Chapter 2 - Lunch with the client

(Written by Slave R, September 2015)


READERS NOTE:VIDEO 200 ends here, but this is what I dreamed of happening off camera.


It was a grey day, but warm.  The streets were wet with the rain that had fallen this morning.  However, no more rain was forecast.  I did not need an umbrella or coat as I left the office.  Walking out the building, I was headed down the street for lunch.  It was only a six block walk to the restaurant where I was to meet Mr. Rogers, the client that I was to negotiate the signing of the contract.  As usual, men would watch me as I walked past.  Who could blame them.


I arrived at the restaurant just a few minutes after noon for the lunch with Mr Rogers.  He was already there and waved me over past the waitress seating people with reservations.  I walked toward him in a secluded corner of this nice and fancy restaurant.  It was dark, especially on this grey day, but I could see him stand up as I approached.  "Glad you could come, Miss Ivanova." he said.


"Pleasure to be here, Mr. Rogers!" I replied, smiling at him as he held my chair for me to sit down.  I placed the contract on the table that was covered with a white table cloth.  I placed my purse on the floor beside my chair.


"You do not need to be so formal, Miss Ivanova!" Mr. Rogers said, taking his seat across from me.


"OK, thank you.  Mr. Smith sends his regards and apologies for not being able to make it!" I said.


"Miss Ivanova, you do not need to express apologies for Mr. Smith.  I specifically requested that you and I have this private lunch without him." he said.


"Oh, sir?" I said.


"There you go again, Miss Ivanova!  Being so formal.  Call me Richard!  And you, Miss Ivanova?" he asked.


"I think we should remain formal, Mr. Rogers.  This is a business lunch, right?" I said.


"Nonsense, Miss Ivanova!  We can talk business after lunch.  Instead, I want to get to know you better.  And please call me Richard!" he continued.


"OK, Richard, I am Alya.  But I think we need to discuss the contract now!" I pleaded just as the waitress came and took our drink order.  Mr. Rogers had ordered us a bottle of red wine.  We then looked at the menu and found what we wanted.  The waiter came with the bottle, uncorked it and gave Mr. Rogers a taste.  He approved of it and the waiter filled my glass first, and then Mr. Roger's glass.  Just then the waitress came back and we gave her our order.


"Getting back to what we were talking about, Alya, I want to get to know you better.  What are your ambitions in life?" he asked.


"Well, I like my job and find working with Mr. Smith very challenging and rewarding.  He says I can grow with the company and move into the sales roll soon." I said, not wanting Mr. Rogers to know that the company was hurting and desperately needed his contract.


"Oh, I am sure you are very capable in that roll, Alya!  In fact, I think you could do anything you wanted.  You are very talented, and I want to explore those talents with you even more!" he said.


"Well, thank you sir!" I said.


"There you go again, Alya.  Richard, please!  I insist!" he repeated.


"OK, Richard!  I really do think we need to talk about the contract!" I said.


"Knowing Mr. Smith as I do, I am sure he gave you a longer lunch to be with me, right?" he asked.


"Yes, he did!" I replied.  He was looking at me and smiling.


"Alya, we have plenty of time to talk about the contract, but I want to talk about you!  I think you are a very capable young woman.  The world lays at your feet!  You have a confidence about you that most do not have.  With that and your ability to light up a room with your eyes and smile, you could have every contract you desire.  I think you also have the abilities to close the negotiations successfully every time.  That is why I want to have you for lunch, my dear Alya.  I have numerous propositions for you!" he stated with a smile.


"Thank you Richard for all the compliments.  You certainly know how to flatter a girl.  But propositions?  What propositions?" I asked.


"Alya, you know I think highly of you.  You have all the assets to be very successful.  And I want you to be successful with me on many fronts.  Firstly, I want to offer you a job working for me as my personal assistant.  It would be highly paid, but also demanding, and sometimes late hours, yet well compensated.  Also lots of travel.  You would be supporting me both in the office on on those trips." he offered.


"Wow, well, I am very flattered, but I am sure you are aware that one of my qualities is loyalty.  I am very loyal and want to stay with Mr. Smith.  I feel he is ready to offer me a change soon, and also I think we are about to grow." I said, hoping in my mind that the start would be with this contract that I am to get signed.


"Oh, I understand, Alya, but let me tell you that this offer is not time limited.  You can accept it anytime you want.  You know how to reach me at the office, but I will give you my direct mobile number" and he gave me another card.  I reached down to my purse and put it inside.


Sitting back up, I said "I am very flattered!  You said you had other propositions for me?"


"Yes, Alya, I do!  But first let us eat!"  Our food arrived, and during the lunch as we ate, we just had small talk.  He told me how he got into his business and how his company had grown.  It sometimes sounded like a sales pitch not for me to get the contract signed, but for me to go work for him.  But I remained focus on the mission at hand, to get that contract signed.


As we finished our plates, the waitress came over and offered dessert to which he immediately said "No thank you!  One bill please!" and after she left, he turned to me and said "I think we can find something sweet back at my hotel.  We can discuss the contract then, Alya!" and he was smiling.


"That is good, as I want to get down to business, Richard!" I said, since we had now spent the better part of an hour and had not discussed the contract at all.  It was more about me and his business.  There were many compliments about me and also many suggestions that I can get anything I wanted with my skills.  I know I am confident, but I also want things my way.  And I know how to get them.


The waitress came and he paid the bill, even if I offered to pay my portion.  He insisted as he was holding me up with that contract.  But then he also said "We will discuss the contract back at my hotel.  It is more private and is only two blocks away.  Are you up for that Alya?"


I replied "Sure.  Let us get down to business!"  We got up from the table and I bent over to get my purse, knowing he was looking at me and probably checking me out, especially my ass in that short tight skirt.  I took my time before standing upright again to ensure he got a good view.  We then started to walk out of the restaurant.


Once outside, he offered me his arm and I took it, hanging my purse from my free arm and holding the contract in my hand.  We walked slowly to the hotel, and I did notice that the guys around were still checking me out even as I walked with Mr. Rogers.  We approached his hotel and it was one of the most swanky ritzy ones in the city.  The doorman appropriately held the door open for us as we entered, walking past the lobby where one of the front desk personnel called out to Mr. Rogers.  He let go of my arm saying "I will be right back!" and walked over to the front desk to get a piece of paper, which he read and smiled.  I noticed that it was almost 1:30 already on the clock at the reception desk.  He returned to me and taking my arm again proceeded to escort me towards the elevators.


"Good news?" I asked about his reaction to the note.


"Could be, Alya.  Could be!"  We went into the elevator and he selected the second floor from the top of the hotel.  The elevator rose, and stopped at a few floors to let off people.  Once we were alone, it was almost at his floor.  We exited the elevator and walked down the hall, Mr. Rogers still guiding me by my arm toward his room.  Once outside the door, he produced the electronic key and opened the door.  "Please enter, Alya!" he said and I walked into the room seeing an oppulent surrounding with a great view.  "Do you like the room?" he asked.


"It is very nice!" I said looking around at the large room with brass fixtures, and nice decor, plus a king sized bed along one of the walls.  A door was open to the bathroom which was marble tiled and also had brass fixtures.


"You know if you were my personal assistant, this would be how you would travel.  Only the best for my assistant and I!" he said.


"Wow, sir!  You make it hard to turn the offer down!" I said.


"There you go again, Alya.  Richard, remember?  And you certainly do not need to decide now.  Remember, the offer is there for you whenever you desire it!" he repeated.


"Well, it is a very beautiful room!" I added.


"Take a look around!" he offered.  I started to walk around the room and saw that everything was very ritzy, and polished.  I also noticed a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket near the table beside the windows.  It was one of those buckets that stands on the floor.  I placed the contract down on the table with my purse and walked around the room.  He was standing and I know he was closely watching me and checking me out.  "This room suits you, Alya!  Only the richest surroundings for someone so capable and talented!" he repeated.


"You flatter me so much!  But how do you know how capable and talented I am?" I asked, smiling as I walked back toward the table.


"I hope to find out right now, Alya!  I have these feelings about you since the first time I saw you.  My instincts are usually quite correct."  I felt him standing behind me.  "You are worried about the contract, right?" he said, placing his hand on mine as it rested on the folder with the contract in it.


"I think we need to talk about it now, sir!" I said.


"Please Alya, call me Dick if you cannot remember Richard!  We are in private now!" and with that he pulled out a chair for me to sit in.  I sat down as he pushed it in and then he grabbed another chair and sat beside me.  He was very close to me and he opened the folder to examine the contract.  "So, Alya, work your charms on me.  Why should I sign this and work with Mr. Smith's company?"


Now was my chance.  "OK Mr. Rogers - er - Dick.  I know that we can supply you with exactly what you need.  The company is well founded to be there when you need us.  We are very flexible and attentive.  We are able to deliver on short notice."


"Yes, Alya, I understand that!" he interrupted.  "But what sets you above the rest that promise me the same things?"


"Good question.  Our dedication to satisfaction.  The company works hard to make sure each and every client is satisfied with our services.  We deliver on your schedule and follow up to see that you are satisfied!" I explained.


"That is great, Alya.  I can be a very hard person to satisfy!" he stated.


"Well, our company likes challenges!" I said.


"And you?" he asked.


"I like challenges too, as I have said to you.  I have not found a challenge hard enough that I cannot handle!" I said.  Time for the charms.  "I know how to grasp the challenge and work it until I get a solution.  I do not stop or give up.  I give it my undivided personal touch."


"Mr. Smith gives you such challenges?" he asked.


"Well, the ones that he does I handle.  Like this one with your contract.  I intend to find a solution and get your signature on this contract!  I do not intend to leave this room until I have your signature." I said confidently.


"You are confident Alya, and I appreciate it.  How do you know Mr. Smith is satisfied with your work?" he asked.


"I can read Mr. Smith and know that he is satisfied.  We quickly learned each other's abilities and I can read when he is happy.  He seemed very happy and confident with my abilities regarding this contract.  He trusts me and my abilities" I offered.


"Yes, I can see that.  And how are you to ensure I remain satisfied if I sign the contract, Alya?" he asked.


"Because this is my first contract, I would ensure that I personally communicate with you, making sure you were happy with our services.  You can rest assured that I would give you my personal attention!  I will bend over backwards to make sure that you were getting what you desired.  All the terms of the contract would be fulfilled and you would get what you were paying for!" I said.


"Well, Alya, I am a hard nut to crack, I must admit.  But I think you are working on that nut.  How about a break?" he said.


"Well, I do not have all afternoon, sir - er - Dick!" I said.


"Oh, do not worry, I can handle Mr. Smith.  If you come back with this contract he would be so happy you would be guaranteed a raise I am sure.  If not, come work for me!" he said, again repeating his offer.


"I know Mr. Smith would be very pleased when I bring this contract back signed.  Mr. Smith would be like a bird in my hand.  He woule be very happy with the contract, as would I." I said.


"OK, let us take a break and have a little champagne." he said reaching for the bottle and working to uncork it.


"I thought that was for later if you signed the contract!" I wondered.


"I offered you a sweet dessert and this is a sweet champagne, Alya!" he said as he popped the cork and started to pour it into the flutes.  "Here you go, Alya!" he said offering me the glass.  "Sweet golden champagne to lubricate our negotiations."  We sipped it, and he said "I can use a good stretch, how about you, Alya?"


"Sure," and I got up and stretched, looking out of the window.  I know he was checking me out again as he also got up our of his chair.  "This is a nice view you have here!" I added.


Standing behind me, Mr. Rogers said "Yes, it is very nice, Alya!"  I know he was not actually referring to the view out of the window, but the view he had of my body and ass in the short skirt.  I decided that I would now really turn on my charms.  I wiggled my ass moving my weight from one foot to the other, and then I moved closer to the window to lean over and look down toward the street.  I know this would raise the back hemline of my tight skirt up and reveal the lace tops of my stay up stockings.  "Very nice view indeed!" Mr. Rogers continued.  I am sure he was referring to me, so I know that my plan was working to a charm.


"Come here, Dick!  Look at this!" I said as I stood back up still looking out the window.  I felt him approach me from behind, and he was now very close to me, looking over my shoulder.  I moved a little to brush my ass across the front of his pants but not hard enough to make it obvious, but just as a tease.  I discovered that he was already bulging them out a little.  He did fill his pants well naturally, but I think that there was an extra big bulge there now.  "Check this out!" I repeated, feeling him looking over my shoulder trying to see something down in front of me out the window.  "Can you see it, Dick?" I asked.


He continued to look over my shoulder and down at the street saying "I am not sure what you are looking at, Alya!"


"You mean you cannot see it, Dick?" I asked.


"What is it you want me to see, Alya?" he asked.


"Come on Dick!  You must be able to notice it!" I repeated.  He was pushing closer to me and I felt his pants pressing against my ass in the skirt.  "There, Dick!" I said as he looked down in front of me.


"I do not see it!  What is it Alya?" he asked again, straining for a look.


I ran my hands up my body and pushed them under the cups of my bra from the outside of my sheer nylon top and pushed my breasts upward!  My cleavage was in full view now, as I said "My pert breasts, Dick!  You must have noticed them all this time!  They are perfectly round and full!" I said, surprising Mr. Rogers, but not totally I think.  I grabbed his hands and then placed them on the outside of my sheer nylon top, pressing them against my bra with my hands saying "Come on, have a feel!"


"They are nice Alya!  I think we are getting closer to the contract signing" he added.


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