Slave in Vegas Chapter 16




This is the point-of-view of Harve for Day 3.  It is recommended for the reader to read this chapter in its entirety after reading all or parts of the previous chapters.


I was thinking that the hot blonde was never going to contact me.  That would be normally what I would expect as I am sure beautiful girls take lots of numbers from guys but they never call them.  They take them so that they would not be bothered by them at the time they take them.  However, at almost quarter past midnight, my phone buzzed.  I got my phone and noticed it was from Alya, the hot blonde.  It just said "Quickie!  Cum 2 bar.  U wont be disappointed!"  Wow, it was her.  I quickly showered and cleaned up to get ready to see her.  I also got dressed nicer than I was since I had retired to my hotel room already.


I quickly went to the bar, and found a stool at the bar.  I ordered a drink and started to look around, but she was not there.  Was she playing games with me?  I am not sure.  Anyway, I decided to wait at the bar and sip my drink.  I continued to scan around the bar to see if she was there, and did not see her.


Suddenly, there she was!  She walked into the bar and looked right at me sitting at the bar.  She walked toward me and looked so hot.  She was wearing a short leather dress with many holes in it, and large cut outs on the sides.  Her legs gleamed in some light coloured nylon, and she was wearing platform shoes with silver heels and little silver dots over the black material.  Absolutely stunning.  And as she walked toward me, she never took her eyes off of me, and her hips swayed in a very seductive way.



She wasted no time as when she came up to me at the bar, she said "Hello Harve!  Are you ready?"


I offered "May I buy you a drink, Miss?"  I was still looking at her hot body in that tight outfit.


She surprised me and said "No, I would rather fuck you!"  My cock immediately went hard a a rock.


I was eager too and said "Wow, lets go!"


As I finished my drink and started to walk with her out of the bar, she said "Are you sure you can handle me?  I am very demanding!"


Well, she was hot but I am sure I would be able to do anything with her that she desired and I desired too, so I replied "Oh, I think I can!"  We walked out of the bar and toward the lobby of a hotel.  Once inside, we went to the elevators and she pushed the button to head up into the hotel tower.  The elevator was quite full.  Alya indicated which floor was her and we got out with another couple.  They were in front of us, and Alya was slowing our pace down the hall.


Once the couple went into a room, apparently we were at Alya's room as she immediately pinned me against her door, grabbed the front of my pants in her hands, squeezed my hard cock through them and said "Let me get you ready for the fuck of your life!  You really desire me, don't you Harve?"


That was obvious based on what she was holding in her hands "Oh yes, I do!"


She was very eager and said "Let us get to it then!"  She opened the door with her card and pushed me into her room.  She pulled me through the room to sit me on the couch near the window.  She then straddled me facing me, and taking my head in her hands started to kiss me with her full and wet lips.  I held her hips tight in that leather, and slid them around to her hot ass, pulling on her body to move closer to my bulging pants.  She stopped kissing me to say "OK Harve, you want me so bad, but I have a request!"


Well, that was interesting.  I would do anything for this hot blonde.  I asked "What is that?"  I continued to squeeze her firm ass in the leather.


She said "I want to make a video of our fuck.  I am a Mistress and have a website that shows my adventures.  I want to publish this.  You can be anonymous as I can blur you out or you wear a mask."


That sounded exciting.  I replied "Oh, wow!  I would love to fuck you in a video!"


She liked that and said "Great, but it is me who fucks you in the video!  I have a release for you to sign!"  She got up and walked to the desk in the corner of the room.  She picked up some papers and a pen and gave them to me.  I started to read the papers ,and they were the release.  She said "You are OK with appearing in the video?"


Eagerly, I replied "Oh yes!  That would be a dream for me!"  I was smiling as I really wanted to be with her.


She explained "OK, sign the release and I will go and get ready for you!  I will be right back."  She left the room and went to the washroom.  I read the release and signed it, not knowing what she was doing in the washroom to get ready.


She was not gone long before she came back into the room.  She had not changed, but I noticed that she seemed to have nothing on her legs now.  She came over to me and took the release from the table in front of me.  She put it on the desk and then came back to me and took my hands.  She pulled me to my feet and as she seductively walked toward the bed, she said "Well, I do not have long tonight, so lets get down and dirty!"   I held her hand tightly as she moved me to the bottom of the bed and then pushed me back onto the bed with some force.  She was very strong, and ordered sternly "Get on my bed!"  She reached under the sheets of the bed and produced a riding crop in black leather, and pointed it at my face, demanding "You are mine and you will do what I say!"  I was smiling as I loved her dominant change now in character.  She continued "But first, get naked for you Mistress!"  I quickly took off my shirt, my socks and my shoes.  I then moved my ass off the bed to take off my pants too, and I now was sitting in the bed before her in just my underwear.  Apparently, that did not satisfy her as she repeated her order "Get naked I said!"  She pointed the crop at my face, touching it with it and said "Disobedience has its consequences!"   I removed my underwear quickly now, and sat naked on the bed before her.  My cock was standing up erect and hard.  She noticed it and said "That is a nice hard cock!  You want me to fuck it, don't you?"


Of course, but I played along saying "Certainly do!"  She was sliding the edge of the crop along the side of my hard cock, up and down.




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To be continued...

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