of the time.  Remember, 40 weeks a year I am not in the country" he explained.


"Well, I would not need to go on every trip, but many, especially in the first years!" I said.  "But I want my freedom to see whom I want, pick my friends and not lose the ones I have, and also to pick any man I so desire with no jealousy!"


"How often would you pick other men, Alya?" he asked.


"Well that is up to me, right?  I do want some private things, that will always remain private!" I explained.


"Hmmm, OK" he said not too assuredly.  "Have you any serious boyfriends now, Alya?" he asked.


"Again, not for you to know.  I want a private life too!" I repeated.


"OK, what you looking for in a man, then Alya?" he probed.


"Again, I am not going to say any more about it, other than that I do not like possessive men!" stating I cannot be owned.


"I am curious as to what you are looking for, Alya.  But I understand!" he said, but not very convincingly to me.  He then went on to ask "What amenities you wish for in a place to live, Alya?"


"Now there is a good question!" I responded.  "I want a beautiful view in a place with a big, ornate bedroom, a beautiful view of the city, close to entertainment and work, and a second bedroom for guests."


"Ok, sounds fine to me!" he said.


I continued "I beautiful bathroom with jacuzzi tub, and a swimming pool, preferably indoor that I can use all year!  I like to swim and it is important to stay in shape!"


"And what a shape you have, Alya!" he pointed out.  "Go on!"


"A big kitchen with the latest appliances.  I large screen TV and sound system for my music."


"And what music is that, Alya?" he asked.


"Dance music!  I love to dance, and I want space to be able to dance!" I demanded.  "A large walk in closet, and lots of room for sexy clothes and lingerie.  I want also a private room, very quiet and remote, that would be a special place for me to relax or get away from things.  That is what I can think of now!" I concluded.


"Sounds like you have your ideal place in your mind.  That is perfect.  If you accept working for me, we would go and look for a new place for you, one that meets most of these requirements.  I already have ideas about location and I think there are a few perfect places that you may desire." he said.


"OK, but it is getting late!" I said.


He looked at the clock and said "It is only 9:30, Alya!  What time do you go to bed?" he asked surprised.


"That depends on whom I am with!  Tonight, bedtime is now!" and with that I stood up, walked over to him and bent forward to whisper in his ear "Let me get changed into something more comfortable for bed!" and I brushed by him and walked into the washroom, picking yp my gown on the way.  He watched me and was probably smiling as I closed the door.  I took off my outfit and placed it carefully down in preparation for tomorrow as I would wear it to the office.  Once nude, I checked every detail of my body, and make up and hair, and then stepped back into my long shiny gown.  Then I stepped into my heels again and one last time checked my hair and make up.  Everything should be perfect.  And it was!


Opening the door, I walked into the room to see Mr. Rogers getting up from the bed, the lights had been dimmed, and he approached me.  We walked toward each other, and he took me in his arms, picked me up and turned around to carry me to the bed.  Laying me on the bed, he said "Excuse me Alya, as I too want to get ready for bed!" and he winked at me as he left for the washroom.


I got up and saw that there was champagne already poured into the flutes for us.  I took one of the glasses and walked over to the large windows overlooking the city, now sparkling in light!  I watched the lights twinkling as I sipped my champagne, circling my fingers around the top of the flute.  My mind suddenly thought of his magnificent cock head, and that made me immediately excited, a little wet, and my nipples were erect and poking on the shiny thin material of my gown.


Just then, the washroom door opened and the light went off as Mr. Rogers came into the room in a silk bathrobe.  He walked past the bed and grabbed the other flute and walked to me at the window, taking a sip on the way.  He came up behind me and I felt his body pressing against my back, his arms wrap around me and his kisses already on my bare neck.  I felt a tingle through my body, and felt that his cock was already hard under his robe as it pressed into my ass cheeks.  "Mmmm" I moaned as I pushed my ass back against him and he held me tighter, still holding a flute in his hand as I also was.


"You are so hot, Alya!" he whispered in my ear as he kissed around it, on my soft skin after brushing my hair to one side.  I could not turn in his arms, and he sensed that, breaking his embrace of me.  Then I turned and he rose his champagne glass saying "To our new relationship, Alya!"


"About to be merged together again!" I said, winking at him as we sipped our champagne.  He moved toward me and I moved backward until I was against the glass of the window.  He pushed himself against my body and bent to kiss my neck again as my arms wrapped around him, still holding my flute.  "Mmmm" I moaned and held him tight as he pushed me flat against the glass.  Someone who would have a high view of this room would be getting a perfect viwe of my satin clad body against the glass.


After a few kisses and licks of my neck, he stopped kissing and sipped his champagne again, as did I.  He was always looking at me, checking me out but spending more time looking at my eyes.  I know how to penetrate a man's eyes with my looks, and I was doing just that with him.  We finished the champagne in our flutes and placed them on the table as we moved away from the window.  At that moment, he reached over and picked me up again into his arms.  "Come with me, Alya!" he said as he carried me toward the bed again.  He gently placed my onto the bed and I pulled him onto it with me as my arms were wrapped around him.  I did not let him say anything as I immediately started to kiss him, pushing my hot tongue between his lips and dancing it around his mouth.  He started to moan immediately to that.


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