Chapter 1 - Morning at the office

(Written by Slave R, September 2015)


READERS NOTE: VIDEO 200 begins here.


As usual, I walked into my office a little early.  Placing my purse down on my desk, I looked through it to find my things I needed for the day.  I pulled out my mobile phone, my lip gloss, some make up and other sundry items I use in a typical day at the office.  Placing my purse behind the desk phone, I sit down in my plush leather office chair.  Picking up my mobile phone, I start checking my messages, and relive the memories from some of them from days and nights before.


As I check my phone, I love to relax, and today is no different.  Sitting in my chair, I let my shoe slide off my heel and dangle from my toes as I have my legs crossed.  Even if it is early in the day, it is nice to rest my feet, as I did walk into the office today.


Noting the time, I turned on my laptop computer as I needed to get to work.  While it was booting, I checked the agenda for all the appointments for me and my boss, Mr. Smith.  I had my pencil in my hand in case I needed to add notes.  Reading more, I noticed that the computer was ready, so I checked it, and started to answer my emails.  There was only one urgent one to answer this morning.  I then checked through the agenda again and noticed that I had taken a note from yesterday's meeting between Mr. Smith and Mr. Rogers about a contract that our company was trying to win.  The note stated that I need to contact Mr. Rogers to continue the negotiations with Mr. Smith.  I noted the number of Mr. Rogers hotel and called it.


Miss Alya Ivanova



The reception answered.  I said "Good Morning.  My name is Miss Ivanova.  I'm calling from Mr. Smith's office.  May I speak with Mr. Rogers please?"


The reception lady said "I will place you through to his room."


I replied "Thank you!"  I was waiting for quite a while as the phone in his room rang.  I rapped my fingers against the desk.


"Hello!" said Mr. Rogers as he picked up the phone.


I said "Good Morning Mr. Rogers.  This is Miss Ivanova speaking.  How are you?"


"Fine now that you called!" he answered.


I laughed and said "Yes we met yesterday."


"Oh, I would never forget you, Miss Ivanova!" he said quickly.


"Yes, Thank you so much for your compliments."


"You are very deserving!  How are you?" he asked as I changed ears to listen to the phone.


"I'm doing fine!" I answered


"You certainly are, and talented, Miss Ivanova!" he said.


"Yes.  I am calling on behalf of Mr. Smith.  Ah.  He would like to continue discussing details about the contract that we started yesterday." I continued


"Yes, the contract.  It is down to business then!" he said.


"Yes.  Would you like me to put you through?" I asked.


"Yes, certainly!" he replied.


"Now?" I asked.


"Yes, since this is business!" he said.


"Thank you!" I replied and I pushed the button to connect him to Mr. Smith's phone.  However, I did not hang up.  Instead, I listened to hear the conversation between Mr. Rogers and Mr. Smith.


"Hello!" Mr. Smith said.


"Hello!  How are you this morning?" Mr. Rogers asked.


"Fine, and you?" Mr. Smith asked.


"Also fine." Mr Rogers replied.


"I had Miss Ivanova call you regarding the contract!" Mr. Smith stated.


"Oh yes, Miss Ivanova!  That is one talented secretary you have there!" Mr. Rogers said.


"Yes, she is!  I was lucky to find her!" Mr. Smith said.


"Lucky!  I think you hit the jackpot with her!  She is incredible!" Mr. Rogers said.


"I agree, and I have big plans for her!" Mr. Smith said.


"I am sure she is very capable.  Maybe I should steal her away from you!" Mr. Rogers suggested.


"I can assure you that Miss Ivanova is very reliable and loyal to me!  And I reward loyal employees!" Mr. Smith emphasized.


"Oh, so it is more than just business between you and Miss Ivanova?" Mr. Rogers said.  I smiled as he was very direct.


"Oh, I assure you that it is just business with Miss Ivanova.  Just because she dresses hot and looks incredibly sexy does not mean that she is not intelligent and very capable." Mr. Smith explained.  I smiled again, as at least Mr. Smith is noticing my hot outfits, and how I look after myself and come to the office always looking hot.  So many other secretaries dress so plainly.  No wonder they get no where.


"Sorry!  I mean that Miss Ivanova is a very capable secretary, but I think she can do more.  I think she has a deep perception of the issues, is very intelligent, knows how to handle herself, and will go far in the business world.  But she is also the hottest girl I have ever seen!" Mr. Rogers said.  I smiled as Mr. Rogers was very observant.


"Yes, I agree with you there!" Mr. Smith replied, as I listened closely, now knowing that my boss thought I was hot too.  However, he quickly got back to business.  "About the contract.  What needs to be done to move forward on it?" Mr. Smith asked.


"I think if you put it in Miss Ivanova's hands, we could work out a deal!" Mr. Rogers said.  I listened carefully.


"You mean let her handle the contract?  I am not sure she is ready for that!" Mr. Smith said.  Well what did he mean by that?


"No, I mean I can negotiate with her, and it would be a good demonstration of her abilities to get the contract." Mr. Rogers suggested.


"Well, she did handle the meeting yesterday very well.  OK, so can you come to the office today and we will meet?" Mr. Smith asked.


"No, but I think you can send Miss Ivanova with the contract to me for lunch."  Mr. Rogers suggested.


"I will have to cancel my meeting I have planned for 12:00." Mr. Smith said.


"No, I mean send Miss Ivanova by herself.  And give her as much time as she needs for our negotiations after lunch!" Mr. Rogers insisted.


"Oh, I am not sure about that!" Mr. Smith said.


"I am very close to signing the contract, Mr. Smith, and I am sure Miss Ivanova has the abilities to convince me to sign it!" Mr. Rogers stated.


"Ok, I will send her, but do not try to steal her away from me!" Mr. Smith demanded.


"You said she was loyal."  Mr. Rogers reminded Mr. Smith.


"Yes, she is!" Mr. Smith said.  "So, where should I send Miss Ivanova?" he asked.


"I have a lunch date set for noon at the restuarant about two blocks from my hotel.  It is called 'La Trattoria'" Mr. Rogers said.


"I know it!"  I moved to my desk to take notes, writing down the name of the restaurant.  I knew where it was too, and it was a great place.  I already was feeling hungry after hearing that name.  A great place with great atmosphere more for romance than business.  "I will send Miss Ivanova for noon!"


"Yes, and give her as much time as she needs this afternoon.  I wish to negotiate after lunch with her, mainly about her involvement in the contract!" Mr. Rogers said.


"How do you mean?" Mr. Smith asked.


"I would like her hands on this one, her personal touch.  If I have an issue I want to deal directly with Miss Ivanova.  And she will be made available anytime I wish a meeting with her.  I want all our updates on the progress of the contract and transactions to flow through her." Mr. Rogers demanded.


"OK, I hope she is up to the task!" Mr. Smith said, seemingly hesitant about the idea.  I had finished writing and was now listening intently to the conversation.


"Do not worry, I am sure she has all the skills to deal with me!" Mr. Rogers said.  "She has incredible capabilities and assets.  And you will receive a tested and proven employee capable of doing more for you after our collaboration!" Mr. Rogers assured Mr. Smith.


"Yes, I think she is capable, but I am not sure she is ready!" Mr. Smith said.


"Oh, I am sure she is ready to rise up to the challenge.  After our meeting, you will probably have a signed contract.  You should debrief her when she returns to your office later this afternoon!" Mr. Rogers suggested.


"Oh, I will debrief her as I want to know how well she does, and how she uses her abilities in negotiations with you!" Mr. Smith confirmed.


"Ok, so it is set.  Send Miss Ivanova to La Trattoria by noon." Mr. Rogers demanded.


"She will be there with the contract!" Mr. Smith said.


"Good, I will be ready!  Good bye." Mr. Rogers concluded.


"Good bye!" and they ended the call.


I quietly hang up the phone, pleased with what I heard.  They both saw that I had more capabilities than just being a secretary.  And all the compliments were very flattering.  And it looked like we were close to getting that contract signed.  I clapped my hands together, and said "Awesome, awesome, awesome!" as I tidied the desk a little.


Miss Alya Ivanova


I decided to check my mobile phone for any messages.  There was none and my evening was looking free.  Also, I decided to check out the menu of La Trattoria, the restaurant downtown near the hotel where Mr. Smith was staying while in town.


As I did so, Mr. Smith entered my office.  I put my phone down on the table and closed the business agenda as he talked to me.  "Good morning Miss Ivanova!"


"Good morning Mr. Smith.  I was expecting you!" I replied.  "How did the conversation with Mr. Rogers go?"


"It went very well.  We are moving forward with the contract!" he said.


"I'm very curious.  We must do something about that contract.  We must get it signed.  So what did he say?" I asked.


"We are getting closer to landing the contract.  It seems there is one more step left!" he replied.


"Yeah!"  I rubbed my hands together.  "Getting closer!" I said excitedly.


"Yes, I think we are very close, and Mr. Rogers thinks the same.  He knows what he wants!" he stated to me.


"I know how important that contract is for the company to grow.  Yes! " I said.


"It is very important to our future!" Mr. Smith stated as a matter of fact.


"OK, what did he say?" I asked.


"Mr. Rogers stated that he wants a meeting at lunch today to negotiate the final details of the contract before potentially signing it!" Mr. Smith confirmed to me.


"Well today?  It might be signed today?"  I faked being surprised as I had heard the telephone call.  I reached for the agenda as I said "Let me check because I think you have some meetings going on!"


"I am not going to the meeting!" Mr. Smith stated.


"What?  You are not going?" I said sounding surprised.


"No, I am not.  I have those meetings to attend!" Mr. Smith said sounding confident, even though I know he was unsure about what he was about to do.


"Who is going then?" I asked.


"Mr. Rogers has expressed his utmost confidence in someone that he feels is very capable of negotiating the contact.  He expressly requested that you meet with him for lunch!" Mr. Smith said.


"Me?" I asked sounding surprised.


"Yes, you, Miss Ivanova.  He wants to have only you for lunch." Mr. Smith said


I laughed as I knew the connotation behind those words.  "Why me?" I said as Mr. Smith approached me and I got up to take the contract folder from him.


"Mr. Rogers wants to meet with you because he feels you have all the capabilities to negotiate with him.  You are held highly in his books, and he wants to negotiate only with you now.  I have confidence in you too, Miss Ivanova, and think you can do this.  I believe you know what it takes to get that contract signed for us to grow!" Mr. Smith explained.


"Well, certainly I will see what I can do." I stated.


"I am sure you will do all that is necessary and you will come back to me with it signed." Mr. smith assured.


"And I am very excited to get everything done and I will do my best.  What, ah, where did you arrange the meeting?" I asked.


"You will meet Mr. Rogers at La Trattoria restaurant near his hotel for lunch at noon." Mr. Smith instructed.


"Oh that is a very nice place." I knew it well.


"You will do well and get it signed!" Mr. Smith emphasized.


"Well, I will certainly do my best, but, ah, I will need a little bit longer lunch." I asked.


"Sure!" Mr. Smith stated.


"As you realize!" I said and I am sure he does realize what I mean.


"I expect you will need more than an hour, as Mr. Rogers wants to take his time after lunch to with the negotiations.  So take a few hours, and do all you need to come back with a signed contract!" Mr. Smith instructed.


"Yes, you are OK with that!" I said and he nodded as I reached for the agenda.  Opening it I said "OK, Mr. Smith!  Very good."  As I looked at the agenda I noted that Mr. SMith had a meeting at noon, so I said "Um, you have a meeting in about 20 minutes."


"I know, Miss Ivanova!" he replied.


"Yes, you know about that.  And I will be preparing for my meeting with Mr. Rogers."  I winked at Mr. Smith and clicked my tongue as I put agenda down and started to get ready for my lunch date with Mr. Rogers, moving my chair closer to the desk.


"Go get the contract and enjoy yourself!" Mr. Smith said leaving my office.


Sitting close to my desk and moving my mirror toward me, I get out my makeup brush and apply some more powder to my face, covering my cheeks, chin, nose, forehead and neck as I looked into my mirror.  I wanted to look my best for this big opportunity I had before me.  I put the brush away and got my lip gloss, and started to apply it to my full lips, checking my application in the mirror.


Miss Alya Ivanova


"Make it so kissable!" I said.  I puckered a kiss for the mirror, knowing how sexy my lips are.  "Nobody can resist those."  I blow two kisses at the mirror and then say "Kissable!  Irresistible!"  My hair was done up on my head so that my neck was exposed and my earrings could be seen.


I sat back a little from my desk and adjusted my sheer black pullover top, pulling it up at the shoulders and then caressing down over my body, saying "Alright Miss Ivanova!"  I made it sit nicely across my body.  I brushed the sides of it, and along the arms that had black shiny leather cuffs.  "Let's see.  Everything must be just perfection."  I was checking myself out in the mirror and could see my bra under my top.  It was designed to be that way.  My bra had shiny purple mirrors attached to it to draw more attention to me.


Miss Alya Ivanova


I stepped out of my pair of platform high heeled back leather pumps.  I bent forward to adjust the sheer black nylon of my wide lace topped stay up stockings.  I caressed up my long legs and stood up to check the back seam on them, from my heel upward.  I lifted the hem of my peplum tight black short skirt, with the peplum in black leather.  This allowed me to pull up on the lace tops of my stay up stockings.  I then stepped back into my shoes, left one first, and standing before my desk and the mirror on it, I adjusted the right stocking top, pulling on the lace band at the top after lifting my skirt so high it was under the peplum.  I was looking in the little mirror to make sure everything was even, and I could see my pair of sheer black bikini panties.  I turn around and spank my hot ass, then turn more to rub it, feeling how soft and smooth it was.


Now that I was ready and everything was checked, I pulled down the hemline of my tight skirt, adjusting it and evening it out.  I checked everything in the mirror and I looked very hot.  I caressed over my body and bent forward to see myself close up in the mirror.  "Perfection!" I exclaimed.  "Let us get that contract signed."  I was ready and I took the contract folder and my purse and walked out of my office.



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