Chapter 4 - Meeting the client after work

(Written by Slave R, September 2015)


READERS NOTE:  VIDEO 201 ends here, but this is what I dreamed of happening off camera.


I walked down the street with the picture in my mind of my boss with my wet black bikini panties in his mouth!  I am sure he is sucking on them trying to taste me.  I know he always has wanted me, and now I had all the power in this situation.  Would I ever let him have me?  Would I just tease him by telling him all of my sexy sessions with the clients?  Who knows?  Anyway, I was still receiving a lot of looks from the guys as I walked toward the hotel again.  Even cat calls and whistles.  Now I remember why.  I forgot that I was not wearing a bra.  I clutched my purse on my chest hiding myself.  Then it was back to the regular stares of guys hungry for me as I walked past.  They always checked me out.


I decided to let Mr. Rogers know I was headed back since I was going to be a lot earlier than I had thought.  I stopped at a nearby park bench, and sat bending forward to hide myself a little while taking out my mobile phone out and his card.  I noticed that it was now 3:30.  I dialed the number and heard "Hello!  Smith here!"


"No it is not!  It is Dick there, and Alya here coming to get dick!" I teased.  He laughed and I continued "I am on my way to your hotel and should be there in about 10 minutes.  Have you seen my bra?" I asked.



"Oh yes!  You left it here.  Are you coming to get it?" he asked.


"Oh, I hope I am going to be coming to get more than that!" I teased again.  He laughed again and I said "Keep your pants on - Oh, I forgot!  The last time I saw you was without pants!"


"You are so funny, Alya.  I thought you would be a few hours, Alya.  Anything wrong?" he asked.


"No, nothing.  I negotiated a new business arrangement with Mr. Smith and I am in a celebratory mood!" I answered.


"So am I as I just signed a contract with the hottest, most capable woman I have ever met!  Come on up when you get here!  See you soon!" he replied.


"Thank you!  Until then!" I said ending the call.  I put my phone away in my purse and started walking again, holding my purse to my chest.


When I got to the hotel, the doorman recognized me and opened the door with a big smile.  I walked through the lobby and the front desk staff were busy, but one recognized me and nodded as I past headed to the elevators.  I noticed that the big clock was saying it was close to 4 pm now.  I got into one of them with a few other people and went up to Mr. Smith's floor.  Again, the elevator stopped on some of the other floors to let people off until I was the only one in the elevator.  I exited it and was as at Mr. Rogers door and gave a knock.  "Come on in!" I heard from inside.


"Here I am, Dick!" I said, closing the door behind me.  He smiled to see me dressed just as he had last seen me.  I could see him checking me out as I walked toward him, my heels clicking on the floor.  "Getting hungry, Dick?" I asked.


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