How to Get Big Contracts Signed


(Written by Slave R, September 2015)

PRELUDE:  I am Slave R.  One of Alya Ivanova's admirers, fans and slaves.  I love writing stories about her.  Now I want to hear your ideas about my stories, what you like and what you do not like about them.  I have many fantasies about Alya, as you can see in my stories.  Do you love to read these stories?  Tell me!  You should write your own stories about Alya and send them to her.  I have and it was warmly received, and even if she is not the way I portray her in her real life, I can dream about her like this!


I love Alya Ivanova. She is the hottest fetish model I have ever seen. And she is an excellent actress. Her role play videos are superb and very imaginative. Alya asks for suggestions from her fans and members. She makes many of them into sexy videos. These videos are certainly hot. I can watch Alya in any of her videos over and over again. Her image remains in my memory like the sweet scent of a good wine, and I savour her the same way. Watching Alya act gets my blood flowing, and I get very excited watching her. Alya has a pure sex appeal. Alya knows how to move. Alya is the ultimate tease and is very seductive in many of her role plays. She can also be a sadistic and demanding domina in her videos.


I have written stories about her before, such as the Sin City story. However, in this story, she is a hot secretary that every warm blooded man would want in his office. The story starts by summarizing one of her two part videos. Then I describe what I think happened between the first part and the second part. Afterward, I describe the rest of Alya's day with the client. It is written from her point of view. I love fantasizing about Alya in all sorts of sexy situations. I hope you will enjoy this fantasy as much as I did writing it. Like Alya says, she makes many of my fetish fantasies a reality.



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