This is the point-of-view of the male slave of Mistress Alya for Day 3.  It is recommended for the reader to read this chapter in its entirety after reading all or parts of the previous chapters.


NOTE:  Once the chapters with the two women having a threesome with the slave are written the first part of this chapter will change.


It was a wild night and I found myself in bed with these two hot young ladies. We had breakfast together in bed.  So hot!


At 12:30, my phone buzzed.  I took it out and found a message from my Mistress.  It had been a long time since I heard from her.  I read the message and it said "Go brunch 2 guys at 1, slave enjoy Ur grls?"  However, I was with the girls eating lunch so I could not just send her a message back at this time.


Once I got a moment, closer to 13:00 I sent my Mistress a message saying "Had G8t time. Will go 2 room after U leave.  Brkfst with grls in bed. Amazing! tks!" and it was a hot time.  We had breakfast in bed, and now lunch was done.  I said my "goodbye's" to the girls and started back to the room.


My phone had another message on it now from my Mistress saying "Ur welcome slave. I 2 room late afternoon.  U prepare cameras for tonite!"


I wrote my message back saying "Will do Mistress!  U enjoy!"  She must have had a very hot night.  I guess I would find out later.  As for now, I continued to head back to the room.  When I arrived, room service was already cleaning it.  I told them to continue as I started to charge the camera batteries and also, download the memory cards of the videos onto the laptop.  I continued to work on this and once the maids were done, they left me alone.  I reset the cameras and backed up the video files.  They were VERY large this time, and I checked the ends of them, and say my Mistress turning the cameras off, so the files were complete.  Just it took a long, long time to load.  I tidied up her clothing too, and changed myself, showering and then resting, falling asleep on the bed but with the phone set to ring for messages and calls.  I was up most of the night with those two hotties, and needed some sleep.


It was not long before the phone rang with a message.  It startled me as I was sleeping deeply, but I got up and found the message saying "Take camera 2 pool slave-record me N 2 guys!  I sit near U!"  Well, now I got into some shorts and a shirt and got the portable camera and went out of the room quickly down to the pool deck.  I was missing my Mistress a lot and now I would see her, which was exciting for me.


Once there I waited for my Mistress, and soon she appeared with the two guys from last night.  They were in towels, claimed pool loungers and she bent over to put the towel on her lounger, and as I video taped them, I noticed that a lot of people, mainly guys, were watching her.  She then lay between the two guys, all in swim suits.  She was wearing a tiny swimsuit, and lay with her legs open slightly right toward me showing her tiny bikini bottoms.


After 5 minutes, she talked with them and they went to the pool.  In the water they were playing around and were very close to each other.  They then came out and lay down without toweling off.  The guys bought drinks too, and then they went back into the pool again.  I saw my Mistress hug them tight and their bodies moving together in the water of the pool.  Then they came back out and lounged again.


I saw my Mistress take out her phone, and she messaged me.  I got my phone out and read "Set up camera in room - I take 2 back now - be fast!"


I wrote quickly back to her "OK - need 5 minutes"  She winked at me as she put the phone away, and I quickly went back to the room.  I nearly ran down the halls to get the cameras set up and ready.  I had them running and left the room just as I heard the elevator chime on the floor.  It was my Mistress and the two guys.  When they came off the elevator, she saw me, and then as they walked toward the room, she grabbed the front of both of their pants.  I could see her squeezing her hand on their bulging pants.





This chapter presents the point-of-view of Dave, the second college male interacting with Mistress Alya during the second day.  This chapter starts when Dave meets Mistress Alya on this day.  It is recommended for the reader to read this chapter in its entirety after reading all or parts of the previous chapters.  Chapters 6, 7 and 8 are written together from different viewpoints.



After a long bus ride, we had finally arrived at our hotel in Las Vegas.  We collected our bags from the bus and went to the lobby to check in.  As I was waiting, I was drawn to this hot babe!  She stood out wearing black and yellow, and looked very sexy.  That bright yellow top and matching shoes clicked as she walked past.  Her hips swung in that tight leather skirt, and those legs were long in that black sheer nylon.  I said "Wow, hot stuff!  What a package!" and others whistled at her and said other provocative things to her.  However, she was not letting that bother her.  Instead, she surprised me by turning and walking back to us.  She walked right up to us and stood very close to us.  She looked even hotter up close, very erotic.  Was she coming to tell us off?  No, because she said "I think I am too hot for you to handle, but if you think you can, be at the disco club tonight!"  Now, that was some invitation.  I know my friends wanted to go, and I would love to as well.  I was suppose to meet my girlfriend later tonight, but who knows what could happen with this hot babe.  Once I got checked in, I went with my buddy to our room and we talked about her, and I could not stop thinking about this hot babe for very long.  And neither could my friend, Charlie.


After getting to my room and resting, Charlie was thinking of that hot babe, and that made me think of her too, as we talked about going to the disco early tonight in order to not miss her.  Crazy, as my girlfriend was here too, with the other girls to support the team we were here to cheer on.  Since my girlfriend decided to sleep, as she wanted to rest after the long trip, I decided to go with Charlie to the disco and we got there just after 9 pm.  It was very quiet and not what I expected, but as the hour past to 10 pm, it got busier and busier.  Charlie was very excited to see this hot babe again and talked about her a lot.  It was also in my mind, as I wanted to see her again too.  She was super hot.  Then, as we were looking at the front of the club, as if on cue, she walked in and looked really hot.  You could not miss her dressed in a shiny white satin top and a shiny black tight miniskirt.  Her feet were in shiny black pumps and her legs in sheer black nylon, that looked like stockings with lace tops, but I could not see the top.  She walked up to the bar, and sat down on a stool.  Charlie had already gotten up and was walking toward her, after saying to me "Wait here!"




This chapter presents the point-of-view of Charlie, the first college male interacting with Mistress Alya during the second day.  This chapter starts when Charlie meets Mistress Alya on this day.  It is recommended for the reader to read this chapter in its entirety after reading all or parts of Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.



We were finally in Las Vegas.  We got off the bus at a swanky hotel.  We took our gear and went into the lobby to check in.  Then this hot lady was walking by.  It was impossible to miss her dressed in neon yellow satin top and pumps, and wearing sexy black nylons and a hot leather miniskirt.  And could she ever walk seductively.  Those hips gyrated and that ass was so tight looking.  I whistled at her, and some of the other guys did too.  But then, she turned and walked right over to me and my buddy.  With her so close to us, I could now see how hot and exotic she really was.  It was funny to now feel a little shy around her.  Then she spoke to us "I think I am too hot for you to handle, but if you think you can, be at the disco club tonight!"  Wow, what an invite.  And she is super hot!  I smiled and winked at her as she then walked away from us, moving in a very seductive way, and toward those elevators.  We finished checking in, and I definitely will need to go to the disco tonight!


So, all through the day I thought about that hot lady, and decided I must go to the disco, and managed to convince my colleagues to come with me at 9 pm.  It was early, and there were few people there, but we still had fun.  And I was dying of anticipation.  Just after 10 pm, she entered the club and most guys were watching her.  I certainly was, as was my friend, Dave.  She was dressed super hot again.  She was all shiny, with a white satin top and a tight black miniskirt.  Her long legs had stockings on again, and the lace tops were just visible at the short hem of her skirt.  And she had on a pair of high black shiny pumps.  She was so hot, and very visible as she walked to the bar.


She sat beside a guy and I saw her hand caress his thigh as they talked, but that did not put me off.  She had said to find her here, and I certainly could see her before me so I walked over toward the bar.  I could not really hear what they talked about, but once I reached her and was standing beside her, I tapped her shoulder, and she immediately turned to face me.  I said "I thought it was you!"  She looked happy to see me.  "How are you doing?"





This chapter presents the point-of-view of the first male person interacting with Mistress Alya other than her male slave during the second day.  This chapter starts when this character meets Mistress Alya on this day.  It is recommended for the reader to read this chapter in its entirety after reading all or parts of Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.



I could hardly believe what a night I had with that hot woman last night and into the morning.  But here I was, after a good sleep, in her hotel lobby the next afternoon, waiting for her.  It was just going past 1:30 in the afternoon, and almost on cue coming out of the elevator entrance was that hot blonde.  And wow, did she ever look hot.  She was wearing a yellow satin blouse that really stood out in the crowd.  A short black miniskirt open on the front and very sexily and suggestively cut covered her hot ass.  You could tell she was wearing sheer black lace top stockings.  Her shoes were also yellow, matching her blouse.  As she smiled and walked over to me, I said "Wow, you look stunning!"


She kissed me, and feeing those soft lips touch me again just made me remember how they felt, and how erotic they are.  She asked quietly, "Stunning enough to fuck?"


Wow, she just will not stop, not that I wanted her as I smiled and said "Yes, I sure would love to."  And I did.





This chapter presents the point-of-view of Mistress Alya on the second day in Las Vegas.  It is recommended for the reader to read this chapter in int entirety only after reading all or parts of Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4.  Continue reading and send in your ideas to Mistress Alya for new chapters.



At half past noon I woke up, sensing a great feeling in my body from the hot erotic night before.  It was just the start of more than a week here in Las Vegas.  It would be a hot week, but not from the temperature.  I was going to enjoy my time here to the maximum, and yesterday was just the start.  I quietly got out of the bed, not waking the man that was still sleeping.  I went to the washroom, picking up some clothes I wanted to wear on the way there.  I took a hot shower, and afterward, did my hair and makeup.  I always want to look my best no matter what I am doing.  I began to put my clothes on for today.  First, I slipped into a black satin cupped bra, hugging my full breasts.  Then I slipped into a pair of black satin panties.  I slid on some black sheer stockings with lace tops, similar to what I had worn last night, but these were slightly different.  I also slid into a leather miniskirt, but this one is a wrap style with the opening at the front between my thighs.  It looked very erotic and inviting, exactly how I wanted it to look today.  I then put on a shiny satin yellow short sleeved button blouse, and I did my final makeup touch ups.  Finally, I slipped into a pair of bright yellow shiny patent pumps to finish off my outfit.  I checked myself out in the mirrors, and looked super hot.  I was also hungry, but knew that I would need to wait a little while longer before I would be eating.


I quietly left the hotel room, and went down in the elevator to the lobby.  Just as planned, I met the guy from the club from last night in the lobby,  I was right on time as it was 1:30 pm.  He said "Wow, you look stunning!"

Miss Alya

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