Chapter 3 - Returning to the Office

(Written by Slave R, September 2015)


READERS NOTE:  VIDEO 201 begins here.


I swaggered back into the office, and it was just the way I had left it.  I dropped my purse on the desk behind the phone.  I sat down in my chair and placed my feet in their high heels up on my desk, looking at the contract.  Laughing I said "Big deal!" as I found it very easy to get that signature.  I took my mobile phone and looked at my messages.  I quickly noticed the time and it was already almost three pm!  Where had the afternoon gone?  Well, I do remember!  I exclaimed "Oh, is it that late?" and immediately took my feet off the desk and sat up in the chair, tidying up the desk.  I reached for the phone to call Mr. Smith and tell him I am back.  I dialed his office.


"Hello?" he answered.


"Hello Sir!" I said.


"You are finally back?" he asked.


"Yes I am back with very good news." I stated.


"Signed? I am coming to see you!" he said.



"Yes, see you in a minute." I said, knowing he was eager to hear the news and would be ecstatic that the contract was finally signed.  I hung up the phone and moved my chair closer to my desk and got my little mirror to see how I looked.  What I saw surprised me a little.  I looked to see my wild hair, no longer piled on my head but cascading down wildly over my shoulders.  I started to primp my hair with my fingers, fluffing it up.  "Hmmm, oh boy!  What a mess!" I said, clicking my tongue in a naughty way as if to scold myself for being so naughty.  I adjusted the mirror and slid my hands down by body, and was startled as to what I found when I caressed over my breasts.  "Oh, where is my bra?"


Miss Alya Ivanova


I quickly remembered and said "Oh, I must have left it at the hotel!  OK!"  Yes, I remember that now and what fun I just had.  "Not a problem!" I said to myself.  I took my lip gloss and started reapplying it to my lips. I made them all shiny again and back almost to the way they were this morning.


Miss Alya Ivanova


I looked closely at myself in the mirror and said "I am pretty proud of you!" pointing to myself in the mirror.  "Good job girl!" congratulating myself as I stood and started to adjust my skirt.  "Let's see!"  I pulled it up to adjust my stockings, pulling on the lace band at the top to even them up and get them back up my long legs.  "A little messy!"


I adjust my skirt, pulling it down and smoothing it and then sit down back in my chair.  I look into the mirror and run my fingers through my hair again, wondering what to do with it.  "But hey, what do you want after that hot fuck!"  I then caress myself, over my breasts and remember the hot time that I just had with Mr. Rogers and his dick.


Miss Alya Ivanova


"Ohhh!"  I certainly am looking forward to a repeat performance.  "Hmmm!"  But it is back to work now, at least until Mr. Smith gets here.


I take the contract and sit back in my chair looking at it.  I see Mr. Rogers signature and how easy it was to get.  It was also lots of fun.  I think I need to get compensated well for this, as only I could have gotten that signature.  Therefore, I am thinking of how much of each contract I should get.  Just then, Mr. Smith enters my office.


"Hello Miss Ivanova."  He says.  "Good news?"


Looking right at him I say "Done and Done" dropping the contract folder on the desk with a thud.  I lounge back in my chair and place my arm up behind my head along the back of my chair.  "I got that contract signed!"


"Really?  Great job!"  Mr. Smith says.


"It was a piece of cake!" I say.


"That easy, Miss Ivanova?" he asked.


"You know that nobody can resist my charms!" Isay.


"That seems true!" he replied.


I move the mirror toward the back of the desk and stand up facing Mr. Smith.  "But it is not the charms that got the contract signed!"


"I am sure you have many capabilities to negotiate the signature on that contact!" he suggested.


I then pick up the contract folder and hand it to him saying "Here!"


"Thank you Miss Ivanova!  Good job!" he congratulates me.  "Did you have a tasty lunch?"


"Yes, I had a little bit longer lunch!" I replied.


"No problem!  Did you stay at the restaurant?" he asked.


"I went back to his hotel and continued the signing of the contract!" I said.


"Well you got it signed!" he praised again.


I turned to bend over my desk as I described my time with Mr. Rogers.  "It was pretty hot!"


"What?  Was the hotel air conditioner not working?  How could that be?" he said without a clue as he sat down.


"You want to listen!" I said as I stood up and turned toward him to describe how I got the signature.  "You are very curious about these details now?" I asked.


"Yes, I am, Miss Ivanova!" he answered.


I flicked my hair back and said "I teased him!


He interrupted and asked "Where is your bra?"


I looked down as I caressed my body and said "Where is my bra?"


"Yes, where is it?" he repeated.


"Probably still in his room!" I admitted.


"So what went on in his room then?" he asked.


"I seduced him!" I said.


"Oh?" Mr. Smith said.


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