Slave in Vegas Chapter 13




This is the point-of-view of Edward for Day 3.  It is recommended for the reader to read this chapter in its entirety after reading all or parts of the previous chapters.


I was having dinner with my wife of over 20 years here in Las Vegas.  We were enjoying some time away from work, and had an entire week to celebrate.  We had arrived yesterday, and would have lots of time to look at the sights.  We did not want to rush anything.  As we had arrived in the restaurant and had been seated, I caught my first sight of her.  No, not my wife.  I saw this stunning hot young blonde walk into the restaurant with another man.  They were about to be seated at a table behind my wife to her left.  She was wearing a black leather outfit, with a skirt and a fancy side ruffle like waist, matching the one around her top.


I was watching her, and as this young lady sat down, she winked at me.  I smiled, but I was not sure it was at me, but I thought she was looking right at me.  She was seated now in a manner that I could see see all of her, as the man she was with had his back to me, but was also off to the side because of how the tables were arranged in the restaurant.  I continued to talk with my wife as she looked over the menu.


The young blonde was not looking at the menu but said something to the man that she was with.  Instead, she was looking at me, and I was watching her again.  It was then that she smiled and winked at me again.  I smiled and watched her, wondering if she really was looking at me.



She was wearing sexy nylon on her legs, and some high heeled shoes.  At that moment, she slide her shoe off her foot and ran her foot up the back of her calf.  She saw that I had looked down, and instead of looking away, I watched her as she winked at me again.  It was me that she was looking at.  I was quite sure now.  But what she did next made my heart skip a beat.  She pouted her full lips and made a kissing motion in the air toward me.  I smiled and winked back at her.  Then, as if she wanted to ensure I was the one she was looking at, she blew me a kiss with her lips and hand.  I could not stop smiling now.


Occasionally, my wife would say something from the menu, and I would agree with her.  However, she never looked up, and kept studying it.  I then watched as the hot young blonde at the next table rand her hands under her table into her lap.  The table cloths were short enough to allow me to see this.  Then, she moved her hands onto her hips, and then down her skirt along her leg.  I saw her grab at the hemline of her skirt, and it started to open.  She had a zipper there and this opened to allow my to see her part her legs.  She revealed her legs and I noticed that her nylon was actually stockings, and they had lace tops.  I could see that far up her long legs.  I was watching her very closely now, still smiling.


My wife said something about the menu, and I had to look to confirm something, so I quickly looked at the menu.  She was right and I said so, but now held the menu a little upward, but still able to see the hot blonde at the table behind my wife.  Her hands were now on her table, and she took her index finger and caressed it across her lips, those full lips.  She parted them and pushed her finger into her mouth, and then slowly pulled it out.  Once it was almost out, she bit it with her teeth, showing me those white teeth on her finger between her full lipstick covered lips.  Was she really flirting with me?  It certainly felt like it, and then she pushed her finger into her mouth and looked to suck on it, with her cheeks pushing inward as she did it.  I felt my cock move in my pants as she was very erotic.  I moved in my chair to get more comfortable.


Then, as if to make sure she was flirting with me, she opened her legs under the table, and the hem of her skirt was raised.  I could now see her stockings and clearly the lace top of her stockings.  And now I could see her black panties that seemed to also be lace.  She took her wet finger from her mouth, and sliding her hand under the table started to caress it up in inside of her thigh on the stocking.  Then she slid it right up onto her black lace panties and started to rub her finger on her panties.  My cock was now getting hard and I squirmed a little in the chair, trying not to let my wife notice.  My wife asked me about the menu, and I had to select something off the menu, which I did quickly, before looking back at the hot young blonde.


She still had her legs apart and she made a rude gesture with her centre finger between her legs.  But then she pointed at her panties, and repeated it again.  I think she was saying "fuck my pussy" to me with her fingers.  I pointed to myself as she was looking at me, and when she nodded in the affirmative and her lips said "Yes" my cock got very hard in my pants.  I moved to get comfortable again in my chair, but just then, in a case of bad timing, the waiter came to our table.  My wife and I gave our order, and I could not see the hot blonde now as the waiter was blocking my view.


Once the order was in though, the waiter moved off with the menus and I looked to see the hot blonde still looking at me, smiling and winking.  I then spoke with my wife, and looked at her, and she was smiling, and looked at me, then started to look around the restaurant, taking in the ambience.  Our waiter then stopped at the table of the hot blonde and the other guy, but I still could clearly see her, at least below the table.  She was slowly opening and closing her legs, giving me peeks of her panties and stocking tops under her skirt.


She was now talking with the man at her table, and then reached under her table and lowered the zipper down on the hemline of her skirt.  I was a little sad as maybe the show was over.  But then she stood up and nodded her head toward me, seemingly directing me to follow her hout.  She walked very sexily, hips swaying as she headed toward the bar area.  I made an excuse to my wife that I wanted to go to the washroom and I got up and followed behind the hot blonde, still some feet in front of me.


She stopped at the corner of the restaurant bar, and she looked back and saw me coming toward her, and she smiled.  I also smiled and quickened my pace toward her.  When I reached where she was standing, she said "Well, hello there!  Are you interested in a little sin here in Sin City?"  She ran her fingers through her long blonde hair.


I said, surprised "Well, I do not know!  What do you have in mind?" as if I did not know.


She smiled and grabbed my hands, saying "I have a very sinfully dirty mind, and I want to share my dirty ideas with you!"  She pulled me toward the washrooms, and surprisingly, right into the men's washroom.  The men that were there were washing their hands, were surprised, but smiled seeing her push me into a stall.  She closed the door behind us, and facing me, leaned to brush her lips close to my ear, breathing into it saying "I have a very dirty mind!  So what is your name?"


I said "Edward".


She continued, "Nice to meet you Edward!  I am Alya and I am interested in YOU!"  She was very confident, and ran her knee between my legs and against my crotch as I stood there.


I was surprised and said, "Oh, Alya!  You are very beautiful, but I am married!"  I have always been loyal to my wife.


She then asked "And is that a problem here in Sin City?"  I could not say anything as Alya was of hypnotic beauty.  "Come on Edward, you know you want me!"


Obviously she could sense that especially by the appearance of my pants bulging.  I whispered in her ear "Well, honestly I do!  You look so hot, Alya!  But I am with my wife tonight!"  She had a sweet seductive perfume scent being so close to her.


She was quick to say "That is not a problem Edward!  If you pass my test, I will take you back to my room after dinner for a dessert you will never forget!"


"Test?  What test?" I asked wondering what she meant.


Alya confidently explained, "To see how interested you are in me, I have a little test!  May I?"  She was holding her hands flat ready to place them on my shirt.


I saw no problem with that so said "OK, test me!"  I smiled as she put her hands on my chest and she then smiled.  She then pressed them harder against my chest, but started to slip her fingers down over my stomach, across the belt of my pants and right onto my bulging cock on the front of my pants, grabbing it and massaging it with her fingers.  I could not help but moan as she did that, and my cock spasmed in excitement, getting harder.


She confirmed "Well, I think you pass the test!" and was smiling, massaging my hard cock from the outside of my pants.  "So, do you want me for dessert?"


I was so surprised, but excited and said "I really do, but do not see a way to do this.  I have never done anything like this and do not want to cheat on my wife?"  She was my life, and I did not want to risk that.


Alya then asked a direct question to me.  "Let me ask you something.  When was the last time you had hot sex with your wife?"


I replied honestly, "The last time I had sex with her was about a month ago."


Alya then seeked clarification of my answer by asking, "No, I meant hot sex?"  She massaged my cock again in my pants.


I honestly answered "Oh, I cannot remember!"


Now Alya was very direct and said "Well, here is your chance to have hot sex with a hot blonde and satisfy your desires!" She again massaged my hard cock in my pants, and added "Your cock is saying yes!"


Her hand felt so good, and I was thinking of how hot she would be in bed, but said "I still do not know what to say.  I do not want to cheat!"


Alya then explained her logic, saying "Edward, I do not consider it cheating if you are getting something that she is not giving to you.  She does not need to know.  I just want you for one hour for a hot dessert and hot sex!"


I was very surprised with myself with what I said next.  "I do not think I could get away from my wife tonight!  How would I do it?"


She now explained what she was thinking about all this.  "Edward!  You want me, and you can come to my room.  I will take you for one hour.  It must be for dessert after dinner though.  Or I can move on to another guy here in the restuarant.  I am sure there are many who will take me up on my offer.  But I picked you and based on my instincts, I thought you would be a hot guy for me."  She let go of my cock and put her hands on my shoulders looking into my eyes with her penetratingly hypnotic sexy eyes.


I was melting because of her stare.  I said "I am very flattered and do want you, Alya, was it?"  She nodded.  "I do not know how I could get away from my wife tonight for an hour."


Alya then asked "Edward!  Are you a business man?"


"Yes." I replied.


Alya then suggested "Well, tell your wife that you just received a call and need to deal with it tonight.  It cannot wait.  Then say to her that you have time to finish dinner, but at 8 pm you must deal with the issue, and it should take about an hour.  How is that?"


It was like she knew what was going on in my life.  I said "That would work as we have been having some issues at work, so she would believe it.  But how do I find you?"


She explained, "You must follow me when I am done my meal.  When I get up, you offer your wife dessert, buy it for her, pay the bill and leave the restaurant.  I will be waiting for you outside the doors."


I asked "But what if my wife does not want dessert and comes with me?" because that could happen.


Alya continued, "Say that you must go immediately to deal with the issue and she can head to your room on her own.  You will make it up to her tomorrow.  Take her to a show or something.  When she heads toward the room, you can go the opposite direction and I will follow you until your wife is out of sight.  Then we can go to my room for dessert!  Are we on Edward?"


My blood was flowing, and my cock was hard, and I surprised myself yet again and said "I want you Alya.  I have never seen anyone as hot as you.  Let me see as I eat dinner watching you when I can!"


She then teased me saying "Oh, Edward, you will be more than ready for dessert after watching me during dinner!"


I was getting worried that this was taking a long time, so I said "I had better get back.  But I am already hungry for dessert!"  I was very hungry for this hot blonde dessert!


Alya then said "I guarantee it will be the tastiest and hottest dessert that you will ever have!  Let us get back to our meals."


Then we left the washroom surprising a couple of other guys in there.  They smiled as we washed our hands, and left the washroom.  I followed Alya back toward the tables at a discrete distance.  She certainly walked very sexy, her hips swaying from side to side.  She sat at her table and I walked back to my table and sat with my wife.  I told her that there was a line in the washroom, and it took a little longer.  I also said that I received a call about work, and would have to put some time in tonight on it.  She seemed disappointed, but then I did as Alya suggested, and said that I would take her to a show tomorrow.  She smiled at that point.  Soon, our food arrived and as it was being placed on the table, I looked over to Alya and saw her watching me, so I winked at her, smiling and nodding my head to show her we were on.  I hope she understood that meant I was available to have her for dessert.

She then talked with the man at the table with her.  Whatever she said, he nodded to her.  Then their food arrived too, and they started to eat, as my wife and I were already eating.  After a few minutes, she ran her hands under the table again, and unzipped the bottom hem of her skirt again, opening her legs and showing me her sexy legs with those lace topped stockings, and black lace panties between them.  At different times through the meal, she would rub a hand on her panties looking at me.  As she ate, she made it look so erotic.  She ran her fingers around her wine glass rim, licked her full lips, and parted them very erotically.  She ate her food in a sexy manner, such as biting the ends of her carrots with authority, sliding food slowly between her lips into her mouth, and all the time having the effect of making me more excited, even though it was just food.  I had to move around in my chair and actually discreetly readjust my cock in my pants to make it more comfortable.  That made her smile.


My wife and I were done our meal, and started to look over the dessert menu.  I had said that she could have dessert but that I needed to go and get some work done.  My wife was OK with it, and had selected a dessert so I called the waiter over to order the dessert.  My wife ordered the dessert as I demanded the full check for the dinner.  The waiter took the plates too, and left, and I looked over to Alya who was talking to the man at her table.  She was smiling and soon looked over toward me.  Our waiter returned with the dessert and gave me the check with the payment device.  I swiped my card and paid for the meal, as my wife was starting on her meal.  I was getting excited again, feeling my blood flowing, but also having pangs of nerves in my stomach as I was now a little hesitant to actually leave my wife to be with another.


Just then, Alya stood up and looking at me, winked and turned slowly around to show her hot body and ass in the black leather outfit she was wearing.  She started to walk out of the restaurant, swaying those hips in that seductive way she walks.  I looked at my watch and said to my wife that I had better get going, as that would mean the sooner I would be back.  I also said that maybe later we would go to a bar for drinks, when I got back.  She smiled and said for me not to be gone too long, but try to get the work done so we could enjoy our time in Las Vegas.  I kissed her and got up, hoping she would not notice that I was a little bigger in front of my pants than normal.  She did not as she was focussed on her dessert.


I walked quickly past the guy sitting at the table where Alya had been seated, and out the restaurant, catching up to Alya who was not walking too slowly.  On meeting her outside the restaurant, she took my arm and I wrapped it around her as she asked "Are you ready for dessert Edward?"


I eagerly said, "Oh, yes Alya!"  My hesitations had past and we walked together.  Alya was leading the way directing me with her body to a hotel lobby.


She squeezed my waist as she said "Let me tell you that your dessert is hot and ready for you too!"  My cock spasmed in my pants as we walked into the hotel and to the elevators in the palatial lobby.  We got into an elevator that had a few other people in it, but as it ascended, I could only think of Alya holding me.  She indicated when we were to exit the elevator and we walked down the hotel hall.  There were many people around this hotel, and some were in this hall too.  She then stopped outside a door, and she opened it to her room, and I followed her into the room.  She indicated that I should sit on the couch and she put her purse on the dresser.


She walked over toward me in a very sexy manner, as I sat in the couch and said "This is a nice room you have here, Alya!"


She sat right down in my lap, saying "You are not here to admire the room Edward, but to enjoy a hot dessert.  That dessert is me!"  She put her hands on my shoulders, sliding them down my body to my pants and rubbed them on the front feeling how hard I already was.  She then licked those full lips of her, looking into my eyes with her captivating eyes.  I felt her already unzipping my pants, then pulling my belt opn and she slid her hand on the front of my underwear and I could really feel her fingers on my hard cock now.  It spasmed under them as she said "I see you are hungry for dessert!"  She was working fast as she reached into my underwear and slid her fingers along my hard cock.  I am sure it was already wet with excitement being close to this hot young blonde.


Now, I said something kind of stupid, but it needed to be asked.  "Alya, how much is this going to cost me?"  I hope I did not insult her, but why else would she be doing this with me.


She was not phased by the question and quickly answered "Nothing, Edward, as I am not a call girl.  However, if you want to play out a fantasy, I can be anything you want.  I will role play with you!"


Wow, I did not expect that answer and asked surprised, "You mean you want nothing from me?  Then why do you want to have sex with me, Alya?"


She replied "I crave older men because they know more about pleasing a woman, and focus more on my satisfaction.  However, do not worry, Edward!  I will make sure you are very satisfied before you leave."  Wow, that was incredible to hear, and a real ego boost, especially since she squeezed my cock in her hand, reacting to the spasm from it when she said that.


I was still puzzled why did she pick me, asking "But why me, Alya?"


She replied "Why not you, Edward?  But Edward, there is something I would like from you if you agree!"


OK, here it is.  What is it that she wants from me for this to happen.  I asked "What is that Alya?"


What she said next surprised me.  She explained "I am a Mistress, Edward.  I have my own website, and I make content for that site.  I would like to make a video of what we are going to do here in this room.  You can remain totally anonymous.  If you do not trust me to blur your face, I have some masks for you to remain anonymous.  I would make the video available for my membership only.  Plus I would give you a copy of the video to relive whenever you want.  So, Edward.  What do you think?"


I wanted her, but I certainly did not want to be recorded or identified, so I said "I have a respected job and cannot risk getting caught.  So I am not too sure, Alya."


She added, "Well, you can be completely anonymous so you will not be caught, with either me blurring you or a mask."


I honestly told her, "I want you, Alya like I have wanted no other!  But I am not sure!"


Alya then confidently said, "Let me get the masks!"  She stood up and went to the dresser again, opening it to pull out some black masks.  She showed each to me, and there were many of different materials.  Also there were many designs, including full face covers, some with just eye, nose and mouth openings, and others.  She continued "I think you would be perfect in this one, Edward, as it lets me see your sexy eyes and lips!"


What a teaser and complimenter she was, and I quickly replied "You are the one with the sexy eyes and lips, Alya!"


Alya then continued saying "And they are hungry for you, Edward.  So I can be any fantasy you want.  A secretary, boss lady, hooker, maid, school girl, teacher, cop, nurse, domina, anything you want!  What will it be Edward?"


I said "Let me think about it!"


She insisted, "Do not think too long as I have to change into the outfit to be your dessert!"


I was surprised, asking "Wow, you have all those outfits?"


She replied "Yes, I am very prepared to give you the most unforgettable fuck of your life.  But we are eating up valuable time, Edward!  You need to decide now!  What do you want for dessert?"


I was not sure, as there were so many fantasies now, but I quickly said "Secretary or Boss - I cannot decide as I would love to fuck a secretary, but also be under a boss!"


Alya said "Good!  I can be a secretary that takes control of you.  You will be under me, Edward!  Do not worry about that!  Now I will dress for the part, but I need you to sign a model release, and put your mask on if you want it, OK?"


I was surprised, asking "Model release?"


Alya explained "Yes, you can see the terms so that we are both protected in it, and that I promise you a copy of the video!"  She handed me a copy of it with a pen and continued saying "Now, study that and I will be back in a few minutes!"  She then went over to the closet on the other side of the bed and took a large clothing bag with her as she disappeared into the washroom.  I read the agreement and it seemed quite good.  I thought about it a little, but then said to myself that this is a once in a lifetime chance to be with a hot young blonde like her, so I signed it.  I weighed the risk, and found that this is one of those occassions where one must throw their worries to the wind, and just go for it.


I looked through the masks and found one that was nice and soft, spandex, with eye, nose and mouth holes, and I slid my head into it.  It was strange to be in a mask, but I had perfect visibility.  I looked in the mirror at the desk and saw that it did hide my identity very well, unless there was some close up of my eyes or something like that.  No one should ever know it was me.  I sat back down on the couch waiting for Alya to come out of the washroom.


It was not a long wait, and when she did, wow, did she look hot.  Hotter than before.  A fantasy come true.  She was dressed in a white sheer satin top, a black satin miniskirt that was quite short, still in lace topped stockings and some black pumps.  She also had on some black gloves.  She looked so hot, that I must of been staring at her with big eyes as she walked over to me saying "OK Boss, are you satisfied with my document?"  She was already into the secretary role play that I had requested.  If she were my secretary, no work would get done!  I smiled as she bent forward next to me, and she looked at the model release I had signed.  I could smell her sweet perfume as she brushed against me.  She said "Oh, I see you are ready for business, boss!"  She then stood before me and slowly turned her body as I checked out her entire outfit.  She then moved closer to me and bent over pushing her ass toward my face as she took the release up off the table.  Then she seductively walked over to the desk and put the release on it.  Turning toward me she said "Now, I see you have signed the letter.  So let us get down to work!  Is there anything else you would like me to do for you right now, boss?


I said "Oh, I can think of a few things, Miss!" with thousands of sexy ideas running through my head.


Alya continued "Well, I am ready and eager to devour any hard task you assign to me!" really stressing the "ass"!


I asked her, "What would you like to tackle first then, Miss?"




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