Slave in Vegas Chapter 15




This is the point-of-view of George for Day 3.  It is recommended for the reader to read this chapter in its entirety after reading all or parts of the previous chapters.


I was in the club bar, enjoying myself with my wife.  We were visiting Las Vegas for a quick week away from a hectic work schedule for both of us.  We had gone out to a bar and were sitting at the end of the bar with me having a great view of the entire club.  We were drinking together.


As the evening was getting later, a hot blonde came into the bar and sat beside a guy at the other end of the bar.  I love people watching, and this promised to be an interesting person to watch!  She was dressed in a ruffled black leather top and black leather skirt, with a zipper on the lower front hemline and with nylon on her legs and black pump high heeled shoes.


I watched her work her magic, talking with the guy at the bar.  However, she was not really looking at him, but around the club as she talked with him.  I guess nothing was going to happen there.  Occasionally, my wife and I would talk about something, but for the most part we were enjoying the atmosphere.


The hot blonde at the bar now started to flirt with a guy at the bar that was already sitting with a woman.  She was bold, as I saw her wink at him.  Eventually she left her stool and walked seductively past him, her hips swaying and he also left the lady he was with at the bar.  He followed her around the corner from the bar.  I wondered what they were up to, but it was quite obvious this woman was out to get a guy!



Suddenly, I could see her standing and talking to someone around the corner of the wall.  On occasion she would look toward the bar and the other lady sitting there, still drinking.  After a few minutes however, she started to walk back to the bar, past the lady and sat with the guy she originally sat with.  The guy walked back and sat beside the other lady and went back to his drink.  They were talking, but I could see at times that he looked over to the hot blonde who was again looking around the bar.  She was also nursing a drink as she sat looking around.


Soon, she was uncrossing her legs at the bar, and I noticed that she was opening them up and looking at someone in front of her.  I tried to see who she was flashing, but I could not.  However, I could see that she was wearing lace topped stockings as I got a glimpse of them under her skirt.  I saw her move her legs some more and eventually point at someone in front of her.  I still could not see who it was, as she pointed again around the corner of the bar towards the washrooms.  She then left her bar stool, walked sexy and seductive to the end of the bar, and then there was a guy there that she took behind the wall, and like before, I could see her but not him.  She was obviously talking to him.


After a while she walked back toward the bar, again without the guy and sat there.  She started looking around the bar again as she finished her drink.  The guy that she had just talked to walked past her with a woman.  She watched them as they past her.  Then she leaned toward the guy she was sitting with, and said something, and he left the bar.  Then she looked right at me!  My heart skipped a beat.  It surprised me.  She then pointed at me and gave me the point toward the washroom area behind me.  My wife could not see her or what I was looking at, but I wanted to find out what she was up to.  So, I saw her lick her lips and I said to my wife that I was headed to the washroom.  She acknowledged that and continued to sip her drink.  As I stood up so did the blonde, and she was watching me.  However, my wife also stood and moved toward me, catching up to me and we walked toward the washrooms together.  Once at the doors she went into the ladies and I went into the men's, but just turned around quickly and went back out.  There, walking up toward me was the hot young blonde from the bar.  She said "Come with me quickly!"  I followed her to a dark corner near the washrooms.  She continued now, saying "You look like you know how to treat a hot, insatiable blonde!  Want to spend some sexy time with me?"


What a question.  She was on the hunt, and I was her current target.  I replied "Well, yes, but I am here with my wife!"


She took my hand in hers and put it directly on her leather covered breast.  She felt warm even through the leather.  She continued again, saying "I am sure you can get this heart beating fast in erotic passion!  Do you want to try?"


What an offer.  She was a great tease.  I said "I sure would, but like I said, I am here with my wife!"


She then said "That is OK, you can make an excuse that you are planning a surprise for her, and need some time to arrange it.  Then come with me!"


What was she up to?  I asked "What kind of surprise?" to find out if she was thinking of anything realistic for me to say to my wife.


She suggested "Maybe a spa treatment, dinner plans, tour or something that you can arrange.  You must have some ideas!"


I replied "Well, that would work.  I can arrange a spa treatment, but that does not take long!"


She continued to suggest "Say you had to check it out, after all, most things here in Vegas are open 24 hours!  Just do not tell her what you are getting her now, just that it is a surprise."


I liked the idea, and replied "OK, that sounds like a plan!  What is your name?"


She said "Alya!" and asked me "What is your name?"


I said "George.  It is nice to meet you Alya!"


She was funny as she said "Oh you will George!"  That made me smile as she was witty.


I asked "When and where will I meet you?"  I was surprised to ask it, but she was an unbelievable beauty with hypnotic eyes.


She said "Now and you will put your meat in me in my bed!  Silly!"  I smiled again at her direct wit.  "I will give you a few minutes with your wife to explain your absence, and then I will follow you out of the club.  I have about an hour for you!"


I was curious as to what she was doing or suggesting, so asked "Are you an escort?"


She quickly replied "No, and this will not cost you anything!"  She read my mind, then said "I just want to give a hot married man his sexual fantasy!"


So, I needed to know, "Why me?" I asked.


She logically replied "Why not you?  I think you would give me a hot time, so I picked you!"


Well, I see she was determined, so I said "OK, I am ready!"


She said "I will be watching you!"


I replied "And I will watch you too!"


She said "Focus on the task, George!  Convince her you are going for a good reason, which you are!  Me!"  She was very confident.  She looked past my shoulder and said "She is on her way back to the table, so you had better go too!"  I turned to go toward my wife, and sat with her at the bar as Alya walked past me and sat at the other end of the bar.  From time to time she was looking at me when I looked over to her.  At one point, she looked at her phone and texted someone.  All this time I was talking with my wife saying that I was planning a surprise for her.  She was very curious about it, but I said that it would be a surprise and I wanted it that way.  However, I needed more time to plan it, so excused myself, kissing her and then getting up to leave the club.


As I walked past Alya, she was looking at me and I could tell that she was going to follow me out of the club.


She came up behind me and slipped her arm into mine, and silently led me toward a hotel lobby and the elevators, after initially saying "Come with me, George!"  We ascended the elevator with others in the car, and she stood very close to me.  When we left the elevator, she dropped her purse and I bent over to pick it up, seeing those sexy legs in that sheer black nylon.  We walked past a guy down the hallway and Alya grabbed my hand and placed it on her leather skirt right on her ass.  I squeezed it as we walked.  We stopped at a door and she pushed me against it, kissing me and rubbing her hand on the front of my pants, squeezing what was inside through them.  I squeezed her ass in the leather with both hands now.  She opened the door and we entered the room.


It was already after 11 pm as she led me into the room to a couch, sitting me down on it and then sitting herself in my lap.  She said "Now that I have you to myself, I am your fantasy.  I can play any sexual role play fantasy that you have.  Would you like me to be your secretary, your boss, a horny hooker, your maid, a sexy school girl, a hot teacher, a naughty cop, a sexy nurse, a strict domina, or anything you want!  What do you crave, George?"  I was very surprised.


I stated "Wow, I cannot believe this!  You will become any sexual fantasy I have?"  It was exciting to hear but I was not sure I heard correctly.


She emphasized "Yes, I will George!  What would you like me to be?"


That was easy as I was thinking of her as a call girl already so why not make it official.  I said "Easy!  A horny hooker!"


She eagerly replied "Great, as I am horny for you already!"  She took my hand and slid it between her thighs right onto her panties, which were warm.  I caressed them, feeling this hot blonde as she repeated "Yes, I will be your horny hooker.  I will dress for the part, but I have something to ask of you!"  There is always a catch!


Puzzled, I asked "Oh, what is that Alya?"


She explained to me, saying "I am a fetish model and Mistress and I have my own website.  I want to make a video of our time together to use on my site.  You can be totally anonymous, George.  You can either have me blurred out or wear a mask.  But know that I want you and crave you, and think that it would be so hot to do you as a horny hooker.  Plus, you will get a copy of the video to relive our time together any time you want.  What do you think about that, George?"


I was not sure about that, even if I wanted her so much right now.  I said "Well, I am not sure I could do that!  I do not want to be caught or lose my wife."


She explained further, saying "Well, here are the masks you can wear, so that if she ever did see it, she would not see your face, so it would be difficult to identify you."  She gave me the masks that I started to examine.  She continued to say "Plus, these videos are only for members, not for free publication."


I was still hesitant, saying "Well, I am not sure!"


She continued, saying "George, you get to live out one of your fantasies.  You get to have the horny hooker fuck you, and that horny hooker is me!  Take a look at what you are getting!"  She stood up and slowly turned around for me so I could check out her ass, legs, breasts and hot body.


It was all I needed so I said "Ok, you convinced me!" as I smiled.


She then added "But I also need you to sign a model release!"  She handed me some papers.  As I looked them over, she said "And if you want to put the mask on, go ahead.  Plus you can call to arrange a Spa or gift for your wife from the phone if you wish!"  I had better do that!


I said "OK, I will read this release, and call about the spa."


Alya replied saying "Great.  All the terms are explained in the release, and you can see we are both protected in it, and that I promise to send you a copy of the video!"  She gave me a pen as well as a card for the spa.  On it was a list of the spas in the hotel.  She continued, saying "While you look it over and make your appointment, I will go and get ready, dressing the part!  I will be back in a few minutes!"  I watched her walk over to the closet and pick out a bag from it.  She turned toward me and smiled, saying "Keep reading but get ready for the horny hooker too!"  She disappeared with the bag into the washroom.


I read the model release and could see it was quite clear.  I signed it and then went to the desk to call one of the spas.  I arranged an appointment for my wife for tomorrow at the spa.  While I was talking on the phone, Alya had come out of the washroom, but did not stay long before returning to the washroom.  I continued my call, and just as I was finished making the arrangements for the spa appointment for my wife, and hanging up the phone, Alya was coming out of the washroom.


I had put the mask on and moved over to the couch as she walked out of the washroom.  And she looked super hot!  She walked over to me in a very sexy way, and said "Let me take that!" as she took the paperwork of the release from the table.  She put it on the desk, and then turned around to face me, her ass against the desk "Now, I see what you have requested on that form.  So let me get down to work!"  She walked over to me and straddled my lap, taking my hands to place them on her waist as her hands rubbed the front of my pants to stimulate my cock that was growing now.  I was getting quite excited, and breathing faster now as she started to undo the buttons of my shirt.  She slipped my tie off too, tossing it on the table and then opening my shirt to reveal my shoulders.  Pulling my shirt out of my pants, she slid it off my arms, and off of me, tossing it on the table behind her.


Alya then stood before me, and took a foot of mine and pulled off my shoe and sock, and repeated that with the other foot too.  She was working fast on me, but I was admiring her sexy outfit.  She was wearing a fence net hose with black leather thigh high boots below a black leather short skirt.  She had a vest on that was shiny black and I could see black leather under it.  She also had on black leather fingerless gloves.  She continued to work fast on me as she pulled my pants off of me and I was sitting before her on the couch in just my underwear, which were tented at the front from my hard, excited cock.  She then started to caress her own body before me as she looked at my bulging underwear and then at me as she said "You have always wanted a hot horny hooker, right?"




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To be continued...

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