Slave in Vegas Chapter 18




READERS NOTE:  This is the point-of-view of Mistress Alya for Day 4.  It is recommended for the reader to read this chapter in its entirety after reading all or parts of the previous chapters.



As I awoke today, the room was getting bright from the light filtering in past the curtains.  My slave had gotten up and opened the curtains.  I noticed it was 9:30 so got out of bed, tossing on a robe and headed to the washroom for a shower.


When I was done, I left the washroom in my robe and said "Good morning slave!  You are taking me sightseeing today!"  I had promised my slave some time with me, and this was it.  He went to the washroom and showered too, coming out dressed.  While he was in there, I brushed my hair and packed some clothes for the trip, along with some on the bed.  I said to my slave "I want to prepare myself for today's travel.  Order room service for a private breakfast for us, slave!"  I then went into the washroom to prepare for our trip and to look hot.


When I came out breakfast was waiting so I ate with my slave, letting him start after me.  I finished and said "You should pick up the rental car I have on order, slave.  Then message me and I will come down and meet you.  Do you have the cameras ready?"


"Yes Mistress.  They are all ready!  I will go get the car and message you when I am out front!" he said.  Good slave.


"OK, but first take two video cameras with you and a still camera.  You never know what may present itself before me out there!"  He got the cameras and left with the gear to get the rental car.  I packed more things for today, including a lunch, and dressed in my sheer black lace button front blouse, after putting on a red bra.  I slid into a tight shiny red leather skirt and tied the thin shiny black belt around my waist.  I put on some jewelry and then stepped into my patent black strappy stiletto heeled shoes with the pointy toes.


By the time I was ready, I received a message on my phone from my slave saying "Im here!"


I wrote back "I B there in 5".  I then checked myself to see if everything looked perfect, and it did.  I left the room with my bags and headed down to my slave outside the hotel.  I walked out into the warm sun and could feel it warm on my skin through the sheer top, but also the eyes of the men and some women watching me headed for the SUV.


I got into the SUV and said "Ready, slave?"


"Always ready for you, Mistress!" and he started our drive.


I knew my slave had been so good over the last few days and this was his time with me, and I wanted it to be special.  I reached across the SUV and placed my left hand on the front of his pants, rubbing it and feeling him get hard.  I said "I hope you are ready for a hot day with your hot Mistress!"


"I certainly am!" I knew he was!  He was already hard, and I loved the feeling of it!


"I can feel that, slave!  I will get my fill of that later!" I did want to feel that hard cock inside me, but first let us relax with some tourism.  We drove into the sun, but luckily it was already high in the sky.  We talked a little at the beginning of the trip but as we went farther into the desert, I just took in the stark scenery.  "It is a stark, barren desert here!" I noted.


"Yes it is.  Las Vegas is a man made artificial oasis in this desert!" My slave knows so much.


"And what an oasis it is!  Full of hot fun!" I was really enjoying myself on this trip.  We were now approaching Hoover Dam, and it looked huge.  "It is very big!  We need to make photos there!"  I always looked for opportunities to make photos for my site.  This was a great location especially in my current outfit.  As usual, most people were dressed too casual for my liking.  When we had parked, I opened the door and felt how hot it was.  "Wow, it is hot here!"


"Not as hot as you, Mistress!" My slave knew what to say.  But the desert was hot, but dry at least, even with this big lake here.


I knew I was the hottest person here and said "Well, I know that!  We need to make photos quick before I melt!" My slave was quick and we made some photos with me posing near the lake and dam.  The sun was high as it approached noon.  I could see the red shine of my skirt in the light.  I wanted to show my long legs, so lifted the skirt a little as my slave took photos of them.  The guys walking past were certainly checking me out as well.


As we explored the dam and the area, we took more photos.  As usual, more men checked me out, most smiling.  I would walk seductively or tease, especially when their wives or girlfriends were not watching.  Sometimes a wife would catch her husband checking me out, and I would hear a swat as I walked past.  Many people were also taking photos of me and many times people asked to have photos taken with me.  I let them, and at one point a basketball team asked me to pose with them.  I was surrounded by all these tall men, and as the photos were being taken, two of them picked me up and held me high in their huge and strong hands.  It was exciting to feel their strength and also the size of their hands.


We spent about an hour at the dam.  I wanted to move on so said "Well, let us go somewhere more private, my slave!" in a whipser into the ear of my slave, adding "I am getting hungry!"  We left the dam and followed a road along the shoreline of the lake.  My slave found a quiet and private parking lot.  Th desert rocks were amazing, and it went all the way down to the lake.  Only one other car was there and we could see those people in the distance.  We parked and it was still hot.  I walked down the path toward the lake as my slave brought the camera gear and picnic lunch.





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To be continued...

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