Slave in Vegas Chapter 17




READERS NOTE:  This is the point-of-view of the male slave of Mistress Alya for Day 4.  It is recommended for the reader to read this chapter in its entirety after reading all or parts of the previous chapters.




I awoke at 9:30, just as my Mistress opened her beautiful eyes to the brightness coming in through the curtains.  I went to open them and revealed a bright, sunny day.  Mistress Alya got up and went to the washroom with her robe.  I could soon hear the shower running.  I made sure all the cameras were charged and ready for another day, but also that the documents she had collected were also safe.


When Mistress Alya came out of the washroom she was still in her robe, and she said "Good morning slave!  You are taking me sightseeing today!"  It was going to be our time together, and I was an excited slave.  I excused myself to my Mistress and took a shower and got dressed.  Coming out of the washroom myself, I found Mistress Alya still in her bath robe, but her hair was brushed and she had laid out some clothes on the bed.  She said "I want to prepare myself for today's travel.  Order room service for a private breakfast for us, slave!"  I did as asked and ordered room service.


She was in the washroom for a long time working on her make up and hair.  Room service came with a breakfast for us and I took it and put it out on the table, and Mistress Alya came out from the washroom and sat at the table.  She ate, and I ate with her permission.  She was beautiful in the morning, with her hair soft and straight, and now most of her make up on to emphasize her naturally seductive features of her face.  Mistress Alya soon finished breakfast and said "You should pick up the rental car I have on order, slave.  Then message me and I will come down and meet you.  Do you have the cameras ready?" she asked.


"Yes Mistress.  They are all ready!  I will go get the car and message you when I am out front!" I replied.


"OK, but first take two video cameras with you and a still camera.  You never know what may present itself before me out there!"  I did as she ordered and soon I was leaving the room and going to get the rental SUV she had ordered.  These American cars are huge, but we had discussed this before coming to Las Vegas.  She figured it would give her a lot of room and also some protection to travel into the desert if she desired.  Who knows where our sightseeing might take us today.


After picking up the vehicle, which was not too far from the hotel, I drove to the entrance to the hotel and stopped.  Taking out the phone, I sent a message to Mistress Alya saying "Im here!"  I then waited for her.


She immediately messaged me saying "I B there in 5".  I waited in the SUV.  The parking attendant came over to the car and asked if I was waiting for someone.  I replied that I was and showed him my hotel key.  There was no problem waiting after that.  At about 10 minutes to 11, Mistress Alya came out of the hotel after I waited the 5 minutes she had predicted.  She was carrying some bags that were full.  Also, she looked stunning in her outfit.


As she walked toward the SUV, Mistress Alya was wearing a sheer black lace button front blouse, and you could very easily see her bright red bra under it.  The colour of the bra matched the shiny red leather skirt she was wearing.  This skirt had ruffles at the bottom edge, and was just at her knee level.  She wore it with a thin shiny black belt which emphasized the high waist of the skirt.  Her shoes were patent black strappy stiletto heeled, pointy toed shoes.  They matched her hand bag that was large with all the things she seemed to have in it.  Also, she wore a red leather bracelet with silver rivets on it.  It was sunny and she looked stunning, and she was reveling in all the eyes that were watching her, as she looked toward me through her large sunglasses.  I noticed that her fingernails were also painted in a bright red nail polish to match her skirt.  She always paid attention to details.


Mistress Alya entered the SUV, and I noticed she was not wearing any nylons today.  It was already getting warm now that it was mid morning.  Mistress Alya asked "Ready, slave?" as she closed the door.


"Always ready for you, Mistress!" I replied, smiling as I started to drive.


Mistress Alya reached over and caressed the front of my pants, making me instantly excited as I drove.  She exclaimed "I hope you are ready for a hot day with your hot Mistress!"


"I certainly am!" I said as we drove down the strip.  Her rubbing on the front of my pants quickly had me hard.


"I can feel that, slave!  I will get my fill of that later!" she said as she settled back in her seat and we drove out of Las Vegas to the southeast.


It was a drive of just about an hour, into the sun of the morning.  Mistress Alya had moved the sun visor to shade her eyes and face as we headed east.  Driving through the desert revealed little vegetation, and miles of bare rock.  The hills were around in their dusty colour, and the miles clicked off as we headed toward the Hoover Dam.  Mistress Alya was resting and quiet most of the way, until we approached the dam site.  The hills rose a little higher.


"It is a stark, barren desert here!" she remarked.


"Yes it is.  Las Vegas is a man made artificial oasis in this desert!" I said.


"And what an oasis it is!  Full of hot fun!" she said smiling as we turned down the road toward the dam, leaving the freeway.


As it came into view, she smiled and said "It is very big!  We need to make photos there!"  I agreed and soon we slowly crossed the dam, seeing all the people around in their casual clothes.  Mistress Alya is one that never wears that look, finding it neither feminine or worthy of her hot body.  She wanted always to look her best.


As I parked the SUV in one of the small lots, Mistress Alya opened the door and felt the heat of the desert.  "Wow, it is hot here!"


"Not as hot as you, Mistress!" I quickly said.


Mistress Alya smiled as she said "Well, I know that!  We need to make photos quick before I melt!" and with that we walked to the edge to get some photos of her with the lake and dam.  It was near noon and she sparkled like the water behind her, with the sun shining off her outfit.  She hiked the skirt a little for some leg shots too.  Those long bare legs looked so sexy, I wanted to lick them.  Instead, I could only make photos.


We walked around the dam site and took lots of photos as we read about the dam.  Crossing the dam we got more photos and saw more visitors.  It never failed that people would look at Mistress Alya, especially the men.  A few times the wives would swat their men after she passed.  I usually walked behind her to see the reactions of all these people.  Plus, it let me see that hot ass of my Mistress move in that tight skirt.


Lots of photos were taken as we explored.  Certainly there were many taken of Mistress Alya from others standing around.  She was asked about a dozen times to be in photos of guys, which she gladly did.  There was an entire basketball team visiting the dam, and she posed in the middle of them, with two guys picking her up to hold her high for a few photos between all those tall guys.  She revelled in the attention she received.


After an hour exploring the dam, Mistress Alya said "Well, let us go somewhere more private, my slave!" into my ear.  "I am getting hungry!" she said.  So we went back to the SUV and drove back across the dam, up the hill and around to a smaller road leading north along the west shore of the lake created by Hoover Dam.


After driving for a while, we spotted a secluded area off a small parking lot, with rock formations sloping down to the lake shore.  There was one other car there, but we could see the people we thought were with that car in the distance.  We turned in and parked, with Mistress Alya getting out again and commenting on how hot it was now.  I took the camera and the picnic basket we had with us and we took some photos with the lake behind us and some of the scenery around.  We walked down a dirt path, hard dirt so Mistress Alya's shiny shoes with stiletto heels did not penetrate deeply.




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To be continued...

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