Slave in Vegas Chapter 14




This is the point-of-view of Franz for Day 3.  It is recommended for the reader to read this chapter in its entirety after reading all or parts of the previous chapters.


I was with my wife and two other couples as we were going to enjoy an evening in the bar in Las Vegas.  We had arrived on Saturday and were still a little jet-lagged after coming over from Germany.  It was a week vacation trip the six of us had decided to take, coming to enjoy the sights and sounds of this city in the desert.


We decided that we would head out for a drink.  It was around 9:30 at night when we went into the bar and sat down and almost immediately, I saw a striking woman sitting at the bar.  She was a hot looking blonde that was dressed very nicely.  It was a surprise because what we had seen around were very plainly dressed people.  Also, those that were more nicely dressed were not as nice as this woman.  She really stood out from the crowd, and her choice of wardrobe ensured that.  She was wearing a bright yellow satin shirt, a black leather miniskirt wrapped around the front so very open, black nylons and bright yellow shoes to match her blouse.  I then noticed that as I was checking her out, she was drinking and watching me.


What she did next was a big surprise.  She actually turned on her bar stool toward me more directly, and opened her legs a little bit.  I could see that she was wearing black panties, and also black lace topped stockings.  She then winked at me, knowing that I had seen her panties.  She was teasing me.  I decided to play along and winked back at her.  I decided I would see what she was up to.  I excused myself and said I would get some drinks, and then I got up and walked over to the bar to order, standing right beside her.  She said "Well hello there handsome!"


"Hello cutie!" I said back to her.  I checked her out now, closer to her.  Her legs were still open and I could see those stockings with the black bands of the top just peeking out of her skirt.


She asked me "How would you like a hot time with a sexy blonde?"  I smiled as she reached out to touch my hand.


I replied "Well, I am married, my dear!"  I held up my hand to show her my ring.


Instead of stopping, she reached out and touched it and then said "That does not matter to me, handsome!  I am sure I could show you things you have only dreamed about!"  She was teasing me more, and leaned toward me on her stool and I could see down into her cleavage to see that she was wearing a black bra under her yellow satin shirt.


Somewhat surprised, I said "Oh, I am sure you could, but as you can see, I am out with my wife and our friends tonight!"  At that time, the drinks I had ordered began to be placed on a tray before me.


She continued "Well, handsome, I am a sure thing tonight!  And it will be wild!  A fantasy come true, and I am sure you have fantasies!"  Wow, she was very direct.  You knew exactly what she was offering.


It was something I would like to try so I decided to negotiate, saying "Well, I do not see how I can be with you tonight, so how about tomorrow?"  I held out hope.


She insisted "It is now or never, handsome!"  The drink order was now complete so I paid for them.  She then continued saying "Make an excuse and follow me to my room!"  I smiled at her offer but did not know of what to say.  "Can you not think of an excuse?" she quizzed.


I replied "No, but let me think some more.  You stay here, and I will signal you when I have thought of one!"  Now I needed to think of a good excuse to my wife and friends to get away for a while tonight.


She emphasized "You have a five minute time limit to think of something!"  She seemed very much in a hurry.  "Or I move on to find my fun elsewhere!"  OK, I do not want her to do that.  She then said "But you look like a lot of fun, so think of something and we will have lots of fun together for an hour!"  Wow, she thinks I would be fun.  I have to think of something.


I said "OK, my dear.  I will think of something.  I will wink at you when I have thought of something!"  I took the tray of drinks and turned and went back to my table, handing them out.  Everyone was happy to get the drinks and started sipping them.  Everytime I got the chance, I looked at the hot blonde looking at me from the bar.  She teased me some more, taking a cube of ice from her drink and running it over her skin of her chest above her blouse.  Also, she still had her legs open to let me see her black panties and stockings.  She was winking at me often too, but I could not wink back fearing one of my friends might see it, or my wife.


However, just as I was beginning to think of a good excuse to get up from the table, there was a guy that walked up to her and sat in the bar stool beside her.  She started talking with him, and surprisingly started to run her hands over his thighs.  She was facing him now, with her side toward me.  I watched as she ran her hands high up his thighs as he was talking with her.  Maybe she was giving him the same offer as me?  He seemed to be very interested in her.  They were talking and then she actually placed her hand right on the front of his pants.  They were still talking as he started looking at her cleavage.  Then he looked down at her skirt, and he looked hungry.  He definitely wanted her.


She looked toward me, with hunger in her eyes.  Those were some sexy captivating eyes!  I had to have her.  I leaned toward my wife and said that I needed to make a business call, as I had forgot to do something before leaving the office on Friday for this trip.  It might take some time, maybe an hour or two.  She understood and I continued to sip my drink, as did the rest of my friends.  I would go once I was done.


I saw the man sitting with the hot blonde kissing her neck now, and his hands slid along her stockings on her thighs.  They slid slowly and she opened her legs some more and his hands slid to her panties, pressing on them.  He was caressing her panties and kissing my neck.  Her head was back in passion as she looked my way, so I winked at her my signal that I had made my arrangements to meet her.  Was it already too late?  Did she now have another man to have fun with?  I did not have to wait long for the answer as she winked back to me, standing up, and she then kissed that man at the bar with passionate kisses, pushing her tongue into his mouth.  He hugged her, but she pushed away from him, and they were talking.  She broke his grip on her and then walked away after saying something more to him.  He looked a little disappointed, but she was smiling as she walked past me at the table with my wife and friends.  And could she ever walk in a sexy way.


I got up from the table after quickly finishing my drink, kissed my wife and excused myself.  I then headed out of the bar as quick as I could without raising suspicion.  When I came out of the bar, there she was turning toward me.  I quickly walked up to her, and she said "You are late, handsome!  But that is OK.  I am Alya!"


I replied "Nice to meet you, Alya.  I am Franz!"


She puzzled me by saying "Yes, you will have to show me your meat later!"  I did not understand exactly what she meant.  She then seemed to understand and explained "It means that I want to see your cock later!"  I understood that and smiled.


I explained "I do not understand all in English"  She reassuringly took hold of my hand and pulled me to walk beside her toward the hotel lobby.


She continued to hold my hand as we walked.  She said "It is OK, as I speak the international language of sex!"  That was hot!  I understood sex.  We were standing at some elevators, and went in when one arrived.  She took me to her floor, and we walked down a corridor past other people and to a room.    She opened the door and then immediately grabbed me and pulled me into the room, all the way through it to a couch near the big window.  She immediately sat in my lap.  She said "OK Franz!  It is time to tell me about your fantasies.  I want to make one of them come true now.  I can be anything you want.  I can dress as a secretary, boss lady, hooker, maid, school girl, teacher, cop, nurse, domina, anything you want!  What do you want Alya to dress as Franz?"


I was very surprised and said "Wow, that is a lot of things.  Can I have them all?"  How would I be able to pick from that list!


She said "Only one tonight, Franz!"  That was going to be a hard choice.  "You must have a fantasy that you want to come true.  A real sex fantasy!"


I thought quickly and said "Yes, actually.  Since we are in a hotel, I would love to have sex with the maid.  A hot maid!"


She smiled as she said "Perfect, Franz.  I will be the maid and you the guest of the hotel.  I will come here to clean your room!  Now, you relax and let me get ready!  But first, I want to get something from you."


What did she mean.  I asked her "What is that Alya?"


She then explained "I am a Mistress, Franz.  And before you say it, no this will not cost you any money.  Instead I am looking at making videos for my website.  I would like to videotape us in this fantasy role play.  You can be completely anonymous. I can either blur out your face or you can wear a mask.  And I need you to sign a release."   She handed me a paper that was quite long.  She then asked "So, what do you say?"


I was excited and said "I have no problem with fucking you, Alya.  On camera will make it even hotter.  Do I get a copy of the video?"  This was going to be a hot fantasy come true.


She answered "Oh yes, before I release it I send you one and you can see what it looks like.  But you need to sign the release!"


That would be easy as I really wanted to live this fantasy.  I said "No problem there!"  I took a pen and immediately signed the paper.  However, I was a little worried I might be recognized, and I saw that I could be masked, so I offered"But maybe I will wear the mask in case my wife or friends ever find it."


She smiled and said "Wise choice Franz!  Here are the masks you can choose from!"  She showed me a pile of masks of different styles to pick from.  She walked behind me past the bed to a closet and selected a clothing bag one uses to travel with.  She turned to face me and said "I am going to change now into the maid.  Our role play starts when I come into the room as the maid.  You be the guest and you decide where you will be.  I will start with a little cleaning of the room, but eventually I will be teasing you.  So get ready for your maid fantasy to come true, Franz!"  She placed her hand to her lips and blew me a kiss.  Then she disappeared into the washroom.


I waited for her.  I selected a mask and put it on, checking it in the mirror across from me.  It did hide my identity, as just my eyes, nose and mouth were visible.  I then checked out the room.  It was very nice, with a large window and a great view of the lights on the strip.


It was not long before Alya came out again, now dressed in a shiny black pvc maids dress, with white lace ruffles under it.  Her long legs were in sheer black nylon and she was wearing clear and red high heeled sandal style shoes.  She had done her hair up and had a feather duster in her hand.  She walked toward me as I sat on the couch saying, "Room service!  Let me make up your room, sir!"


I closely watched her, and said "Do a good job and maybe I will give you something extra!"


She replied "Oh, I will do a great job, sir.  Just watch me!"  She walked between me and the table in front of me, and she bent forward to pick up the model release from the table.  I could see up her long legs and under her dress as it rose high up her ass, showing me that she was wearing pantyhose, and not stockings.  I could also smell that she had a sweet scent from her perfume.  It was very seductive.


I said "Oh I love watching you already!"  She then walked over to the desk to put the papers away.  She dusted the desktop and then turned toward me to dust the table top.  She was bending over often, and I could see her cleavage in her dress when she faced me, and the bottom curves of her ass when she was facing away from me.  I adjusted my hardening cock in my pants.  She then went to the window, stretching her body tall as she reached high to adjust the curtains, making her dress rise higher.  I lowered myself to look under her dress, and was thinking she was only wearing pantyhose, and nothing under it.


Once she was done with the curtains, she walked toward me and knelt on the couch to dust the table behind me.  She did this on either side of me, placing her body close to me as she did so.  Then she stood before me and said "I need to clean the table behind you, sir!  Do you mind?"


Of course I said "No, I do not mind.  You may take your time cleaning it!"  Alya then placed her knees on either side of my body as I sat on the couch.  She was straddling me and she reached over my head to dust the table.  My face was right into her cleavage and I inhaled her scent.  Her breasts wiggled from the dusting she was doing.  I ran my hands along the nylon on her calves, and then I caressed up behind her knees and up the back of her thighs, slowly higher and higher.


She said with a shock sound in her voice "Sir!"


I replied "You want your something extra from me, don't you?"  I squeezed her thighs in my hands.


She said "Yes I do, sir!  Let me finish cleaning your room!"  She moved away from me and walked over to the bed, turning to the dresser below the bed and dusting it.  She was bending over again and so I got up and walked over to sit at the bottom of the bed to watch that hot ass wiggling in front of me as she dusted.  She then turned toward me to dust the long day bed that was at the bottom of the bed.  She kneeled on it and took a pillow and fluffed it with her hands.  I watched her body moving in that sexy maid's uniform.  She then walked around the bed to the top and stretched high again to dust above the bed.  I could see her round ass peeking out from under the dress.  I was laying back on the bed now, and she started to dust the bed, reaching across me, and said "I am almost done, sir!  I hope you like my work!"


I replied "Oh you are doing a great job!"  I caressed her body in the shiny black pvc dress.  I caressed lower and over the sexy curve of her ass on the outside of the dress.  I then was caressing her nylon covered thigh again.  I slid my hand up under the hem of her dress, and onto that round ass and I squeezed it in my hand.  She moved to straddle me with one leg on either side of my arms since I was sitting with my back against the headboard with pillows behind me.  She was dusting as I now ran both my hands under her dress and onto her firm ass.  I squeezed her nylon covered ass, and pulling her toward me saying"You have such a firm ass!"


She replied sounding shocked again, "Sir!  I am here to clean! I think you have something else that needs a cleaning!" as she now changed her tone.  She knelt on the bed, still straddling me, and started to dust my shoulders.  She continued to dust down my shirt and was soon dusting my pants that were bulging in the front.


I enjoyed her ideas and said "Oh yes, that is it!  You can certainly dust me there anytime!"


She said "Sir, your pants are clean, but what about what is inside?"  My cock spasmed and grew hard with those words.  She put the duster down and then unzipped my pants, pulling them open.  She ran her hand into my pants and squeezed my hard cock from the outside of my underwear.  She found the place where she could pull my cock through and she did that, exposing my cock out the front of my underwear and open zipper.  She picked up the duster and started to dust my cock with it, which was a great tease.  She said "Let me get that out for you, sir!  I can better clean it if I can see it!"



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To be continued...

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