This chapter presents the point-of-view of the male slave interacting with Mistress Alya on the second day in Las Vegas.  It is recommended for the reader to read this chapter in int entirety only after reading all or parts of Cahpters 1, 2 and 3.  Continue reading and send in your ideas to Mistress Alya for new chapters.



I slept well and awoke at 1:30 pm.  Mistress Alya was not beside me, nor was she in the room.  I got up and booted the laptop, called room service for some pancakes for breakfast, and then went to shower.  In the washroom I could smell the sweet scent of Mistress Alya and her perfume.  I guess it was lingering here and therefore was not too long ago that she left the room.  After the shower, I went and grabbed some fruit while I waited for room service to deliver breakfast and I sat in front of the computer and started to watch the videos from last night from where I left off.  I was feeling a lot of anticipation to find out what happened here last night, as I was enticed by what I had seen.  What had Mistress Alya actually done here with that guy from the club.  I wanted to find out.


However, as I was about to start, there was a knock at the door, and it was room service with the pancake breakfast.  I got them, tipping the sexy attendant that brought them, and then went back to the desk, started eating and selecting the video to watch.  Since I was the only one in the room, I turned the sound on and decided to quickly check out the quality of what I had seen last night, building my own suspense as I really wanted to see what happened here last night.




This chapter presents the point-of-view of the third person interacting with the two main characters during that first day.  This chapter starts in the club as Mistress Alya enters the club.  Ready for some explicit sexual content with Mistress Alya?  Continue reading and send in your ideas to Mistress Alya for new chapters.



I had arrived in Las Vegas for a pair of trade shows.  It would span two weeks, and as the first trade show wrapped up, I found myself in the club on a Friday night, with a full weekend ahead to rest before the next show started on Monday.  However, I wanted to blow off some steam, too so I was sitting at the bar having a drink, and talking with the Bartender and a couple of other guys at the bar.  The stool beside me was empty.  But not for long!


I felt someone slide into that bar stool to my left, and when I turned to see whom it was, I was almost beside myself with joy.  The most beautiful girl I had ever seen was sitting beside me.  Not to let a moment pass, I quickly started talking with her.  "Wow, look who we have here!" I exclaimed.  She smiled, so I added, "Let me buy you a drink!"




This is the point-of-view of Mistress Alya for Day 1.  It is recommended for the reader to read this chapter in its entirety after reading all or part of Chapter 1.



On the flight to Las Vegas, my heart was beating fast.  I was excited.  I had a plan in my head, and I was bringing with me one of my slaves to help me make it real.  You know what they advertise.  "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!"  Well, what I was planning on doing would definitely raise some eyebrows elsewhere.  But in Las Vegas, it would probably not be noticed.  And I would export it should it work out as intended.  It would not stay in Vegas!


On arrival in Las Vegas, I took my slave to our hotel.  It was one of the big fancy ones on the Strip.  I had never been in a place like this before.  It was very ornate, like a palace.  I can imagine being super wealthy and still not being able to have the marble and gold work in the rooms that this place has in the hallways.  And then when we entered the suite, wow!  It was big, with a marble washroom, a large washroom with a Jacuzzi tub and glass shower.  It had a large bed too that was surrounded by stunning decor.  And then there was a sunken living room with a L shaped sofa, table and desk.  The large window gave a dramatic view was of the Strip.  This was living in style.  I could get used to this.


Then I realized that this was the stage where I could have many of my own fantasies come true.  I felt my heart flutter again.  I was getting excited, because I were here, and I had one of my slaves with me too.  It was the best of both worlds.  Instead of unpacking, I quickly freshened up, and took my slave with me out to the shops.  There were many opulent shops in the hotel area and the area connecting the hotels.  It was like a big shopping centre.  However, I found many people were not well dressed.  I mean, they were wearing casual clothes instead of dressing up.  I always dress up and look my best.




You should start reading this story from here.  This chapter is from the point-of-view of the main male character, the slave of Mistress Alya.



This trip has been discussed and planned for a long time.  Mistress Alya decided that I was to be the lucky slave to come with her to Sin City.  I was ready to do anything my Mistress wants, but I still felt a lot of tension, trepidation, and nervousness on my part.  What exactly would my Mistress want from me.  Our trip together began with our Friday arrival in Las Vegas and getting settled into our hotel suite.  It was a beautiful suite, with a fancy washroom, complete with both a bath and shower.  There was a large bed surrounded by fancy decor, and a sunken living room area, complete with a corner couch.  There was a large window offering a nice view of the Strip far below us.  It was an amazing view.


We arrived just after mid-day, and since we had eaten on the plane, we were not hungry.  Anyway, I was so nervous being with my Mistress alone that I could not eat anyway.  Instead, Mistress Alya demanded that we go shopping.  We went out together to the shops in the hotel area, and browsed along the Strip.  You see, as Mistress Alya's slave, I am also her money slave.  It makes me feel special to be able to spend money on my Mistress, and have her look and feel good which made sure that I would be treated well as her slave.  If I treated her well, she would respect me.  We were browsing for clothing for her, and we saw lots of sexy things.  First, we shopped for leather, and she tried many items on, but never came out of the change room to show me how they looked on her.  She eventually settled for a sexy leather skirt, something like a skater's skirt, and yet it was quite short.  At the next store she went through a lot of footwear.  There were many shoes and boots, and she eventually picked out a pair of thigh high leather boots, complete with stiletto heels and red soles.  I got to see her try these on her legs that were in leggings.  These boots were very nice and made with high quality soft leather to match the skirt.  The next shop we went to sold women's wear.  She had me bring her a lot of sexy blouses, some sheer, some satin, and she tried each on in the change room.  I did not see her in them, but she decided on a sexy red satin button blouse, that was quite shiny.  It was trimmed with ruffled edges.  After purchasing the blouse, I carried her shopping bags and we walked into a hosiery shop was very well stocked.  She looked through the many types and styles of hosiery, and picked out a couple, including a pair of Wolford pantyhose, but also some thigh high black stockings that had wide lace bands at the top.  These were very high quality items, and would shine in the light.  I purchased them and we went to the lingerie shop.  Mistress Alya picked out a black lacy bra and a black lacy sheer thong.  They were very delicate, very sexy and the sheer lace was perfect, as it was opaque enough to see her fingers through as she held it, but would not be too sheer to show everything that would be inside them.

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